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Tallahassee-Independence-Day-Soldiers      Today we celebrate our Independence and we are forever grateful for those that did their part to help us have all the freedom and opportunity we have today. People who gave all they had and they didn’t even know who we were. Then at times we waste that freedom.

     Quick question for you.  What would you do if anything was really possible?  If you knew you couldn’t fail what would you accomplish? Think about it, what would you really do?  What would get you excited? What would drive you everyday if failure was not an option? What would really turn you on and get you going? Who would you influence, motivate and help?

The best gift we have is our independence.  We have the choice to walk, move and take action to make those things be a reality.  Failure is not a permanent result it’s only temporary .  But most choose to never try versus being paused by a temporary failure.  When we don’t every attempt or try we never see the chance to impact, influence others or grow ourselves.  Even with our total freedom we create bondage by not taking action.

We miss the trees for the forest. I can show you how to inspire, influence on a grand scale, help orphans and multiply your money by 300%.  And you can do it a matter of seconds.  Most are to afraid to take action though.  The voice of failure comes in and says, “It must be some kind of sham”.  “My part won’t make a difference.”  “I can’t influence anyone”.  “It’s to good to be true.” “If it was so simple why wouldn’t anyone do it?”

Many simply are so consumed with their own struggles and current frustrations they aren’t thinking about anyone else. Thankfully all those soldiers that were on the battlefields weren’t so consumed with the affairs of their personal life that they weren’t prepared to fight.  Thankfully Jesus wasn’t so concerned with his own affairs in the Garden of Gasemity that even as he struggled he was not wavered from the need at hand.

So how do we increase your money by 300%.  Simply by inspiring others.  This month I’ve devoted to helping and spreading the word about some Orphans.  Orphans with no parents and in need of just the basics in life. If you go to www.grouprev.com/dfi and donate $4 as a symbol of your freedom and independence.  Then share this blog post on facebook I will give another 10 dollars on your behalf. Then for every person who reads this post and watches the video below, for each view I will donate another $1.  That means your initial $4 will become a $15 minimum for the kids. Just by using a few minutes of your time and lending these kids your influence for a moment you can help them have their independence one day!



Let’s Spread Freedom and Independence Like So Many Did for US!
Thank You for what you are willing to do to help the children,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. Do you know some great quality people?  Share and pass this on it doesn’t cost anything to help someone, just a choice.

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