Every year I focus on who I can help next.  My personal mission this year is to find 10 brand new people I can help to make 6 Figures.  People that I’ve never met but with big desires!  Today I’m going to show you how you may can help people do the same.  How?  The first part is easy just like and share this article to help others know your intentions!

Second, you have to have made 6 figures or multiple 6 figures annually your self.  You can’t teach what you haven’t learned silly!  Second you have to have a system that is easy and can create profits like Dani Johnson’s system and finally you have to have a profitable product or service people will love.

Let’s start with you and your results!  Have you made 6 figures?  Are you debt-free? Did you have to use credit cards for Christmas?  Have you already paid them off?  Are you still struggling yourself?  Is 2015 going to be better than 2014?  Do you have a plan?

If you can’t answer those questions with the same answer a debt-free, stress free and excited 6 figure income earner would have answered.  Chances are you need to be part of something new and exciting to help you in 2015.

If you have already achieved that kind of success then you can help other people, if you are willing to teach with honesty and integrity!  The second step is if you are making it then you should have a process you can teach.  I’ve always said and this year will be no different, I’ve mastered how to apply what Dani Johnson teaches.  OR rather I continue to master what she teaches.  But Dani Johnson has a system I can teach others and make it lucrative.

Finally the key to having a lucrative way to help 10 other people make a 6 figure income so they can live a debt free and stress free life is to have a profitable product or service.  It can’t be something that will be profitable in 3 to 5 years.  It’s got to actually be possible to make 6 figures the first year.  You can’t say it can be done because you heard someone 15 years ago did it.  It has to be simple and you have to be able to understand the math and the process.  It has to go hand in hand!

So if Dani Johnson is teaching drivers education and you are going to help people make a 6 figure income then you have to have a vehicle that it’s possible to drive that fast.  What’s the proof?  You are actually doing it.  If not you are a hypocrite and a liar!  Don’t tell people what is possible show them what you’ve proven!  If you practice what you preach and you have the results to go with it you can help 10 other people do it!

Have a Happy New Year!
Stacy O’Quinn

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What is the number 1 need for your small business that you may not have realized you need?  This is something that is so overlooked that it’s often never blamed for being the reason a business fails but is almost always the culprit.  Think about it, what can you do right now to boost your income 40-50%?  How can you increase your productivity and efficiency instantaneously?  How do you get more out of your employees and find better managers to help your bottom line?  How do you build a stronger presence to help your small business grow as a pillar of influence in your community?

The answer is the same for every single question starting with the smallest small business or even a home business up to the largest corporations in the world.  The solution is 100% controlled by you and if you knew that you knew it, it would decrease your stress while increasing your income and overall joy in your life.  I know you maybe thinking what am I selling.  What am I pitching?  What I’m about to  share with you isn’t anything I can directly benefit from.  It’s how my small business has grown to be a full time income part time, while at the same time allowing our family to give and help others in ways we never thought was possible.  Nothing like being blessed financially to be a blessing to others.

So what is the number 1 need that solves almost all of your problems.  It’s training, and it’s what Dunn and Bradstreet has stated as the biggest reason for business failure.  Because most business fail due to lack of knowledge and skill from the business owner.  Of course the owner, blames the economy or a supplier or some outside factor.  So what type of training would benefit you?  If you are a business owner that markets anything, interacts with clients and/or rely on staff and employees to help you get more done.  I’d highly recommend for your small business, home business or even getting your family on the same page about business  FIRST STEPS TO SUCCESS with Dani Johnson.

Dani Johnson and her training helped our business go from the red  to a 6 figure net in 12 months.  Then we doubled and tripled that in the following years.  I can honestly say it was that training that propelled us there.  I’ve seen it work for doctor’s offices, engineering firms, accountants, door to door salesmen and working stay at home moms. 

Happy New Year!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. 2015 is just the beginning.

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Christmas is over and while the reason for the season is certainly worth it.  The debt, stress and frustration of the traditions isn’t usually worth it.  That being said chances are no one gave you a gift big enough this holiday season to actually make you financially independent.   A gift that could and would end all your financial stress, struggle or worry.  A gift that would give you endless amounts of time with your family and loved ones.  A gift that allows you to really make an impact on others. 

You see Christ was born and the wise men gave him gifts.  But the truth was that his birth gave something that was much bigger to the wise men and all of humanity.  Now I’m not just talking about salvation through his actions on the cross, while that is the biggest gift of all.  He also proved something else as a gift or a curse depending on how humanity uses it.  The other gift that came with Christ was choice and free will.  You see his gift of eternal life is free to all that will take it.  But Christ has been giving it out for well over 2,000 years and the market place isn’t saturated with his product.  Which just happens to be the only product that should really sale its self.

While you should and could absolutely accept Jesus into your life if you haven’t already. (that would be a powerful way to start 2015) The fact is Jesus still gives you that free will to make the choice for what you want.  What your actions do will determine what you really choose.  Now we can use the same principle of making a choice and choosing an action to create prosperity and real financial independence in 2015.  You see Christ paved the way for salvation, but when it comes to success in your income all you have to do is find someone who’s paved the way already and choose to follow them.  Look at their life and their results and make a decision by judging the fruit.  Do they have what you want?  Make a choice to learn new skills and do something you’ve never done before so you can improve your life for you and your kids.

Today while we are financially independent.  It’s really only because the same God that gave his son for us also creates opportunity for us every day.  No the opportunity isn’t jumping into your lap. You must choose that the way you lived 2014 isn’t how you really want to live the rest of your life.  There were people before me that had succeeded and I had to choose to learn from them, and I continually surround myself with people who are succeeding far beyond me.  Those are the only ones that can teach me new skills to create financial prosperity.  The excitement I have going into this year, is like nothing in the last few years.  The people that will meet and help, the people I will learn from.  We will all become lifelong friends.

We will help the poor, we will adventure around this great earth and we will show love and mercy to as many as we can.  But we will have a bigger impact together than we ever could alone.  2015 can be your biggest year yet.  If you make the choice that you want it to be!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Will 2015 be your best year yet?


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How are you going to pay off your credit cards after Christmas?  The financial news is buzzing today, with the US economy growing 5% this quarter and the strongest growth of any quarter of the last 11 years.  Well whoopdy do!  You are in some of the worse debt of the year and now we are going into 2015!  Do you want to spend all year paying off that credit card just to do it all over again next year?  Are you tired of always struggling year in and year out?  There is a way you can pay off the credit card quick and actually have some financial peace and security?

You may be wandering how is it possible?  Let me first say you can learn how to quickly get out of debt by applying what Dani Johnson teaches at her First Steps to Success Seminars.  That what my family and I used to pay off $292,000 in debt in 5 years.  When I first went to that first event I was only making $25,000 a year also.  Dani Johnson’s training not only helped me pay off that debt but I also learned some things to tweak in my professional life and my income has exploded as well.  I don’t directly benefit from telling you about First Steps to Success, I’m just a client like you.

See here is a serious gift this season, you can get out of debt once and for all.  Imagine how it would feel to be completely debt free?  Then at the same time you can learn exactly what you need to know to get a promotion in your career or maybe you’d like a part time position working from home?  That’s what I did.  But you can learn with Dani Johnson’s training how to take that part time work from home position and make a full time income. She’s your drivers education and your job or new position earning an income is your vehicle.  It’s up to you do you want to go fast or slow?


This is what I’ve done, but don’t take my word for it documentation beats conversation!

Results! This Could Be YOU in 2015!



Merry Christmas,
Stacy O’Quinn


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Dani Johnson can help you make money!  She can help you pay off your debt even if you don’t make money, but making money and helping clients grow their income is her specialty.  How is this possible you say?  It’s simple, she simply shows you step by step what she did.  Years ago when I started working from home, I did not know how to earn an income or make money with a home business.  Dani specializes and mastered exactly how to do that and today those same techniques she helps other companies in the home business arena and out do just that.

Dani Johnson has a gift at taking very practical approaches that anyone can do and give you a step by step solution.  Too often people go to some type of conference, event or even business school looking for a solution and all you normally get for your money is hype, theory or worse yet “plain ol’ BS”.  Dani isn’t fluffing or hyping anything it’s just step by step strategies down to earth that are practical and applicable.  It does not matter if you are a stay at home mom and/or a corporate executive if you apply what Dani Johnson is teaching you will certainly make more money.

So if you are struggling in debt this holiday season and if you show up to the next Dani Johnson event you may hear a message just like this.

Watch Now!


To your success,

Stacy O’Quinn


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I hope you can find where it’s at, but please leave it there!

Coming back from Haiti I can’t put into words and really explain all that we saw. But I’m sharing this with you because for all the sadness many of you that subscribe to the 6 Figure Income Club and read this blog and that I get to work with on a daily basis are the ones that helped to make a difference.  Together we helped to raise over $500,000 to build water wells, 50 homes and a sugar cane mill for a village that at one point had no road access until we showed up.  We visited this village and the people yelled, cheered, praised God and wanted everyone involved to know how thankful they were.  The village of Kadwa was a success.  We made a people that felt hopeless now have hope and due to agriculture a way to build a fledgling economy to be sustainable.

But there is so much more, imagine for a moment that you are a mom or dad and you have to go 5 or 6 miles a day, every day to get water.  Then you know the water came from a ditch that people are bathing in, using as a restroom and throwing trash in it.  But you are still stuck with the unfortunate dilemma, you either don’t give the water to your kids because it will make them sick and may kill them.  Or you don’t give them any water at all and they will surely die.

Imagine being compassionate because you are lower middle class but not the poorest of poor.  In Haiti, Guatemala, Nicaragua and other parts of the third world that’s around 25 dollars a week.  So since you have so much you begin to take in boys and girls that are abandoned living on the streets and dieing of violence and starving.  But as prices go up or more and more kids come to you for safety but you don’t have money to feed them all.  You can only give them a safe place to live.  We are talking about kids that are 4 to 10 and sometimes even younger.  You don’t have enough money to feed them or provide basic medical care and unless someone helps out and often times they can’t you watch as these children slowly starve or die due to lack of basic medical care.

Or think about those that work at one of the largest food distribution centers in the world.  They can only provide basic nutrition to families and have to ration the food to help as many as possible.  But they distribute daily over 2 tons of cooked rice alone.  People walk in some cases as many as 5+ miles a day to get just one meal for their families and in many cases it’s all they will have to eat all day.  Imagine working in that center and as you ratio out the food which is the bare minimum to help as many as you can, the people are violently yelling and crying out of desperation for just one more scoop.  If you give them one more scoop someone else goes with out.

I don’t share this with you for the pain of sadness but merely for the jubilation that you are their answer.  As we give to the poorest of the poor Jesus said, “for the least of these you do for me.” As you and I build our businesses yes we are to be financially free and independent because there is a little child out there that needs you.  Think about every person you build a relationship with in business, there is a child that needs them as well!  As a team we just helped to raise 1.5 million dollars this past year.  Your part may have been to only share a post on facebook or give 50 or 100 dollars and maybe you’ve gotten yourself to a place where you were able to do even more.  Maybe thousands or tens of thousands this year alone.  Every person we bring into our influence in business, and definitely a home business can help as well day one.  It may be just sharing a post on facebook or sharing these articles, but as we help them to learn more skill and pay off their own debt then they eventually are the ones making donations to the poor that is in the 10′s of 1000s like many we work with have done this year.

No one did it day one or even month one.  But because of our home businesses and Dani Johnson’s training many of us are making a difference in people’s lives forever.  No matter where we are as we gain skill set and influence our impact gets bigger at home and in the poorest places on earth!

If you truly read every word of this I’m sincerely humbled I know many people just skim, but this message was for YOU directly!



I hope you can go to Haiti one day and find my heart, but please leave it there.
To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Thank You For Caring

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Today I have the over whelming privilege of traveling to one of the poorest countries on earth. As I type this this morning I’ve been incredibly overwhelmed with the thought of how so many on the earth we live in struggle for simple needs of life.  Things like food, water and shelter.  Then there are the deeper struggles like the energy to continue even in despair,  not having a mom and dad that love you and the deep desire to know you as a human have value and are loved.  These struggles are not race specific, they are not country specific but rather they are human survival specific. 

Today, as I have the joy of traveling to Haiti, to represent some of the most amazing people in communities I’m blessed to be a part of from my family, to First Steps to Success, business communities and beyond today we get to let a nation and a people know that they are cared for and loved.  The needs are so massive that for one individual but it only takes one to make a difference to another.  Just like the one person who has helped you in your time of need, we thank them as a token of all those who helped others, maybe just a simple act of kindness or maybe they donated 50 cent because it’s all they had when they saw a need and wanted to help.  We are designed to care one another, it’s part of our make up.

The best news is there are people out there who are used all over the world for good and want to make difference. It’s in this article today I want to celebrate whose who have given back.  The men, women, and children of the world that still show the power of God’s love with one selfless act.  IF someone has had one positive impact on you “like” this article and say “Thank You”.  It doesn’t matter where you are from or what your own personal struggles have been because if you live on planet earth long enough you’ve had a season of pain.  Encourage that simple act of kindness, by just sharing this article and saying Thank You!

Like this post and let’s share some kindness,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Being self-employed and working from home is really a struggle. I just got back from an awesome week of vacation down in Orlando Florida with many of the people I work with.  Today I’m home and because of our nontraditional lifestyle of work from home and traveling.  I’m leaving tomorrow to go to Haiti in support of some work we’ve been contributing to down there with “Food for the Poor” and “Kings Ransom Foundation”.  How is it possible to travel so much?

Let me say there really are challenges it’s not all a cake walk.  First when you can travel super cheap it’s a challenge because you are limited to 365 days a year and we can’t change that.  Second when you have no boss that tells you when you can vacation and when you can take that 2 weeks a year it really comes down to having too many choices of when and how long.  Finally, when you home school your kids and they have a schedule not to mention the bank and post office are only open at certain times then you have to work around those factors….it’s tough!

First of all since I work in the travel industry and part of my benefits are to travel super cheap it can be challenging, to determine where to go.  Our family loves different cultures, we love the beach, we love the mountains and my wife and I love romantic getaways.  So it’s almost like choice over load.  It’s a struggle but we some how muscle through it. 

Here is a sample video of our discount vs expedia and accommodations down in Orlando.

The other struggle, since we can do all of our work over the internet and we are completely self employed it really is a challenge do we want to be gone for 7 days, 8 days how about 9 or 10.  Last year we went on a trip for 28 days.  So every time we say we want to go on a new trip or adventure the next question is always well for how long?  Not having the traditional limitations really does give you a lot to think about.

Finally there are the struggle of other people’s limitations.  Having so much freedom we forget that we have to operate on other people’s timelines like when the bank is open or post office because we need to make a deposit or receive a payment because we are still working this whole time.  Also my kids have a schedule as well, my wife does an awesome job home schooling them but we still have to determine which days we get their school in and which days we don’t.  The good news for us is our kids are learning a non traditional lifestyle as well so they will choose to do school on Saturday because the them parks may not be as crowded on Monday or Tuesday.

So it really comes down to this.  The biggest challenge of being truly self employeed or having a small business working from home is learning to live a non traditional lifestyle with out the traditional limitations.

To a non-traditional life,
Stacy O’Quinn


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The Most Amazing People?

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After coming back from Creating a Dynasty, Dani Johnson’s advanced training event.  I was inspired by a group of every day average people who made decisions that were bigger than they were.  You see there was a group of clients, 17 total that have used Dani Johnson and what she teaches to improve their lives and incomes.  They decided they would give away half of their income over the last 7 weeks for some orphans in India and homeless families in Haiti which came out to be over $62,000, if the room over around 800 people would also donate $62,000.  Those 17 clients who had done this in secret did something incredible and they had no idea what they started.

A fire storm of passion, love and selflessness swept that room.  If you are a Christian I’d dare say you could absolutely feel the presents of God. I wish I could tell you that the room made the $62,000 dollar donation but I can’t.  Because it was over 3 times that!  In about 30 minutes that room of over 800 people from children up to elderly made a decision to help people who are truly helpless.  That room inspired by the 17 anonymous angels/clients, donated and gave over $265,000 dollars and finished the financial need for the orphanage in India and the rebuilding of a village in Haiti.

There is a good book that says, “You have not because you ask not”. When things are so bad you don’t have the physical ability to ask that’s poverty.  How is that orphan in India going to ask for help, how is that child that doesn’t even have a place to live or even can’t find a sip of clean water going to ask for help.  In those cases I believe God places people to ask on their behalf.  Thankfully his words never return void.  Now you may not be a Christian and I get that, no biggie but surely you can understand the need of extreme poverty regardless of a religious belief.

True success is when you stop living for survival and you start living for a purpose.  What is your purpose?  You may want to start a small business or a home business what for? Getting out of debt and being financially independent is truly awesome.  You can do that and so much more, but you have to make a choice for the so much more!  Thankfully there are those in a small community of people from all different walks of life that truly care. 

To you that I work with through our shared desire to work from home, own a small business or through Dani Johnson and what she teaches.  You are completely different, unique and you’ve had amazing results for a reason!  Let’s end this year with a bang, and it’s awesome to get to know you and grow together! 2015 will be our best year yet and our impact will be bigger than ever because how we end this year. We have places to go, people to help, money to make and memories to create, let’s roll!

To Your Success
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. You can still give even if you weren’t at the event. www.grouprev.com/dfi

P.P.S. Even if you may feel like you can’t give a single dime, that’s totally OK.  Just liking, sharing and commenting on this article will help spread the word and is still a way to help the helpless.



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If you want to succeed in your marriage, job, finances or business; it helps if you know what the first symptom of success is so you can determine if you are on the right track.  People who succeed in marriage they tend to hang out with people that are married and they have conversations on the challenges of being married and how they over come them.  People who are divorced or unhappily married make jokes about how silly being married is and how all the good people are taken. This is one reason the results that we have in our life are very similar to the results of those we socialize with and hang out with.  People who are successful small business owners, talk about how to find and hire talented people.  They discuss strategies to increase their clients and overall business.  People who hate their job and show up late to the one they have flipping burgers are not going to have those kinds of conversations.

Chances are when you left high school your environment may have changed based off of your desires.  You may have went to college, the military or just left home to seek a job some where else.  Chances are if you left home your career, income and friends reflect that environment you went into.  If you stayed at home it’s very likely your income, career and friends reflect the average of your home town what ever that maybe.  You may have left your home town for a season and then came back and you may know some of the same people.  You may not hang out as much as you once did, but your income, career and friends you’ve created while you were away have shifted your lifestyle, good or bad.

We’ve all heard birds of a feather flock together.  How many millionaires do you know? How come millionaires know dozens of other millionaires? It’s fair to say, that a group of millionaires that hang out probably talk about building wealth, business and a successful life.  Among themselves they create opportunity and learn from one another.  The truth is God brings blessings into our life through people.  We need people who have knowledge and skill that we want.  They don’t have to be a millionaire, or they may be?  But if you want to be financially independent, make a 6 figure income and/or become a savvy investor then you need to hang out with people who it’s second nature to talk to about those things.

If you have a strong desire to succeed.  The first symptom of success is you seek out people who have the success you want.  They are normal every day people, yes even the millionaires trust me.  They just have different conversations with their friends, they think differently, talk different and do things different.  They’ve learned skills from the people they’ve hung out with. Are you hanging out with people you can learn from?

To your success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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