More DFI Success Stories in Coastal!


Cutting Edge Media one of the two advertising companies that our team uses sent over two more testimonies they where emailed recently. Our team is on fire right now. The successes we are hearing from all over the place are amazing! Congrats go out to two very dynamic directors on our team both Holly Marshall and Kristi Engle for their success with Coastal Travel and our team.

”I have been using CEM leads for the last 3 years to build my 6 figure Coastal Travel business. After taking a 6 month hiatus from my business, thanks to CEM leads, I was able to generate 3200 in my first 30 days back. Thank, CEM!” Kristi Engle

Working part time from home allows me to do so many great things in my life! We just got back from a great vacation in Fl. all the while, making over $6,000 this month! ALL because of Cutting Edge Media leads, and of course the training and support of DFI! I am so blessed. THANKS. Holly Marshall

Congrats to BOTH OF YOU!
Stacy O’Quinn

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