On July 29, A New Secret Millionaire Will Be Revealed


We must wait one more week to see a new episode of ABC television’s Secret Millionaire. The last episode featuring Jeff Usner was very moving, not to mention near and dear to our hearts working with him through the years. On July 29, we will meet Sean Belnick, a 24-year-old entrepreneur turned millionaire. Belnick earned his fortune by creating the online furniture distribution company BizChair, which initially dealt in office chairs.

With 2011 annual sales of $70 million and an expanded focus that includes other types of furniture, we can see why BizChair has caused such a commotion. What is even more impressive is that Belnick started the company at the tender age of 14. The young entrepreneur says he is “aggressive” as a businessman, is continuously focusing on new initiatives, and considers himself a risk taker.

What made Belnick successful when other entrepreneurs failed? He identified mistakes made by other companies in the industry and made a point not to replicate them. BizChair bypasses the middle party, furniture retail stores, so customers can deal directly with furniture manufacturers. Belnick invested only $500 in his online business and created a Yahoo store account for shipments directly from the furniture manufacturer where his stepfather worked. Initially, his bedroom served as BizChair headquarters and the company offered between 50 and 100 products.

This venture grew quickly, to the point where it employed 75 people and offered more than 25,000 items from 200 manufacturers after only six years. BizChair operations now include a 327,000-foot warehouse that houses office, school, and home furnishings and medical equipment. Most products feature prices that are below list and are shipped at no charge to the purchaser.

This success has not been enough for Belnick. The millionaire wanted to increase his charitable giving efforts and saw Secret Millionaire as a great way to get started. Belnick says he had no specific goal in mind when he decided to participate in the show. He says he learned much about himself and the many organizations that are focused on the community.

Belnick spent one week in Brooklyn during the episode, where he had the daunting task of finding heroes from the terrorist attacks of September 11 who had yet to be recognized. He discovered a group of firefighters still dealing with the aftermath and several children who each had an incarcerated parent. These were two of the groups that inspired this millionaire to donate a portion of his fortune.

What inspires you the most about this show?
Stacy O’Quinn


  1. Gridlockmanifesto says:

    I love the show Secret Millionaire and never miss an episode. Mr. Belnick is an inspiration to both young entrepreneurs as well as givers the world over. I love when he reacts to the place he stays in for the week. I remember watching the show and using my Auto Hop commercial skipping feature along with my PrimeTime Anytime recordings and thought about how key innovations such as these from my employer, Dish, are what makes the world easier to navigate and brings financial success to many. I watch more TV now that I can choose to skip commercials with Auto Hop too, which is great for shows like Secret Millionaire.

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