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OK well now the plans are laid, after you’ve been a victim of your circumstances at some point you have to take control of your circumstances. Have you ever been a little stressed because of maybe a lack of time or money? Or maybe you have just been in a position that was not your natural environment you were not comfortable and that created a little natural stress? No matter where we are or what we do. We determine if our circumstances will be what controls us or will we take control of our circumstances.

Hurricane Gustav did incredible damage in our area and while our home was spared we still have serious damage to our utilities. Being in NC has been and is a blast. But I’m not able to be freely available for my team. After we’ve determined where we finally want to move to once we move here you start to run out of things to do. So now it’s time to take control of our circumstances.

I’ve already had some things picked up from my home and I’m about to set up my mobile office in Biloxi MS next week. It is absolute an amazing time to be part of DFI and Coastal. With the results people are having right now and the crazy success going on. I’m feeling almost home sick 🙂 I’m ready to be back in the game full time. This has already been an unexpected 2 week vacation and now it’s time to rock and roll. Several of you on my team have been rocking and rolling with out me. Congrats to both Lorraine from VA and Jill from MI both of you deserve every bit of the success you have had.

Stay tuned and in the next post I will give you the most recent results and money made from our team in DFI and Coastal Travel that I know about. People just like you and I working from home and spending time with their family. To make sure you get the latest update join the 6 Figure Income Club.

To your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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