Nicaragua, sun surf sand and developments with family.


I’m enjoying an amazing strategic vacation in Nicaragua with my family. We are celebrating our achievements and plans so far from the charities we have been supporting and will continue to impact for the remainder of the year. One of our biggest is helping to free children from human trafficking join us at www.grouprev.com/decidefreedom we are committed to donating 50% of our profits from travel packages for the month July.Work from home

Also this year we are focusing on building a small group of friends that travel the world building memories with our kids and impacting other peoples lives just for the fun of it. Experiences that will shape us and our children forever. We will be a like minded team that isn’t afraid of rolling our sleeves up working hard and playing hard having an adventure of a lifetime.

Finally this has been an awesome time of prayer and planning for the expansion of the executive mentor group. The original test phase started over 25 weeks ago and what started with 23 deserving individuals ended with a powerful 13.  In 25 weeks people who never made money not only made money, but had a ton of small group mentoring and accountability that resulted in $439,000 in profit after cost of products. According to Dani Johnson, “That is probably an industry record of some sort in the home business industry”.

The executive mentor group is not some thing I’m charging for. I will be taking applications again in early August.  This will take real work for real results and of course solid accountability and it’s not for everyone.  Anyone in coastal travel will be able to join even though I may not benefit from your profits. Part of the small group of friends we are looking to travel the world making a difference one life at a time will come from this group. Real friends,  who say what they mean and do what they say. Friendships that shape the generations below us forever.


If you are in Coastal enter your name and email above to learn the specfics the first week of august when I get back.

To traveling together,

Stacy O’Quinn

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