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It is incredible so often you face a dream and it stays there you just fantasize about it.  There is a natural hope and desire but it stays a dream.  It maybe that house you want to live in one day.  The land you’d like to buy maybe having an organic garden or horses?  For you, maybe it’s just a house on the beach, lake or maybe up in the mountains.  Or it could be one at each location?  Heck, maybe you dream about not paying rent or having a mortgage on your current home?  How does that dream become a reality?

So often you will not even attempt to go after that dream in any meaningful way.  Simply because you are afraid of failure.  What if you make that investment, what if you take that “risk”, what if you take that promotion and somehow it doesn’t work?  The facts are simple some of those investments will fail, some of those risk will not end like you want and even that promotion could be a challenge.  But the difference in doing versus procrastinating is you are actually learning, you actually are gaining a skill and a perspective so the next time around the next risk isn’t the same type of risk or that next promotion isn’t that scary.

It’s not about being perfect it’s about being willing? When you are willing, suddenly your dream isn’t a dream it’s a goal.  It’s actually something you can begin to formulate the best way to get there.  You begin to attain skill set! 

Recently a good friend of mine called me up.  She works from home with a home based business and she was extremely frustrated because she felt like she wasn’t making the money she wanted to make even though, she’s a mom, a wife and committed to her home business.  In the conversation it was easy to tell that her “lack of income” has been an issue and created a lot of stress in her home.  She debated if a minimum wage job might pay her better?  Thankfully she kept awesome numbers in her business so we broke down the numbers and she was actually making $17.50 an hour working from home part time.

So you maybe saying, why was she frustrated?  Well because she hasn’t hit some of her personal goals.  So that fear she had, before she ever started that maybe she would fail was showing back up in her frustration.  But here’s the facts, her skill set will never decrease.  NO she’s not at the six figure income yet, but there are a ton of people who wish they could make 17.50 an hour on average working from home.  So guess what she’s not perfect.  But because a while back she was at least willing, what she originally thought was a failure we were able work through the numbers and CLEARLY see her successes and where she needed to work on next.  You see that 6 figure income is not a dream for her, it’s not a fantasy.  It’s a reality and she’s built a skill set that proves it’s on the way.  It’s not a risk anymore it’s just a matter of time!

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be willing.  Your free will is an amazing gift.  How you use it will have an unimaginable effect over the course of your life.  Just being willing you will gain skill set, friends, knowledge, money, joy and more than you could ever imagine.  How does the greatest investors on the planet become good at investing?  Being willing to make that first investment!  Period!


None of humans will ever be perfect!
Stacy O’Quinn 

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Mornings are powerful.  Each and every morning is the start of something big.  It’s the beginning of a journey and it eventually gets you to your destiny if used properly.  Each and ever morning is a new beginning, but most live through their morning with no plan or understanding.  Mornings should be used very specifically if you desire building wealth, living debt-free or having a lifestyle of freedom and happiness.  What did you do with your morning today?

Most people unintentionally waste each and every morning.  Living it as Dani Johnson says most people live, life by default not by design.  Every morning is a brand new start.  Hopefully you knew it would happen even before you went to sleep, ideally you took steps the previous day to ensure that this morning (which was a gift) was used effectively to reach your destiny. Eventually those gifts stop happening, when that happens did you live the destiny you were designed for?  Or did you live it paycheck to paycheck, always struggling and always stressed… living and working for someone else and never benefitting you or your family? Do you know someone who lived their entire life like that? Are you ok with that being you?

When you wake up you should already know an immediate action step in your life.  Something more than brushing your teeth and getting the kids off to school.  Do you want to earn extra money to go on vacation? Do you want to pay of your debt? Would you like to increase your income and not be stressed out?  What did you make a plan to do right away to get one small step closer? If you have a desire for your life and it’s important to you.  Did you take a step toward it today?  People say they want to work from home, be debt-free or travel the world. But the truth is based off of their actions it’s more enjoyable to pay your debt, work for someone else and never travel but just simply think about it.  Every morning is a gift given that sets up the rest of your day and eventually sets up the rest of your life.  Most are content living their morning, for their current boss and creditors, because they never take any real concrete steps on their own.

Are you happy? Are you debt-free? Do you get to build memories with your kids the way you want? Do you get to give your time to others to help volunteering doing good things for other people?  Do you even have time to do the things you would like? Do you desire the ability to work from home and schedule your life versus someone else telling you when to work and when you are allowed to spend time with your family?

Don’t let tomorrow morning pass you by without a plan to do something different!
Live the life you want to live now!
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. The human being is the most amazing thing God ever designed!

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Why does working from home so often feel elusive.  How come there aren’t more people working independently from home.  It’s so enjoyable working on your own schedule, having the freedom to do what you want when you want and earn all you want.  But so few people really do it and get to live that lifestyle.  The truth is you may start with an idea of working from home and for 3 basic reasons usually fail. 

First, reason you would fail is you can’t find a product or service to market that allows the freedom you are wanting.  If you market any type of service and you are the one providing the service it’s very difficult to have free time because your clients schedule begins to affect yours.  Or if you market a product of some sort from home it usually is something you like the idea of.  But the fact is the best product on the planet you will only successfully market to 2-5 people a month in the beginning. (That may be really high for someone just starting).  But no matter what in the beginning you must be presenting a product to a client that is lucrative enough when the client buys it.  You need to make sure your product is lucrative enough that you can actually enjoy the freedom you want.  People don’t work very long with out the ability to acquire a quick reward.

Second, you must be certain what ever product or service you market that you are able to have a constant supply of clients.  No product or service ever sales it self.  Every product needs someone to move it from the shelf to the consumer.  In many cases a product or service will solve a problem but the client doesn’t even know it exist.  If you want to succeed and have a flexible lifestyle then your ability to get clients must be dependable, consistent and easily understood.  If you have to only rely on your own friends and that’s the main way to market your income will be limited to how many friends want what you have.  If you are told by a company that they will teach you how to market so you don’t have to worry about it.  You need to worry anyway because unless you have a background in advertising or marketing it’s going to real tough.  The idea that if you build some website they will come is old news and doesn’t work.  With out consistently getting clients you can’t consistently make money or have the freedom you desire.

Finally, if you are starting out doing something brand new for the first time you must have solid support and training to be successful.  It’s amazing how many people get involved with any company in any industry and in no way have verified if training really exist.  You can’t just ask, “do you provide training”.  Everyone is going to say YES.  You have to be more covert ask about it different ways.  Ask to see the training.  Ask to be included in upcoming trainings. Ask yourself is it just an added “sales pitch” or am I really learning the process on how to get clients and market my product and service to them?  You need someone available to you that can help you.  Someone that will be there when you call them and email them.  Systems are great but you always need training by a real person on how to use the best system.

Being able to work from home having freedom, living a non traditional lifestyle, going to the grocery store in the middle of the day when no one else is there because you can.  Having the luxury to vacation when you want versus having to coordinate it around your normal job and everyone else’s vacation is freedom.  The small luxuries of freedom most people that work from home take for granted can be available to anyone if…  You market a product that is lucrative and not service related, you have a constant supply of clients coming to you and finally real solid training with a real person there when you need them.  If you have those 3 things you are leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else who has a fantasy of working from home.  Because you’ve actually found a reality.


“He who chases fantasy has poverty waiting for him.”
Stacy O’Quinn

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How do you find a legitimate home business? With all the garbage of the wild wild west on the internet how do you find out if a company or opportunity is real?  How do you really sort the hype from reality and how do you know you won’t pay for a product or service and not receive it?  The truth is the answers are easy keep reading and I’ll help you.

First, and really the biggest is look for transparency.  Every product on the Internet will have a “presentation or a funnel” that you will be guided through with an individual or an automated process.  Follow that process but make sure you understand every thing.  You should never buy anything with out talking to a person, if you ever expect someone to be there in person to train or help you in the future.  NEVER and I mean NEVER, pay for information.  That usually means someone is hiding something. All of your questions should be easily answered and what you are paying for and receiving should be completely black and white.

Second, there should always be an easy track record to find.  It should be real people you can talk with in a live environment.  The product or service that you want to work with should have referrals of some sort and live bodies, not just automated videos and recorded voices.  You should be able to ask for referrals and they should be easily given to you.

Finally, look for the bad and don’t be afraid of it.  Every legitimate product or service on the planet will have naysayers.  Now the pluses should far out way the minuses but if everything you see is all good ALL THE TIME.  You are missing part of the details, guaranteed.  Even Dell Computers has 6,000 complaints on the BBB. But that’s nothing to the millions of clients world wide.  Point being they are a reputable company and they still have dissatisfied clients who don’t like the product or opportunity.  You should at least make sure you can find a fragment of negativity.  That’s one sign that you’ve gotten the full picture and most likely found a legitimate group of people to work with.

In conclusion, look for transparency and if you have to “pay for” information or an application fee RUN AND RUN FAST.  Second, always look for a track record and referrals.  If they only thing you can find is people to talk to who hope to make money from you, that’s not good.  Referrals and references should come easy if you are dealing with something legit.  Finally, look for the negative to.  Don’t be afraid of it, it should exist, maybe only slightly but the greatest company\ies on the planet still has one or two dissatisfied customers who posted something on the internet or some where.


Good Luck in your Journey,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Disclaimer: This is based off of my personal experience working in the home business industry for 9 years.  I do make a 6 figure income and have paid off $292,000 dollars in debt. Finding a legitimate company to work with from home is one of the most rewarding things that can happen for you and your family.  Fortunately I’ve only ever worked with one company in the last 9 years.

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You Say You Can’t Do It?

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And you are right.  No task no matter how easy it is in reality if you say you can or you can’t you are right.  “Life and death are in the power of the tongue and you will eat the fruit of it.”  Becoming all you desire isn’t that hard if you are actually looking for it.  So you want financial freedom, you want more family time, you are tired of struggling and you’d like to live more meaningful life helping other people.  YOU CAN DO IT and so much more.

But the moment you feel and believe it’s “hard” and it “feels” impossible it really becomes impossible.  Even though we have a big God in Heaven it’s hard to become all we are meant to be if we aren’t willing to do our part.  Living a frustrated “can’t” filled life makes you feel hopeless and the truth is, it is until you decide that you can find another solution.

Make a decision to do what you can do right now and then believe you are meant to do even more.  With that belief your feet gain life and speed on the journey toward success and financial independence.  Doors are discovered and opportunity is found.  The opportunity I have today working from home was discovered simply because at some point I had to believe more was possible.  Otherwise I would have walked right by it never seeing the opportunity (and I almost did) that has allowed us to pay off $292,000 in debt in 5 years and become debt free will making 6 Figures annually.

Start Living Your Greatest Life Now, because you can!
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. Let’s make a difference together.  I’m giving away half of my income this month to help some very special children.  Will you help? www.grouprev.com/dfi

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Multiply Your Money by 300%

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Tallahassee-Independence-Day-Soldiers      Today we celebrate our Independence and we are forever grateful for those that did their part to help us have all the freedom and opportunity we have today. People who gave all they had and they didn’t even know who we were. Then at times we waste that freedom.

     Quick question for you.  What would you do if anything was really possible?  If you knew you couldn’t fail what would you accomplish? Think about it, what would you really do?  What would get you excited? What would drive you everyday if failure was not an option? What would really turn you on and get you going? Who would you influence, motivate and help?

The best gift we have is our independence.  We have the choice to walk, move and take action to make those things be a reality.  Failure is not a permanent result it’s only temporary .  But most choose to never try versus being paused by a temporary failure.  When we don’t every attempt or try we never see the chance to impact, influence others or grow ourselves.  Even with our total freedom we create bondage by not taking action.

We miss the trees for the forest. I can show you how to inspire, influence on a grand scale, help orphans and multiply your money by 300%.  And you can do it a matter of seconds.  Most are to afraid to take action though.  The voice of failure comes in and says, “It must be some kind of sham”.  “My part won’t make a difference.”  “I can’t influence anyone”.  “It’s to good to be true.” “If it was so simple why wouldn’t anyone do it?”

Many simply are so consumed with their own struggles and current frustrations they aren’t thinking about anyone else. Thankfully all those soldiers that were on the battlefields weren’t so consumed with the affairs of their personal life that they weren’t prepared to fight.  Thankfully Jesus wasn’t so concerned with his own affairs in the Garden of Gasemity that even as he struggled he was not wavered from the need at hand.

So how do we increase your money by 300%.  Simply by inspiring others.  This month I’ve devoted to helping and spreading the word about some Orphans.  Orphans with no parents and in need of just the basics in life. If you go to www.grouprev.com/dfi and donate $4 as a symbol of your freedom and independence.  Then share this blog post on facebook I will give another 10 dollars on your behalf. Then for every person who reads this post and watches the video below, for each view I will donate another $1.  That means your initial $4 will become a $15 minimum for the kids. Just by using a few minutes of your time and lending these kids your influence for a moment you can help them have their independence one day!



Let’s Spread Freedom and Independence Like So Many Did for US!
Thank You for what you are willing to do to help the children,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. Do you know some great quality people?  Share and pass this on it doesn’t cost anything to help someone, just a choice.

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If you want to impact people and work with amazing people you have to let them know that they are amazing.  That you are excited to work with them.  That you love seeing the growth and results they have.

The fact is I work with some very special and incredible people.  I never knew just a few years ago when I started working from home and only focused on my own finances how many friends I would make.  How many awesome people I’d get to work with. That fact is we work with some very special people, people that have accomplished some really cool things.

I want to say in the last few days I want to Congratulate a few that are just seeing the first steps of change in their life.

1. Lily Secada from FL – Congrats on making $1,000 dollars in one day.  You are a great mom, teacher and business woman.


2.  Michael Titus from United Kingdom – Congrats on generating $3,200 this week.  You are a professional.  I’m grateful you got laid off from your higher education job only because we have been able to meet.  Your success is inspirational.


3.  Perla Vasquez from New Your – How many college students make $3,200 profit in one day?  GREAT JOB!


This all happened in about 4 days for you all.  You don’t all know each other yet, but you will soon.  We need to all take a vacation together.  I can’t wait to see the next chapter for you and your life.

Thank You to everyone that I’ve been able to work with.  You’ve given me a front seat to inspiration daily and I honestly probably don’t say thank you enough.  If you happen to work with Lily, Michael or Perla you are working with THE BEST.  Heck if you happen to work with anyone I’ve had the chance to work with, these people literally blow your mind!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. It’s my hope that you also work with some the most amazing people on the planet!

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Got Freedom?

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July 4th is coming up and regardless if you are American or not if you live in the western world you have an significant amount of freedom.  There have been 10’s of 1,000’s of lives that have been scarified for your freedom to give you the power to live in a place where you have CHOICE.

What are you doing with your freedom? Are you happy with where you are? Do you stress about the bills? Are you worried about your future? Will you be able to retire and live the way you thought you could?  Are you concerned about your kids and if you will be able to provide the opportunities for them that you would like?

The founding fathers of America were rebels.  They were bold and did not live in the mold of someone like a King or Queen taxing them and telling them how they should live.  The decided to do something and actually started a revolution.  If you want to celebrate your freedom and live the life you’ve always wanted, the life you know God intended for you to live.  Then that same God has equipped you to be a rebel and create your own revolution in your life.  The difference in you and someone else that is financially independent, currently debt free, traveling the world and living the life they always wanted?

They started their revolution sooner, time is the only difference! You want to leave your day job and not work for someone else 9 to 5, you can do that!  You want to get debt-free, you can do that! You want to travel freely all over the world with family and friends, you can do that! You want to live stress free and help others to, you can do that! You want to work from home and be your own boss while increasing your income, you can do that!

The proof is…. Simple others are already doing it.  Why not you?

Let’s Start Your Revolution Today,
Stacy O’Quinn 

P.S. The Month of July I’m giving away half of my income to help the 17.8 million orphans all over the world.  They can’t make the same choice you and I can. By simply viewing this video and sharing it I’m going to donate a minimum of $11 to help the orphans.


P.P.S. Share this video right NOW, and help the children. One day with our help they will have the freedom that we have to simply be one decision away from our own independence.

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So technically I’m a client of Jackie in GA.  He’s my brother and the same person I bought my Coastal Travel Package from.  So I get a copy of this promo email he send to all of his past and potential clients today.

The IRONY as I read about the VERY negative brother in the Air Force got me.  Jackie O’Quinn you are an incredible business man and brother.  Thanks for making me smile.


In one of my emails last week I told you I would share with you how my brother took his family to Disney World for a Month and saved 1000s using the Coastal Travel Package. Stacy, and his family are Platinum Coastal Members.

Keep reading I’m going to show you some video proof throughout this email.

Now keep in mind when I started working from home over 10 years ago ,marketing the Coastal Travel packages, he was in the Air Force at the time and was VERY negative to me about Coastal. Nine months later he decided to join me on this journey by building his own income from home marketing the Coastal Travel products. Today he vacations up to 16 weeks a year and often saves a ton of money using the Platinum Coastal Travel Package.

I’m going to put each video in orders the best I can remember documenting his entire 1 month stay.

Week 1 Condo:

Additional Video from this condo showing the massive pool area:

Coastal Saved Them Money On their Pizza:

Week 2 Condo (Saved $1500 on this luxury condo)

Bonnet Creek Pool and Grounds Tour

That week they also used Coastal savings for Discovery Cove:

Another Video of Bonnet Creek Pirate Ship Pool Area:

Condo Week 3: They did not take a video but I have previously stayed in the same resort they did that week and here is one of my videos from the past. If you didn’t know this my brother and I favor a lot because we are twins.

Saving Money At Universal Studios and Hot Air Balloon Rides with Coastal Travel:

Video just before Hot Air Balloon launch:

Video of Hot Air Balloon in Flight:

Condo Week 4:
$900 Savings Receipt Proof >>

They Also Saved Money at Aquatica:

Epcot Center HOW NOT to Travel:

There you have it. If you have watched all of these videos then you have seen first hand what you and your clients could experience with their Coastal Travel Package. It’s amazing that you can work from home and earn literally 1000s of dollars helping your clients own a product that can make their dream travel a reality.

That was too funny to realize he was talking about me but it’s been a fun ride!
Thanks Jackie O’Quinn for sharing with me the details so long ago.

I’m forever thankful,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Last Day of Vacation?

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What do you do on your last day of vacation?  This is my last day of vacation, 16 days away with very little Internet and Facebook and a rare moment of completely unplugging.  Which is unusual since most of my vacations I still do some work, it’s not like it’s that hard.

But what do you do on the last day?  YOU PLAN FOR THE NEXT ONE! 

Why not?  You and I create the rules in our life.  Think about it life is like a Lego set.  You can take each individual part and create countless outcomes like a child who doesn’t put limits on their imagination or If you follow  the instructions in the box like everyone else you get the same predictable outcome of everyone else.  Most of society is following the instructions in the box (Go to work come home, go to work, come home and maybe 2 weeks of vacation a year) and like Dani Johnson says, “98% are dead or dead broke by  the age of 65, only 2% are financially free”. Only 2% are living their own life. Traveling the world, from one adventure and one purpose to the next.

So on my next vacation are you going with me?  What are you waiting for?  When is the best time to start living your life?  I’m going to be meeting a group of friends next month in San Antonio TX for 10 days.  Later in the summer I’m going to stay at a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains and tube down a cold mountain stream on a summer day.  Then we will be spending a few weeks at the beach in the early fall with a large group of friends I get to work with. Will you be there?

Very few people in this world are willing to step out and live the life they were designed to live.  Instead they keep reading the instructions that society and those around them have shown so well and keep putting life together like the Lego set. 

How well is that working for you?

So on the last day of vacation you should always be planning the next one!

I hope you are and hopefully we will be together, changing lives, helping others and having a blast!


Stacy O’Quinn

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