Learning how to inspire people, learning how to help people get to the next level and learning how to help people have break-thru is all more important than money itself.  Helping others have so much success they can’t stop talking about it will always create a positive and lucrative environment for yourself over time.

Never be focused on the money up front, it always works itself out.  Leave that up to God!  But focus on the results of your clients, customers and team-members.  Every so often as my schedule allows I do voluntary training helping others in the company I work with succeed faster and quicker. I don’t get compensated upfront and in only a few cases can I ever benefit at all.  But the results others have will serve me far better than charging someone for my time!

What does it take to part of a training like this? Be dedicated and serious in your business.  Want to work your business like a serious profession that desires serious results.

Below are some emails I received after the last training or Mentor Group we did. Read the results!

Mr O’Quinn,

I want to say thank you for allowing me to be part of the mentor group.
You give relentlessly taking time out of your busy schedule to share your personal process to help people like me be successful.

At the beginning of this training group, I stated, "I have reached a plateau.  There is a skillset that I need to acquire. I will get this skillset thru this mentor group!!" Leading others to success, is a process, that is simple. So simple, most

of us will miss the steps, unless we are in a place to be teachable and coachable. Thru this process, the mentor group, I have been able to acquire that skill.

My life, and life of my family will never be the same. Taking each step by step helped me to follow and learn from liked minded individuals.  You, Mr. Quinn, provided the environment as well. I remember the statement,  "Find someone who has what you want, and do what they do." This environment enabled me to be constantly training, constantly working.

Starting the day with training, gave me the ability to learn first thing in the morning, then apply it through out the day. This is a concept that has also helped me to build a work schedule that will stand the test of daily time. There are a million things in this world that will distract me from my goal. It is up to me to stay plugged in to training, so that I can acquire skill daily, and apply it through out the day.

I remember when I heard about people who went to work every day to talk to people because there are people out there waiting for us to call them back. Now, I am excited to wake up, and state, "Who can I can today. Bring me ten people whom I can help succeed today."
You share from the heart, and give everything you have to help people like me be successful. You have a burning desire. Learning one simple nugget, I was able to prosper $1,000. Additionally, a couple other nuggets allowed me to profit $19,410.00, all within a 6 week period.

Money is great, and is an awesome tool. Creating a legacy for success is long term. The mentor group has been the single most impact on my life. In today’s world it is very difficult to get true friends, much less business leaders, to stay with me when I am in need of them. It is also rare to find leaders I can count on. However, today I would like to express thanks for being a leader and creating that unique distinction in my life.


Decide Freedom,
Gary Mach



Dear Mr. O’Quinn,

I want to thank you for leading this Mentor Group for 2015 and for allowing me to participate in it.  To be able to learn alongside you has been truly inspirational, and a deep privilege and I do not take it lightly.

This Mentor Group has pushed me beyond my excuses to work more consistently, to work this business in a professional, rather than an amateur level, and to raise my level of faith in this business and what it can do to change my life and the lives of others. Before participating in this group, I averaged about 7 hours a week of work, and my dials were averaging about 13-15 per hour.  Now I average 23-25 per hour and I am working 15-20 hours a week. I am already seeing results in many areas of my life!  I have brought in two business partners since starting in this group, one at Premier and one at Platinum (my second training sale, and I was able to close both of them by myself!).  My business is gaining momentum as a direct result of the consistency and accountability developed in this group.

My confidence has grown exponentially, and my skills in prospecting and closing are increasing.  Listening to trainings every morning gets me in the mindset to work my business, and to do my very best at the job I have.  I have learned more about time management over these past weeks in order to achieve my goals.

Working alongside the other directors in the Mentor Group has been very encouraging.  I truly rejoice with each one as he/she succeeds in their business.  As we share with each other, we add our faith together, and it grows our faith both individually and as a group.  There is a comradery between us, and the support of each member is such a blessing. 

I sincerely thank you for following your heart’s leading in forming this group.  It has truly changed my life and my perspective.  I am looking forward to the next step in my life and business.

Wishing you many blessings,

Karen Cormier


Dear Stacy:

Thank you so much for your leadership and the tremendous commitment you have made in leading the 2015 Mentor Group.  Using what I have learned in this group I have increased my closing ratios tremendously.  In the month of April alone I was able to set up 8 MS for myself and team members.  Using the team building strategies I have learned from you, I have led more people to FSTS, have made 3 times as many sales as I did last year, I have more momentum than I have in a long time.  I am stoked about what the rest of 2015 holds!

And I would be very interested in doing a cruise using the package…variety is the spice of life!  David loves cruises, and we have been wondering how to use the package to save on them, so that would be great.

Andrea Derego


Andrea, Karen and Gary are just a few of the emails from our last Mentor Group.  But we will kicking off another mentor group very soon.  Every year my goal is to help at least 10 new people make a 6 figure income.  The question is will you this year?

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Andrea, Karen and Gary are amazing professionals.  If you ever get a chance to partner with them one on one it could be the best decision you ever make.  If you happen to already work with either of them, hopefully you grasp how lucky you truly are and take advantage of it!

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Getting up and going to work every day is a joy when you work with the best people you’ve ever met.  That maybe a hidden secret to success no one ever talks about.  I haven’t heard many guru’s or read many books that talk about it.  The truth is if you find someone awesome, then find a way to partner with them and work together

Once you find a way to work together you may find you have more friends than you realized. You enjoy seeing their face, hearing their laughter and celebrating the successes and encouraging them through challenges they go through. The people I’ve gotten to work with over the years in every area often creates relationships that will transcend generations.  We watch each other’s kids from learning to walk, to eventually dating, to building a future and we each support one another.

Time passes by and with the friends that we’ve made we are able to do more together and gain more joy from it.  We make more money, working with solid ethical people that are trust worthy.  We can change a village in one of the poorest places on earth like we are currently doing www.grouprev.com/dfi We can vacation and have adventures in places like Nicaragua, Belize, Disney and swimming with the dolphins in Orlando, Eating Tex Mex in San Antonio TX, eating fresh sushi ocean side in California, hiking the blue ridge mountains, going on cruises… it’s all been more fun with the people we work with.

Having like minded people working for the same goal of enjoying the life God gave us and building a solid secure future full of memories.  That’s true friends and the people I work with are my friends and there is no question I have the greatest friends on Earth.

If you are reading this and you are a friend Thank You!
To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Yes, You Can Be Happy

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So often people want to work from home so they can make more money and be happier.  The truth is money isn’t everything but it sure makes life easier.  Before you begin down the journey of working from home make sure you know what you are wanting to accomplish.  Most people are driven by some type of challenge, others simply want to help others, some like to have a solid plan for financial freedom or building wealth and yet others are just looking to be stress and worry free and living life to the fullest, just having a stinking blast.


Maybe a challenge is what motivates you? If that’s the case allow money to be the tool of the challenge and not the goal of the challenge.  Maybe you want to become debt-free or be able to by your dream car or take your dream trip? Then let money be one part of the equation as you search for the best deal and at the same time let saving money be a challenge as well.  So you are attacking that challenge from all sides not just money alone.  It will make you much happier as you accomplish the goal much quicker and money is just one tiny part of the whole equation.  If you can be motivated by money alone you can be bought to do anything.


It’s possible your main motivation is to help other people.  Then your focus needs to be on the money only as a means to an end.  Many times people who want to help people give away their products or service because they are giving “false” help.  The truth is if your goal is to really help people and make a difference in the world we live in, God has given you an awesome heart.  Sell your product actively at full price plus shipping, work your business like a profession.  So you can then take the money and feed the hungry, help the homeless and rescue orphans.  Don’t let the idea of money hold you back let it, propel you to help more.


It could be that your main purpose for working is to secure your financial future.  One thing to keep in mind is making money is only a portion of the solution.  According to the Millionaire next door the average millionaire never earned more than about 75K a year.  While making a much as possible is nice, what that means is it’s not about chasing money for wealth alone, but using the money we have and earn to build wealth.  What we do with money is more important than how much we make.  But if we have a plan and can use money wisely then we will be more happy in the long run.  If we don’t have a plan other than to make money then that doesn’t secure our future and it also puts us on a treadmill we can’t seem to run fast enough.


Finally,  it’s very likely your main goal to happiness is total freedom.  To do what you want when you want, with who you want, how you want.  You probably don’t want any stress or worry.  If your focus is money only, you will only have stress and worry.  But if you come up with a sensible plan and I hate to say the words “loose budget” to understand how you are using what you are gaining. Then you will have less stress and much more fun.  Then you can plan vacations and adventures with your family.  Like me every time you make a new connection it could be a new friend that you are eventually traveling the world with.


Happiness is possible for all of us.  Money is definitely important and valuable in our society but it by itself creates stress and frustration.  To ensure that the work you do truly makes you happy learn first how to build your plans and spend your money in a way that gets you true happiness. At the end of the day we must not forget our work and our money is really only one tiny part of the equation.   So let it be a tool not a pain in your side.  Then you will get more done in less time and be much much happier!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. I just recently planned a vacation with some of the coolest people I know.  About 30 of us will hang out and have a blast building memories together! on an 8 day cruise at the end of the year.  I’ve made a ton of money, and that’s amazing.  But how you use it is what really helps you to become happy!  God Bless.

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What you are about to watch is one going to create one of the most powerful 6 minutes you may ever experience.  I encourage you to share this with as many people as you can.  God put a specific purpose in you and you are too important not to do what you were designed for.  How do you know what you were designed for? 

“Desire reveals the design and design reveals the destiny”
Dani Johnson

Years ago when I started a small business from my home while I was in the military there wasn’t much support.  Most people who watched didn’t believe in me.  The key for me was if I was going to pay off all of my debt, which I did all $292,000 I had to do it with people who supported me.  Thankfully I had my wife and brother that supported me. My brother told me about Dani Johnson and her training was the “How To” with that business.

This video reminds me there is always another step, purpose or reason for you and I.  This year we are giving away the first 100,000 dollars we make to www.grouprev.com/dfi


I believe you can,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S.  You can help by just spreading this page and for every like we will donate one dollar to help the extreme poor.

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Success Takes a Team

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How do you find a Team for your success? Birds of a feather…. There are two aspects to a Team.  The first is the team you create and the team you associate with, two totally different things.  In the next few moments I hope to clarify the difference as well as help you have a better understanding of finding a good team to associate with as well as the right understanding to develop a great team.

1.  T. E. A. M.

Together Everyone Achieves Miracles – This is team refers to the team you want to associate with.  This is an established team that on a small scale eventually you want to develop yourself.  If you are going to start a small business, then you need people who understand and want that business to succeed.  When I started working from home almost a decade ago I was able to find a group of people who worked hard, but helped each other on a regular basis.  For no other reason other than to create another success experience for a fellow team member.  Most cases their was no compensation other maybe a simple thank you. 

Recently I heard of an awesome Leader in our community a gentleman named Gary Mach.  Gary came across a client that potentially was interested in completing a deal that would have put over $9,700 in his pocket.  But in the process of closing the deal the client mentions that some time past she had spoke to another member of the company.  In an extreme form of integrity Gary, passed up on the deal and passed it on to the other “associate” in a different country losing out on 100% of the profit.  Why is that?  Because he knew someone else did the hard work previously and he felt compelled to help someone else have success.  That client was blown away and that client experience is one that never will be forgotten by all parties involved.  That’s a small Miracle.

The team you associate should always give back of their Time, Energy and Money.  The truth is nothing great would happen with out that team work.  None of the orphanages we’ve built, water wells we’ve dug, widow’s we’ve supported or orphans we’ve provided for and loved on would have happened with out a group effort. That’s a big Miracle.


2.  T. E. A. M.

Time, Energy and Money – This is the team you want create.  If together everyone achieves miracles, then to build that environment for yourself then you have to be prepared to give back to “your” team.  Time, Energy and Money, How often do you volunteer to help those you work with?  Regardless if you can gain or not?  Do you go above and beyond, or is it all about ME, ME and ME?  The proof is what are you doing right now, how many people are actively working with you on the same mission you have?  How large is your influence?  Do you use your influence to give back and help others?

The more you help other people get what they want the more you get what you want?  Be creative and care about the relationships you have customers and clients eventually become advocates and finally part of your influence and personal team. Then using your influence to contribute to a much larger “TEAM” we started out discussing and it’s a full circle.


Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. I’m a firm believer God uses people to bring blessings to others.  Who have you been a blessing to lately?

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Who is truly having success?

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Have you ever wanted to know who was really succeeding at something?  Have you ever wanted to know who you could actually learn from?  Did you want to learn a skill but wanted to make sure the person you were learning from was a real professional?  It is a total honor that I’ve been truly blessed to work with a small group of business owners who all work from home.  They each have their own home based business but they are doing incredible things.

Some people say, “Do as I say not as I do”.  These individuals are true examples that simply say, “Do as I do”.  In 6 weeks this small group of individuals have generated $61,430 in profit.

If you are working with one of them know you are working with a true professional

Special Thanks and Congrats to!

Jackie O’Quinn
Karen Cormier
Dianne McGuigan
Trish Roberts
Angela Banks
Andrea DeRego
Candice Thompson
MerryLynn Shepard
Kimberly Bixby
Rebecca Neudorf
Brian Burke
Gary Mach
Mintra Lewis
Michael Titus
and yours truly.

These men and woman are a mix of business professionals and stay at home parents.  But they work professionally and are always investing into their learning so they can be better.  They’ve set a standard on what real professionalism is even though they work from home.  They truly are some of the best I’ve gotten to work with one on one this year! 

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn  


P.S. And this is only the beginning!

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Do you want to increase your income?  This could be the easiest thing you could implement that would instantaneously build your influence and increase your income.  It is so obvious and 99% of the population will not do it.  You have a pen and paper? Are you ready for it? Here goes….

Just be real and genuine!  Be YOURSELF! You are attractive, people can relate to that.  So often people are attempting to be who they want the world to see.  So they are being politically correct, they are being fake and everyone else can see it.  Except the person faking it.  Don’t hide your crap we all have it and it makes you real.  People can relate to the realness.

Sometimes I talk about God and the anti-God people are offended, then I say sucks, crap or asshole in the next sentence. Then the so called “Christian” people are judging and are upset.  When in fact, those people who are upset and offended are really the minority.  It’s the people who are hiding their own crap.  No matter how much money you make or don’t make.  No matter how successful you ever become.  You will still have your junk to deal with and you still put on a pair of pants the exact same way, one leg at a time.

Just be good at being you!  I’ve helped 1,000’s of people over the years increase their income and work from home, in business and through charity and volunteer work I’ve done.  One of the biggest assets to growing my own influence and exploding my own income, God showed me a long time ago was simply being ME.  Who He made wonderful and great.

God, didn’t make any junk so that means you are wonderful and great.  That means he made you to appeal to certain people. You are meant to create opportunities and be a blessing for others.  Those people he made you for, are the ones that can relate to the REAL YOU!

(This is someone else’s video but the song says it all)



It is extremely challenging to succeed without first being the “real me”


You were made wonderful and great,
Stacy O’Quinn

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People who work from home don’t realize this but every small business not just a home based business if they are going to succeed must have an “auto-ship”.  By definition an auto-ship is a requirement of a recurring order of some product or service needed to get paid in business.  Now many home based businesses require that the independent reps keep an auto-ship.  Why is that?

Let me first say I’ve never worked with a company that “required” an auto-ship, but I’ve still ALWAYS HAD ONE.  By the definition alone you should understand that. “A requirement of a recurring order of some product or service needed to get paid in business”.  Most people who hear this term are in a sub-sect of home business called network marketing.  But that term is not only required for network marketing, it’s a term that should be used in all successful business small or big business.

The real reason you should have an auto-ship, is it allows you to get a product at a discount on a regular interval so you can market it and increase your own personal revenue.  See even though I don’t have a required “auto-ship” placed on me, I still have an auto-ship.  For me it’s advertising and leads and it serves the same purpose.  Typically people that have auto-ships have products or services people can sample and that’s a main way they expose their business.  It’s a type of advertisement, like the people handing out samples at a BJ’s, Sams, or Costco.

My exposures are done all over the Internet.  So my auto-ship is a standing order for advertising every single month.  If your main exposure is through trade shows, then that reservation for a different trade show should be a standing order and done monthly.  It works the same way if your main exposure is radio or television media, then you should have a standing order for that every single month. 

An auto-ship is really just a required method of exposing your business to new clients.  If you are in business then that would be a requirement regardless if someone told you to or not.  No successful business advertises for one month, but not the next.  Or exposes their product or service for 3 months and then stops.  Therefore we’ve always had an auto-ship even if it wasn’t called that by name.  What you do with your “auto-ship” determines how successful you are?  Are you getting the largest orders you can so you can maximize your income and lower your expenses?  That’s what a REAL business would do.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Do You Know Great People?

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How would you know if someone was great?  The answer is simple.  For someone to be “great” what do they do that is great?  Is their main motive just selfishness, greed and placing themselves up on a higher pedestal?

For the sake of today’s article we are going to call someone “great” is someone who does something “great” with what they have.  It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor.  You still have 24 hours in a day and you still have influence.  It doesn’t matter if you are self employed, own a million dollar corporation, work at a factory or a stay at home mom.  It doesn’t matter if you have a PhD, MD, or an XYZ.  If you can buy a cup off coffee, if you have a place to lay your head at night and if you know other people then you have enough to be “great”. 

How do you know if someone is “great”?  It’s simple, what do they do with what they have?  Who do they help, give, inspire or encourage?  How do they use their time?  If someone is great they spend their time getting themselves in a position to inspire, encourage and help others or they spend their time simply giving back like someone has given to them.  It could be mentoring a youth.  Working at a food bank.  Taking on a protégé to guide and direct knowing you can’t benefit directly.

If you are struggling then you should be looking a hand up, not a hand out.  Once you get that hand up you must make the most of it so you can turn around and help others with a hand up and maybe the extreme poor a hand out. (there is a place for both)

I know a few great people who took a few moments to help and it could be because they need a hand up or it could be they just wanted to help.  But in my mind the following individuals are all GREAT!  If you happen to know one of them then you definitely know someone “great”. Each of these people of the thousands that saw and read about a need, the following people took time to type an encouraging message.  Some of them donated money to a cause, but not all of them.  See being great isn’t about money it’s about what you do with what you have.

Each of you are absolutely special.  Thanks for caring about others!

Sue Hunsicker Stevens
Dianne McGuigan
MerryLynn Shepard
Kimberly Bixby
Amira Olive
Christen Head
Nicole Ostapolic
Mary Smith Mckenzie
Mintra Lewis
Cathy Keir
Joanie Snaith
Christina Moyer
Jenny Copeland
Jackie O’Quinn
Gary Mach
Wes Badshaw
Sheila Gibbons
Diane Bateman
Julie Kingston
Kim Kennedy
Paula Kimbark

Here is the need they commented and help on, read all about it now!

I’m sure I missed someone, please forgive me if I did.  The fact is no matter if you commented on that post.  Or shared it else where, just taking a few seconds to help others is something the majority will not do.  Do you know how many thousands read that message and didn’t even “share” it?

Are those people bad? No they just have so much going on in their life they can’t find  the hand up much less thinking about giving a few seconds as a hand out.  They feel helpless and maybe hopeless.  It’s about us doing our part to always inspire, help, lead and encourage people like that.  You are doing your part you are definitely GREAT!!!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

PS We are still matching up to 9,000 dollars dollar for dollar donated at www.grouprev.com/dfi helping support some of the world’s poorest.

PPS Some times just getting the word out is half the battle.

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Actually my wife and I are giving away $9,000 dollars this week (we are matching the next 9,000 donated this week @ www.grouprev.com/dfi) and the first  $100,000 we make this year to help the extreme poor in Santa Pancha, Nicaragua. We are talking about moms that don’t have clean drinking water for their baby much less food.  We are talking little boys and girls in some cases as young 6 years old that don’t have a safe place to live.


This week those that help us spread the word about some of the poorest of poor could win $500. Why this week?  Because every dollar donated at www.grouprev.com/dfi up to $9,000 we will match it dollar for dollar.  Every person that likes and shares this post on facebook is automatically entered to win $300 or $200 just for helping us spread the word!

Every person that shares this article on Facebook will automatically be entered to win $300.  I’m going to randomly have one of my kids pick a number each share will have a number attached to it and on Saturday evening we will have a winner (make sure I’m tagged in that share if you don’t share it from my wall). Leave an inspirational and encouraging comment at the bottom of this page with Facebook and or like this post on facebook and you could win an additional $200.


Have you ever wanted to help or give but didn’t feel like you could do enough? That’s ok in the next week each dollar you donate could be doubled.  Have you ever wanted to help the less fortunate but just didn’t have anything to give?  That’s okay just by sharing this article you are helping and you could win up to $500 as well.

Why am I doing this?  Other than the need is great, I believe to us that are given much, much is expected.  I grew up extremely poor by American standards in a single wide trailer with no underpinning and metal steps.  My dad died when I was young and I watched my mom struggle.  As I got older and joined the military and still struggled financially making about $2100 a month well over 6 figures in debt.  Then I got inspired to start an Internet business and while struggling to get that off the ground I learned about Dani Johnson and how she went from homeless to millionaire.  Over the next few months I made 6 figures, left my military career paid off $292,000 in debt in 5 years and this year we are living off of our investments and giving our first $100,000 dollars away to the extreme poor.


Today I work with the most incredible people and have meet some of the greatest on the planet while traveling all over the country and the world.  Many of those people I count as friends and partners on a mission.  We come from all walks of life and we all have a story. It is about where we come from and where we end up that defines us, on earth and eternally.

Thank you for joining with us on this cause, even if it’s just a share or a comment below to spread the word, thank you.  If we haven’t met yet I can’t wait till we do!


To Help Others,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Special Congrats to Lilly Secada and Dianne McGuigan as soon as they caught wind of this match they acted immediately donated and doubled their money.  Nice work ladies and amazing business women at that.

P.P.S. Just remember for commenting below and helping to spread the word you could win your share of 500 dollars!

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