Don’t Be Lied to

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So often people are misled when it comes to the idea of working from home.  They picture the mom smiling and working on her computer at the park as the kids are gleefully playing on the playground.  Or the guy on the beach with his feet propped up in his lounge chair and laptop once again smiling and living the life as the waves are crashing near by.

You should be able to spend time with your kids at the park and the beach.  You should be able to live an awesome life.  I completely agree with the concept of lifestyle design. (that is a post for another day)  The fact is while you can work from home, you have to make sure you are not be lied to.  It will take three things to succeed.  The first is money and time then you need solid training and finally a system that you can apply in your home and it’s worked for others that you can learn it from.

Let me start with the money one.  So often people say you don’t need money or you shouldn’t need money to work from home.  If you choose to work for someone else or if you choose to be self employed you will need to make an investment of both time and money if you ever really want to make it to the beach.

I covered this thoroughly in this article, read now.
- You Should Not Pay to Work From Home!

Next let’s talk about the training.  There must be training in place that is solid and effective.  But what type of training is effective?  The type where someone is there one on one to help you and there are on going resources you can gain access to.  Not recordings of trainings from years ago.  But is there on going live, active trainings with people who want to help you succeed because someone has helped them.  Even if they don’t get anything out of it directly?

Here is an example of what solid training should be like, read and ask…
- Who is helping you?

Finally what is your system?  If you are going to work from home in any capacity you must understand even if you are employed what you have is a small business at your home.  There is an office, there are requirements to get an income and you have to interact with others.  Now if you are going to succeed or not largely determines if there is a straight forward system for you to follow.  Is there a recipe that others are using and have used?

Dani Johnson has talked about the need to follow a proven system. Read and see if you have one?
- Is it really simple?

At the end of they day you can definitely have the life that you want.  But don’t buy into the hype.  Don’t be lied to.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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In-Tense New Training?

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Yes I know Intense isn’t spelt correctly, or maybe it is?  I’ll let you guess?

What drives you? Is it paying off your debt and being debt free?  It is it being financially secure and stable?  Is it preparing for retirement? Is it having an impact on others or just living a care free life?

For me it’s all of the above, you shouldn’t have to settle.  But probably the most important factor is having an impact and helping others through my work every day.  This year is a special year.  It is a personal goal of mine to find people who desire more, and help them achieve just that.  I’m about to do some in-depth training that not only is focused on helping people increase their income, but also their impact.

I’m only looking for the few!  Those who are serious.  I’m only starting with the business relationships I have and I’m about to make.  Those people have my first priority.  If you work with me or know someone who has worked with me that’s the only way.  Because I’m going to owe my first efforts to those who are not second guessing themselves but focused and committed.

To build wealth you must first, build skillset, then influence and impact and finally income.  Everyone has the ability to succeed if someone shows you.


Now it’s time to get it done,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Joanie Snaith is an amazing woman.  Talk about a stay at home mom that has learned to succeed BIG.  Watching her growth and results has been nothing less than inspirational. Read Joanie’s story and remember it can be you.  I think that is a good goal this year, find a brand new “Joanie” every month.  She’s just an ordinary woman that believed she could be so much more, and she definitely is!

January Hero of the Month by Heather LeFoll, Angela Lasher and Merry Lynn Shepherd

Joanie Snaith: The Power of Just Doing the Basics

clip image002 thumb January Hero Of the Month

Congratulations to Joanie Snaith for being chosen as the DFI Hero of the Month!! Is it possible to earn a substantial income, a life-changing income, just quietly going along doing the basics???? YES!!! Recently, Joanie Snaith broke her own income record! After several months of making $3,000-$10,000 a month, she generated over $30,000, “just doing the basics.”

Joanie and her husband, Anthony, were not accustomed to making that kind of money. Before finding Coastal, they really struggled to make ends meet monthly. Anthony worked in the oil fields in pipeline installation. He was often gone for weeks at a time and the income was inconsistent. Joanie operated a small in-home day care, juggling caring for children and paying the bills. In an attempt to make things a little better, they decided to make a move, in which Anthony would take on a new position.

Joanie moved first with their two children. She decided to get a couple jobs to pay the bills, so she took up working as a waitress in a local restaurant and teaching at a preschool. She initially thought she would enjoy working a 9-5 job like everyone else, but soon found it taxing to be away from her children that many hours a day and still did not have enough income to take care of their needs. Anthony’s new job fell through and they were left living off credit cards and feeling dissatisfied and unhappy.

clip image004 thumb January Hero Of the Month

More and more desperate, Joanie began seeking out what it meant to work from home. After filling out a few forms on the internet and receiving many phone calls, she was called by her director. She knew right off that what he had was different. She was impressed by his integrity, and the simplicity and genuineness of the system that she saw. Making the decision to start her business with Coastal, she attended First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson.

Coming out of that event, Joanie was so excited by all that she had learned that she insisted Anthony should go! She made several thousand dollars right away through Coastal and came home to be with her children again.

Joanie and Anthony have paid off $50,000 in debt in just 23 months, thanks to the increased income from Coastal and the “War on Debt” strategies they learned at First Steps to Success. With only $20,000 more to go, they are planning to be debt-free by the end of this year.

clip image006 thumb January Hero Of the MonthJoanie is looking forward to bringing her husband home. “He always supported me in Coastal. Now we will be able to spend more time together and we’ll be working together – as a team.” They are excited about the possibilities of what they will be able to do with their kids. They are looking forward to showing their kids the steps to be anything they want to be and they are going to have fun doing it! They’ve already been able to do more traveling together as a family and they are looking forward to even more.

Joanie’s vision is so much bigger than herself and her family. She loves “handing someone the keys to a fresh start.” Joanie wants to see her success duplicate itself in others. She knows that “the only limits we have are the limits we put on ourselves.” Her passion and fire are to help people experience the world without limits.

Always learning and applying what she’s learned, Joanie found that the best thing she can do for her business is keep it simple! “Stick to the basics. Stay focused. Stay on track. When you get comfortable, remember where you came from. I made over 5 figures a month just doing the basics: pick up the phone, read scripts, and do it all over again.”

Way to go, Joanie!!! Keep up the great work!!!! Congratulations!!!



Nice job Heather LeFoll, Angela Lasher and Merry Lynn Shepard for doing the hard work of pulling the details together in your spare time.  Clearly you care about other’s success!

If you happen to working Joanie, understand there are only 12 possible “Hero’s”  in 2015.  So based off of that alone you are working with one of the top 12 recongized this year.  HELLO?  Don’t waste such an awesome opportunity follow her lead!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. If you support Joanie, or the idea that being an overcomer when life doesn’t go your way.  Congratulate, Comment, Like and Share this article. 

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Making an insane amount of money is awesome!  But at the end of the day it is quite empty.  If you learn the skill to earn an insane amount of money, what you do with that skill and what you do with that money is what really matters.  Using your talent, your skill, your ability to help others is never going to feel empty.

Caring about people and giving back to others is true SUCCESS.  I’m not just talking about a hand out.  There are times people need a hand out and you can give them that, if they are extremely poor.  But most people just want a hand up!  They want to be taught how to fish so they can feed themselves.  If success is about money alone, than it is a very temporary feeling.

I still remember when Jen in MT called me in the early days of my business and she was crying.  She said to me, “Stacy, I’m writing a check to pay off my husbands truck and I’m able to do this because you believed in me and helped me”.  That feeling today is still more enjoyable than the 6 figures I made that year.  Who are you helping? Do you care about people?  You maybe already on your way to SUCCESS!

A six figure income is amazing, but it’s what you do after that that really matters!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Do you know what items you really need to set up your own home office?  If you were going to make 6 figures or multiple 6 figures annually to become debt-free and pay off all your bills while living an amazing life what do you really need? It’s actually quite simple.

1.  First you need an Internet connection.  This sounds simple because it is, you need access to the Internet, it doesn’t have to be super fast.  Just a basic connection that will let you send and receive emails will work.  Don’t over think this, just get a connection.

2.  You need a dependable phone.  I use a basic cordless Panasonic model KX-TG4031 with 3 satellite headsets.  If one breaks or battery dies I can just recharge and replace.  I don’t use my cell phone because, I like to separate work and play here.  But the truth is many people just use their cell phones.  At the end of the day don’t over think it you need a phone.

3.  You need a computer.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  All the years I’ve done this I’ve went through several computers.  The truth is I just get a basic Dell or HP when I need one.  Any base model computer that you can easily type from, send and receive emails or handle basic data management. Don’t over think this it should just a simple laptop or even desktop.

4.  Finally the biggest think you need is training and scripts.  I’ve relied on Dani Johnson for 100% of my training.  When it comes to business and talking with clients.  I like to say my training is just mastering how to teach other people how to apply what she does!  Period.  Training will always cost, learning a skill always takes time or money right?  How long does it take to get a college degree?  How much does a degree cost?

You can get all of your training for much less than one semester hour of college.  Wednesday evening I will be on this training with Dani Johnson, because she became a millionaire working from home and has helped me make multiple 6 figures annually.  I’d never pass a chance to learn for what is cheaper than one night going out to eat.

Join Dani Johnson’s Live Training Webinar NOW.  She only did about 3 of these different trainings last year.  You can do it from the comfort of your home.

Note:  That is not an affiliate link.  I do not get paid in anyway to recommend Dani’s training.  It’s just what has worked for me. Don’t over think it, just do it!


Keep it Simple,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Bonus:  A headset is really nice to when you work from home on the phone.  I’ve used all kinds from 400 dollars and down.  Once again reliability is what matters.  Last several years I’ve just used the basic GE corded headset that plugs into my phone.  You can get it at Target or Wal-mart.  It’s cheap, easy to use and reliable.  It cost $17.95, and worth every penny.  Once again this isn’t required just a bonus!

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Is What You Do Simple?

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In Dani Johnson’s training she makes a statement that is very interesting.  She says, “It’s only money and you know how to make more of it.” While it may seem over simplistic the truth is that’s a very powerful statement.  So often people are looking to generate extra income from home and they look and look and look.  The truth is it’s much simpler than people make it out to be.

I work with a gentleman in our company Shawn from California and I like how he said he got started.  He found someone on the Internet that seemed to be making money.  Then he just asked her two basic questions.

1.  Will you show me exactly what you do and can I model it with out anything being left out?

2.  Is it possible to follow and use the EXACT same system you use?

The business woman he connected with essentially said, “I’ll show you exactly what we do, even before you start and let you decide but the short answer is, ABSOLUTELY”.

You see if you are looking at any business venture, investment in anything or just a new adventure.  If you want to know what you are getting into and minimize the risk make sure it’s all laid out.  Everything should always be straight forward!

Remember, if you are looking to make an insane amount of money.  Or you just want some extra to not be stressed out and enjoy life for once.  Or maybe you just want to have a strategic way to create more financial freedom. Or you could want the extra money so that you can help people.  Don’t get overwhelmed and remember what Dani Johnson said,

”It’s only money and you can make more of it.”


It really should be that simple!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. I want to thank all my readers and friends who have written to encourage me or left messages on facebook supporting me with this last endeavor I wrote about a couple of days ago.  Giving away my next $100,000

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Everyone Could Use a Mentor

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Have you ever wanted something…  Wanted to learn a new skill or be really good at something.  Maybe it was business related, maybe it was family related and it could even be a hobby you wanted to get better at.  Or have you ever just wanted a change in your life but didn’t know how to get it?  Have you jumped out and did something abrupt on a whim only knowing you wanted some change in your finances or social life?  Maybe you moved across country or across town suddenly?  Maybe you switched jobs or careers almost instantaneously?

While it maybe true that if you want improvement in something you typically need to change something in your life.  How drastic it maybe and if that matters is not debatable. See the truth is someone has already made the change you seek to see.  All you have to do is find the one person to learn from and follow their example.  How do you know who is qualified for you to learn from?  Just follow their fruit, do they have or have they done what you want to do?

For me I’ve had several mentors in my life.  First my Dad he taught me how to be a man and how to love my wife.  I saw his example for 9 years of my life as he loved my mom.  Second, my brother Jackie O’Quinn because he has vision and desired to go after it while I often can get stuck in the moment.  Third Dani Johnson, Dani Johnson showed me what it was like to overcome life’s obstacles. Dani Johnson, gave me the specific how to in business and people. The skills that I will never perfect but I constantly work to master. Fourth Jeff Usner, because I saw a man that had no blood connection to me battling the world and make decisions to improve his families life.  I saw a man execute big vision.  Finally Mr. Pittman, a hard working man who I’ve learned so much from pertaining to real estate.  But through his example of starting really late in the game I’ve been taught it is never to late too live a bold life and enjoy every day God has given you.

Yesterday’s post I talked about my desire to give the next 100,000 dollars I make away to the extreme poor.  Two of my mentors did this and it inspired me. See I saw the fruit of what each of mentors have done.  I’ve seen their faults and their fruits.  I’ve seen a flawed human with desires and I’ve seen a passion for God that is inspirational all on it’s own.

I’m going to share a bit of that inspiration today.  This is Jeff Usner’s preview of ABC’s hit show “Secret Millionaire”. Click Here!

My response immediately after the show!

Stacy O’Quinn Reacts At The Post Show Party for… by paulhzlope

The idea of a mentor is not to be that person or idolize that person it’s to simply learn. My brother even though I’ve known him my whole life I can still watch and learn.  Dani Johnson may have been homeless and maybe a woman but I can still learn. My Dad already went Heaven but I’m still reminded of things he said that didn’t apply at one point but now do.  I can still learn.  Mr. Pittman maybe much older than me but I can still learn.

Just find someone who has something you want and learn from that person.  Remember their should never be conflicts you don’t need multiple mentors with different messages!


Here’s to You and Your Mentor,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Never give up on living the life you desire!  It is possible!

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We Are Giving Away $100,000

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To the extreme poor.  Since we started business I have always wanted to have the ability to help people and it’s been a passion.  There must be something inside of you that drives you and wakes you up everyday and makes you feel alive.  People have asked me for years how did I stay so consistent in my work.  The fact is simple, I know everyday I am giving someone the chance to step up and rise up and be more.  Helping people improve their lives, seeing the stories, seeing the changes never gets old.

For the last year God has shown me that I’ve been blessed.  At one point in life we totally struggled with making money last from one month to the next.  At one point the stress was incredibly intense and the pressure that felt like a ton of bricks weighed us down and it was a feeling that millions feel but I’d never wish for anyone.  For most people in our country I think they just need to “know” how.  Then they would break free!

But the extreme poor in the world can’t feel like that.  Today they struggle for water that won’t kill them.  Today children are sleeping in homes that are nothing more than debris shelters and it’s raining and they are attempting to find a comfortable spot in the mud, shivering and cold.  I’ve seen success and the entrepreneur spirit in some of the poorest of the poor countries.  But that takes someone thinking about a future and a vision of what is possible. When you are a mom watching your kids starve and nothing to give them and no way to fix it you can’t possibly think about a better life, until you get the basics of survival covered.

So I was given a shot! I had a God that believed in me, a brother that believed in me and a mentor in Dani Johnson that believed in me.  I had to do the work, and God knows we have.  God has been showing me all that I have is not because of me but FOR HIM.  He’s been tugging on my heart for over a year to give away that $100,000 dollars I once said I would do one day, after being inspired by others. 

The next 100,000 dollars I earn in our business I’m giving away to help build a village for the poorest of poor in Nicaragua!  If you have a desire to help then you can go to www.grouprev.com/dfi and help even if it’s just 50 or 100 dollars. Maybe you don’t have one penny to help and I understand I’ve been there before.  Maybe you are just looking for that direction still and your one shot, but you know you have clean drinking water to give your kids.  Maybe you still have a little tug to do something, YOU CAN.

Just like, share, comment and repost this page.  Just like the TV Show “ABC’s Secret Millionaire” inspired me.  It wasn’t ABC that gave away the money, they were the ones that shared the stories of other business men and women helping the less fortunate. So you could be the one inspiring others by just passing along the message.  You could be the one sharing this story just like a mega million dollar corporation did, that inspired me a few years ago.  I’ve never lost this vision.



We can do more together!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Pass this along, share and comment what you like about the video and let’s help the extreme poor together!

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A Common Need for Success

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Once you’ve had a certain level of success a person who is worth their salt is always looking to find someone else to help have the same kind of success. This is the journey on how I’ve learned to help people and it continues to evolve.  After my first year working from home I made a 6 figure income and immediately switched my focus to I wanted to help develop more success stories than anyone else around me.  So with the power of hind-sight and my own experience I started recommending and showing other people exactly what I do.  This is something still true today.

I got inspired by Dani Johnson at one of her events when she said that she prayed for God to give her the words to teach, train and help.  She could not fill everyone’s needs only God could.  Right away instead of praying God help me find those I need to help. I shifted my morning prayer to God help me help those I’ve found, because my knowledge, skill and background isn’t a one size fits all.  It worked, and over time I’ve been recognized within our company as helping more new people generate their first $19,410.  That is a level of recognition in our company, called a released Platinum Director.

I pray for the people I work with every single day, always asking for revelation on who I can help next. This morning while having my personal time with God, a message as clear as day came to me.  I show everyone the “how” but some succeed more than others.  Those that need help in an area I’m looking for that specific way to help, I call out their name and ask God to use me in a particular situation to help who ever it may be.  Sometimes it’s quite a list I’m praying about but God is more than a big boy he can handle it!

This morning in my quiet time God showed me my own need and one common need everyone has. This is one thing I could help every person in my life with  I’ve known it intellectually but haven’t put it purposely into practice until now.  Regardless of skill set, everyone needs encouragement.  It feels good to have someone believe in you!  Us men we should apply this in our marriage. Men when is the last time you told your wife how awesome she was and what you appreciated about her? If your wife did that for you men how would you respond?  You’d feel good about being “her” man and you’d  intentionally want to do all you could to provide, take care of and cherish her.

Now take that thought into a new venture or job you may have.  If your boss intentionally encourages you even in your mistake by telling you, “Don’t worry you are doing fine and you will be one of the best at that task before you know it.”  Versus attempting to actively critique/help you, which could make you feel bad for “trying”.  The encouragement makes you feel good for attempting.  Getting this revelation today, my prayer ended with God “Show me those that I need to encourage today.”

In the early days when I had bad days and even bad weeks in my business.  I would always doubt myself.  Could it work for me would I ever get it.  There were a few people that I always heard like Dani Johnson saying things like you will get it, you can do it, people with less ability have done it so will you and I believe in you.  That encouragement wasn’t a tip or a strategy on a specific “how to” it was a recharge that my mind and heart need to keep me going.  IF I DID NOT keep going I would never learn the “how to” to succeed.


I believe in YOU!,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. One final thought,  If someone else has succeeded before you YOU CAN DO IT.  It’s not about recreating the wheel, follow the same system that has worked.  If you don’t feel like you’ve mastered it yet, that’s ok because it is only a matter of time and you will!

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Do you know what some of the common misconceptions about work from home are?  There are some common myths about working from home and today we want to expose some of those myths to you.  First of all there is the belief that anything working from home must be a “pyramid”.  This often comes from the network marketing world, and while I’m not here to support or deny that avenue of working from home. The truth is even in that industry there are good apples and bad apples (we all have tupperware in our kitchen).  Another common misconception is that it’s easy to find a company to hire you for a home position.  Finally with the nature of working from home many people say it’s all just a “scam”. In the next few minutes we hope to solve many of these misconceptions.

First, of all let’s talk about the question of everything on the internet or working from home is a “pyramid”.  Like I mentioned this typically comes out of the network marketing or MLM industry.  Like any industry over the years there have been some really good companies and some bad companies.  It could be a viable way to work form home.  My biggest complaint with the MLM industry is that so many companies promote that you are your own business and you are self employed.  When in fact if the company is paying you a paycheck you are never self employed.  Often times companies on a whim will change the product, change the profit margin or pay plan of the product and you have zero control of these decisions.  That means your are completely subject to the changes of company management.  The solution, make sure your pay check only comes from the client.

Second, there are many people that promote you can easily get a work form home position for a company.  This is a challenging one because most companies really don’t have that many “satellite” positions from home.  They do exist just not many of them.  Typically you have to have experience with that company already and move to a work form home position (often with less pay) or you have to have an incredible reputation in an industry and work in a consulting or advising role.  There are a few companies like certain telephone rep’s for companies but the hours are stringent and it’s almost always minimum wage pay, but once again you have to have work experience in that field to get it usually.

Finally, you have the myth that every thing from home is a “scam”.  This isn’t true of course the Small Business Administration of the United States has stated, “Most small business started out of the home”.  What that means is most people who work from home are truly self employed.  Working from home as a “job” gets a bad rap because it’s not completely feasible for the average person.  But there are really great opportunities to work from home and be self employed.  There are ways to work completely over the Internet and never leave your home except to go to the bank or maybe post office.  The key is you don’t have to come up with a “new” idea.  There are several companies out there that will let you market their product directly to the consumer.  Find a company or product will a long track record. They will teach you how to find clients (you have to have a steady supply), how to present their product and finally how to profit from your own home business or small business.

I’ve worked from home self employed for almost 10 years.  I’ve seen a lot of what the work from home industry is all about.  Yes there have been true pyramids out there (government shuts them down quick) and there are a few work from home jobs, just extremely rare without experience and finally on the Internet you will always find some kind of scam.  Just do your due diligence, ask  questions and look for a long term track record and references. The fact is it can be lucrative.  To succeed at it remember you are self employed so you may not have to make a highway commute but you must make a hallway commute.  If you do your research it can be extremely rewarding.


Best of luck in your search,
Stacy O’Quinn

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