Not Your Normal Junk Mail… LOL


So technically I’m a client of Jackie in GA.  He’s my brother and the same person I bought my Coastal Travel Package from.  So I get a copy of this promo email he send to all of his past and potential clients today.

The IRONY as I read about the VERY negative brother in the Air Force got me.  Jackie O’Quinn you are an incredible business man and brother.  Thanks for making me smile.


In one of my emails last week I told you I would share with you how my brother took his family to Disney World for a Month and saved 1000s using the Coastal Travel Package. Stacy, and his family are Platinum Coastal Members.

Keep reading I’m going to show you some video proof throughout this email.

Now keep in mind when I started working from home over 10 years ago ,marketing the Coastal Travel packages, he was in the Air Force at the time and was VERY negative to me about Coastal. Nine months later he decided to join me on this journey by building his own income from home marketing the Coastal Travel products. Today he vacations up to 16 weeks a year and often saves a ton of money using the Platinum Coastal Travel Package.

I’m going to put each video in orders the best I can remember documenting his entire 1 month stay.

Week 1 Condo:

Additional Video from this condo showing the massive pool area:

Coastal Saved Them Money On their Pizza:

Week 2 Condo (Saved $1500 on this luxury condo)

Bonnet Creek Pool and Grounds Tour

That week they also used Coastal savings for Discovery Cove:

Another Video of Bonnet Creek Pirate Ship Pool Area:

Condo Week 3: They did not take a video but I have previously stayed in the same resort they did that week and here is one of my videos from the past. If you didn’t know this my brother and I favor a lot because we are twins.

Saving Money At Universal Studios and Hot Air Balloon Rides with Coastal Travel:

Video just before Hot Air Balloon launch:

Video of Hot Air Balloon in Flight:

Condo Week 4:
$900 Savings Receipt Proof >>

They Also Saved Money at Aquatica:

Epcot Center HOW NOT to Travel:

There you have it. If you have watched all of these videos then you have seen first hand what you and your clients could experience with their Coastal Travel Package. It’s amazing that you can work from home and earn literally 1000s of dollars helping your clients own a product that can make their dream travel a reality.

That was too funny to realize he was talking about me but it’s been a fun ride!
Thanks Jackie O’Quinn for sharing with me the details so long ago.

I’m forever thankful,
Stacy O’Quinn

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