More Details Released


I’m blown away at the talented people I get to work with.  Amazing people, we may be ordinary moms, dads or grandparents but we aren’t staying that way.  We will become simply extraordinary.

Recently we announced the details of a special training for a small select group of people.  This small group will work together, to pay off our debt, increase our income, we will travel and create the most amazing memories all while working together to help others and make this world a better place.  As I’ve been working out this intimate small group training, one of the areas I know people struggle with is closing.  So I’ve made a decision that this training will be different than any other on how we teach closing.  First we will start coving the basics of closing, then we will go to building relationships and prospecting your clients and finally before we get in to the deep strategies on building a million dollar business we will first revisit closing on a more advanced level.

This content will be taught like it NEVER HAS BEEN BEFORE!  Every All Star has mastered the basics and we will be no different!  At least for the select few that are accepted that is!

There are a few people who have wasted NO TIME, applying for the Executive Boot Camp Training.

I want to say a huge congrats to people aren’t playing around.  These individuals heard the call and their desire prompted them to take action and to do it immediately.  If you happen to know any of these folks, then you know someone that has a rare quality.  You know someone who wants to lead from the front, not the back.  You know someone who is decisive and focused.  It would be a total honor to work with any of them one on one, they are special people who have crazy obstacles to over come, but made the commitment anyway.

1. Margaret Morency

2.  Kathy Brown – Told she couldn’t do it and is wasting her time (good thing she doesn’t listen to naysayers well)

3.  Dennis Kwasnycia – If you heard the launch call he is having shoulder surgury and could have used it as an excuse but he’s applied and determined to succeed regardless of the pain.

4.  Jason Baucom

5.  Landon Straton

6.  Heather Lefoll

7.  Dianne McGuigan – Already made over a half a million dollars in two years, but still was the very first one to send in her application when she heard the details of the Executive Boot Camp. Still teachable, rare trait and she’s not peaking yet, she’s just beginning.

Once again congrats to each of you for applying, you each will be hearing from me soon. 

REMEMBER, This Friday Sept 5th is the final day you can apply.  All application must be submitted by then to be considered!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. The video at the top of this page was the video you had to watch prior to submitting your application.

P.P.S. You’ve probably prayed for something like this. For someone to show you teach you that next step and now it’s happening.  Every application will be prayerfully considered as well. 

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