New Beginnings: What will you do?


You woke up this morning and you have a decision to make.  What specifically will you do that will get you closer to your dreams?  Do have dreams? Are you working toward them?  Do you REALLY want to get out of debt or is it just something you wish would happen?  Do you really want financial security or is it something you hope would happen one day maybe?

Let’s face it!  If it’s only a hope, if it’s only a wish and if you can’t take solid tangible steps to accomplish your dreams and goals daily it will never happen unless you do find that genie in a bottle.  Do you have a way to make extra income from home?  Do you know one simple thing you can cut back so you can add to your debt?  Do you need Starbucks every day?  Do your really need a smart phone?  How did you survive with out it or Facebook every moment? 

It’s the little things you can do right now.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, Facebook or anything else that is lucrative and great.  What are the little choices you can make that add up to reaching your real dreams.  The dreams that God has put in your heart?  That little tug that you’ve always wanted to do.  Those things on your bucket list that you really would like to happen before the bucket is kicked.

Stop focusing on what is to big to do and start focusing on what you can do right now.  Every day you wake up it’s a new beginning to do a little more with intention.  Every week that starts it’s a new week to get closer to your dreams.  What have you done this week? Do you have a side income working from home?  Have you really worked it?  Are you taking advantage of every new beginnings or you letting them simply pass you by like New Years Resolutions that will never happen?  Some one will accomplish your dreams but will it be you?


Make Today Just One More Step,

Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S.  I want to see you succeed farther than you’ve ever imagined!


  1. Capri Mulder says:

    Great message Stacy! Thank you

  2. Nicole Ellis says:

    Nice Stacy …timely words!!!

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