Moms Will Make a Difference in 2012



I work with the most amazing people on the planet.  I can seriously say I work with a team of people that is serious about their future.  A team of people that is going to ensure that 2012 is better than 2011.  A group of people that will not be stressed next year during the Christmas season.

I’m looking at a group and wandering who will be the next Dianne from ON, who in this month (December) her 6th month with our company has just crossed over the 6 figure mark.  Or like Capri in OR who since February she has made over $90,000.

They are both stay at home moms.  Heck we are about 70% moms!  That makes sense since the mom is the glue in every family.  Who will be the next mom in 2012 to make 6 figures, have a lucrative home business, and spend time at home with your family?

The key to both of these women’s success and they are just a few of many, heck yesterday Andrea in NY made $3,200 in one day.  Tara in MI did the say thing earlier this month.  Once again women that know how to shine!  (And be faithful and plug into training and apply what they’ve learned)

There has been a targeted mission assigned within our team and several have accepted that mission for 2012.  Will you?

Your Mission should you choose to accept it?

Is known as the Orlando Invasion. This is a very specific event where a group of entrepreneurs and those who want to be entrepreneurs will be flying into the city of Orlando to take part in some or all festivities designed to mold, build, and develop individuals in to business leaders all over the world.


Jan. 26th Thursday 1pm to 4pm — 20 individuals will be volunteering at a local food bank

Jan 27th Friday 7am to 8am — Breakfast at a local Golden Corral

8am until 7 pm DFI Fun Day at Universal Studios

7pm to 9pm Registration for First Steps to Success — After registration we will be meeting for dinner

Jan 28th through 30th

First Steps to Success and Home Business Entrepreneur’s Workshop

With America’s Favorite Millionaire and mom Dani Johnson


So what’s the play?

Your inner desire’s against your external distractions.

So first you have to ask yourself, are you serious enough about living a life drastically different than the life you are living now to accept this Mission. Once you answer this question for yourself you will have external distractions that will test your resolve. You will be tested with negativity, from those who have no desire and not track record of being an entrepreneur. You will be tested with circumstances like child care, finances, and family commitments.

Should you choose to succeed in spite of these obstacles your rewards are great:

– You will become a part of a thriving community that are activity improving their lives and their communities

– You will experience a training that is designed to help you explode your income.

– You will develop skills that can help you create the flexible lifestyle you want for yourself and your family

Your team so far:

1. Kathie Babka

2. Craig Babka

3. Megan Pratt

4. Capri Mulder

5. Jackie O’Quinn

6. Carmen O’Quinn

7. Stacy O’Quinn

8. Dianne McGuigan

9. Angela Lasher

10.Jennifer Baker

11. Lisa Crutcher

12. Heidi Jones

13. Anissa Bustos

14. Ashley Kashinkski

15. Allen Dickieson

16. Micha Ensor

17. John Barber

18. Kim Barber

19. Pessa Bradford

20. Lisa Crutcher

21. Gary Mach

22. Carrie Walters

23. Paul Nash

24. Nancy Nash

25. Natalie White

26. Christin Heard

27. Harley Robinson

28. Maxine Robinson

29. Sue Caylor

30. Tepora Beckman

31. Timari Cox

32. Missy Jacobs

33. Steven Becker

34. Derrick Rauwerda

35. Peggy Rauwerda

36. Brett Lucas

37. Lea Lucas

38. Lilly K-O’Brien

39. Robyn De Brouwer

40. John Lynch

41. Toni Cloud

42. Dalton Cloud

43. Ramunas Micuta

44. Sherry Griner

45. Sonya Davis

46. Neil Gerrish

47. Christain Cox

48. Shane Houston

49. Danielle Houston

50. Nicole Houston

51. Tara Hayes Johnson

52. Al Gillespie

53. Lynn Kessler-Fallon

54. Myrna Jenken

55. Nike Roach

56. Fraser Hardy

Should you choose to accept this mission. Get registered here >>

I will see you all in Orlando and you are all incredible.  Thank you for allowing me to be associated with you.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. 50% of our profits this month will be given to help the orphaned, widowed, abused women and provide clean drinking water in Africa.  We are blessed to bless others, never forget that.

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