One Important Item Any Lucrative Home Business Needs


OK I was leaning back to read an email yesterday afternoon in a flash I went from being a comfortable home business owner making great money and enjoying life.  To being part of a comedy scene you should have gotten a chance to watch.  The spring-loaded back support in my chair not only malfunctioned but completely busted a part.  I went rolling across the floor and almost had to verify my deductible on my health insurance that Obama doesn’t like apparently.  Thankfully after a couple of minutes of realizing what happened and analyzing the damage, I came to the million dollar conclusion I apparently needed a new chair but wasn’t hurt.

Unfortunately I had a few appointments yesterday that did not allow me to go buy a new chair.  As I turned my trusty kitchen chair into a make shift office chair.  I realized the value of a great chair when you work from home no matter how much money you make.  You can look at a person’s office chair and figure out how serious they are.  If they have a make shift cheap utility, kitchen or Walmart type chair they are either BRAND NEW like a couple of weeks into their business or they are faking that they are working from home.  Pretending at least in a way that makes them feel good. 

The fact is if you work in a lucrative home business already or not, don’t skimp on a legitimate office chair.  Not something that just looks cool or just looks executive.  Remember expensive leather chairs (some are good) many are just expensive for no reason.  Meaning it’s not practical to really sit in and get any real work done. Make sure you have excellent lumbar support for your back.  Then you should have neck support, this is an area most chairs fail. Don’t settle for a chair that just stops half way up your back.  Finally ensure it is made of a breathable material something that doesn’t hold heat.  I’m a huge fan of the higher end mesh type chairs.  They tend to have excellent support run in the two hundred plus range but very comfortable if you are sitting in them for 3-4 hours.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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