One Step to Success!


Success is simple if you take it one step at the time.  Maybe you want to make a million a year? First you have to learn how to make 50,000 a year, then 150,000, then 300,000 and it should keep growing every year.  For some they believe success is to hard, they can’t figure it out or they have to get “Lucky”.  All of those things are a lie and if you focus on them you will never take one single step to success.  Then you will never succeed.

You want to be financially independent and have the freedom that comes with it?  First you need to know what success looks like.  For our example since this is the 6 Figure Income Club let’s assume you want to make 6 figures a year with a home business.  You must take one step in that direction every single day.  When you get to the end of the day what did you do to actually move yourself forward? Skill and results have to grow to get to where you want.  That means you can’t take a step in the right direction once you have to do it daily for it to grow.  Success isn’t like working in a factory one step at a time equals 1+1=2.  But success grows and expands itself bigger than your last result.  The issue is the human mind has a hard time grasping this concept.

The human mind is looking instant gratification, hence the lottery is extremely popular.  I might buy a ticket once and make millions.  Even though your chances of getting struck by lighting is far greater than actually winning the lottery.  The logic of the mind can often confuse you on how to succeed. Makes you think success must be difficult.  If I asked you what would you prefer to have either I’ll give you 10,000 dollars a day for 30 days or I’ll give you a penny and you can double your money every day for 30 days starting with just one cent.  Which one would you prefer to have? Our first thought is DUH I’ll take 10,000 dollars a day, but that actually will only equal 300,000 dollars.  If you take the penny and then double your money every day for 30 days, that actually equals 10 MILLION dollars in 30 days.

Most people only focus on the little results in the beginning of their journey.  They often get frustrated with what they see.  It doesn’t seem to matter one penny only equals 2 cent the next day and then only 4 cent the third day.  But if you stay focused on one step at a time and never get frustrated with the little steps they add up in the end.

So how does all this make sense to you?  What is your goal?  One of my biggest reasons for success is at the end of every day I always ask myself did I physically move myself another step closer today.  I’m the judge on how effective that step was.  Talking to one client doesn’t count as effective because I can talk to 5 on a bad day.  So did I talk to at least 5 clients?  Did I increase my advertising? Is my skill set growing based off of my actions? Every day I need to be moving just one more step to my success. After a while your results will confuse those around you.  They can’t figure it out, they suddenly wander are you talking to the same clients?  Do you read the same scripts?  Do you have different websites? Do you have a magical product?  People who are destined to fail will be confused by your success and seek out their own lottery ticket.  Never fully realizing you used everything they have in front of them.  Of course never taking their own steps one day at a time and DAILY!

What is your next step today?  Did you move yourself forward today? Consistency is a 6 Figure Skill set, period!

It’s a Journey and we can get there together!
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Remember sometimes the results are tiny in the beginning.  Just like doubling the penny, but it adds up if you keep taking just one more step.

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