Our Belief Creates Our Wealth!


And failure…  The decisions we make in our life are based off of our belief.  You can take two exact people with similar backgrounds but different beliefs and put both of them through equally bad situations and one will end up with lemonade and the other with lemons.  It is a known fact that wealthy people think differently.  Wealthy people are risk takers, they lack fear and there is no unbelief.  Most of us have an experience and out of that experience we create a belief that will plague us our entire life.  Wealthy people know that an experience does not determine their belief.  If your experience while it may be real when you are going through it did not change your belief for your life and kept you on the same path toward success your actions throughout life would always be different.  Than someone who lt their experiential truth become a lifelong belief. 

Someone who believes their failures in life never try again.  A true leader, a true wealth builder, a successful entrepreneur emerges out of failure.  Bill Gates recently shared this in the Minneapolis Business Journal.

“Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates said he sometimes worries that his company has had too much of a run of success, and when hiring people he appreciates someone who has run a business that has failed.

Gates said that when there is a crisis, that is when leadership emerges — a talent that is not always visible in a successful company.”

To build our belief to lead us to wealth we have to look at what we are working towards and stay focused in it.  We must have a goal that we are working towards and build a belief around that goal.  Thomas Edison believed in the vision of the light bulb.  Even though he failed over 1,000 times he never let the experience of those failures change his belief.  Once he reached that goal he focused on the next, never thinking it was too hard never wavering in his belief of what was possible even though he experienced so much failure.

What do you believe Is possible?  Go GET IT!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. “A Fear Filled Mind Will Believe a Lie”


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    Awesome!!!!! Thanks Stacy!!! Just what I needed to hear!

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