For some it’s so elusive the ability to really work from home.  Having the freedom to take off of work and spend time with your family when you want.  Having a specific way to get out of debt and secure your life financially doing something on the side part time.  Creating more income from home where it’s more fun to work than listening to a boss all day.  The bottom line to really do something from home that is lucrative you need three things.

1.  A unique product that people want and is very profitable.

2.  Someone who is succeeding and willing to help you succeed doing the exact same thing.

3.  Have a proven process to get clients who choose to get the product.


Let’s first talk about the product.  People buy what they want versus what they need.  Ask any insurance salesman.  Everyone is going to die and you would think everyone needs life insurance.  But most people don’t have it.  No one need fast food, but it’s a multi-billion dollar industry because everyone wants the convenience of it.  You want to find a product like coca-cola which cost them a few pennies to produce a 20oz drink but the average person will pay $1.69 at any gas station for it.  It’s a product that people want and the market is willing to pay way more than it cost to produce.  That’s why I like the travel industry personally.  But it could be any industry that people “want”.

Second, you have to have someone who’s succeeded when it comes to doing what you’ve done.  It’s way more expensive to have an idea and attempt to “figure” it out versus learn what someone else has already proven.  It’s the reason when I started working from home back in 2005 I was a military dad and multiple 6 figures in debt.  I knew I didn’t know how to do this work from home thing.  That’s why I gravitated toward Dani Johnson’s training.  I’d honestly say it’s the single biggest reason I’ve made a 6figure + income every year and now we are totally debt free.  Without finding someone who’s already proven what you want to do, it could be an expensive hypothesis.  Doing anything new is a risk, but not having help is very very risky.  Can you afford that risk?

Finally, make sure there is a process to expose clients to your product or service.  They key is are there many many other people doing that process?  Are those people having results?  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  If you are the horse willing to drink, then make sure you’ve found water!  That’s very important, because a lot of people sell books telling you how they became rich.  When in fact the book itself is the system they used for riches not the content of the book.

If you truly want to succeed working from home it doesn’t have to be elusive.  Just make sure you have a unique product that people really want.  Make sure you find someone who is succeeding that you can work with and finally make sure you have a proven process to get clients educated about your new found lucrative vehicle.

You can become financially independent,
Stacy OQuinn


P.S. If you are that proverbial horse looking for water, sometimes it’s as easy as just finding the water because you know you will have no problem drinking!

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Have you seen this message?

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Below is a message about a very unique training that Dani Johnson has authorized.  These trainings were quite regular years ago.  Today due to Dani’s schedule are incredibly rare these days.  This message is from Brian over at Smarter Networker, Dani’s work from home division.  I just copied the email here incase you haven’t gotten it.  If you want to make a 6 Figure Income learning to prospect and close I highly recommend this training.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I am part of this training and actively recommending it to my own team.

Below is Brian’s message read it thoroughly!

Last weekend, at First Steps to Success, Dani had some amazing things to say about our trainer line up for the Prospecting and Closing Workshop.
Fortunately, the cameras were running and I can share this with you today!
Check it out:

What matters even more than our trainer line up are the RESULTS you will see from this workshop! 

P&C Workshop Details

Those are just a few of the 100’s of stories we’ve heard since the last workshop. I can’t wait to hear yours!

Talk soon,


P&C Workshop Details

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(Please do not reply to this email. To send a comment, contact us here)

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Success is easy.  The majority of the battle is actually showing up to have success.  Since this is the 6 Figure Income Club, let’s talk about financial success.  The vast majority would rather imagine, fantasize and explore how fun it would be to be financially independent but the masses will not show up consistently to actually do what it takes to succeed.

We have a society that would rather give a pharmaceutical to fix a problem like weight loss or children’s’ obedience or lack their of.  We have a population that listens to politicians for who might “help” them out and give them something for nothing versus actually do something. While the majority would rather buy a lottery ticket because they like the idea of “hope and change” versus figure out how to actually succeed.

Ask anyone who has started from nothing and succeeded to financial independence.  It doesn’t matter how they got there.  It may have been the “career” (statistics say doubtful) it could have been through good budgeting and money management, it could have been through building a business from the ground up or wisely investing versus foolishly spending like the masses.  Ask anyone who has had success how many people have they tried to, guide, coach, mentor or help over the years?  Was it so difficult they couldn’t show others?

Nope! Not at all, they found that the masses weren’t willing to do what they did.  While I’ve personally created my financial freedom working from home.  Every single week I’m working with new people sometimes in a volunteer capacity.  The fact is very VERY few people even have the guts to do anything consistent for a few months much less 3 or 4 years.  Success is simply a journey and most people are too busy with life for the journey.


More than half the battle is taking action consistently,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Once in a while I get asked the question, what’s the key to helping someone else succeed in a home business?  The truth is I could tell about how you have to have a solid system in place that you’ve used and you can share.  I could say that you have to have a product that you market that is extremely lucrative. I could say that the training you use has to have a long track record.  But the fact is to help someone succeed or reach a 6 figure income you do need all those things but you also need one more ingredient.

You must absolutely without question care about the people you work with.  If you care about someone you can sympathize with an area they struggle in.  If you care you have patients when it comes to their weaknesses.  When you care you are their to help work around their challenges.  No one helps people succeed consistently without caring about them.

You may be asking, “What I have to care? Like friends care?”  My response would be NOPE, you have to care like family and/or the best of friends care.  When you get excited about the people you work with, you look forward to vacationing together.  You get excited about seeing each others kids and grandkids grow up.  You realize that there is a bond and you will always be there for each other and working together no matter what.  You realize that you don’t have a business relationship but you have a bond.

When you work with people to build that bond you know can more quickly and easily show them all they need to know to succeed.  They will use the “tools” and “processes” more effectively.  When they make a mistake you will more gracefully be there to help them past it. So to help someone succeed and make a 6 figure income from home it starts with caring.



To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. As I wrote this I’m reminded of the people I’ve come to know as the best of friends and I’m going to invite even more to go on vacation with my wife and I later this year.

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So often people who do really important jobs that are in demand and deeply needed can get to a place where they feel stuck financially.  Millions of people work in all aspects of early childhood education and retail.  Both jobs are extremely important and needed but just because you start life with a job. or go to school and get an education for a career.  When you feel the tug to move on and do something different you don’t have to feel stuck or in a dead in place!  Most things in life are seasonal including careers.  But sometimes you have to think outside of the box!

Take these two amazing women I’ve had the pleasure to watch grow develop and I’ve been able to work side by side with them.  Ms Dorothy Graham and Ms Joanie Snaith, both are amazing women in their 30’s and while they had jobs that served society well it got to a point it didn’t serve their end goal that God had on their hearts.  Thankfully they didn’t feel stuck or in a dead in job, they got creative and thought outside of the box and started working from home.  Both of these women have generated over $9,700 this week separately and it’s only Wednesday.

Joanie Snaith from Alberta worked as a pre-school teacher and a waitress.  She’s a mom and a wife and previously was just looking for a way to do better financially and help her husband with the bills.  Plus she wanted to be able to travel and create memories with her hubby and kids.  She had a desire to get her kids focused on helping and giving back to the less fortunate, but first she had to make a decision to not be one of the less fortunate herself.

Dorothy Graham from Ontario previously worked in retail after growing up in a family of poverty.  Life got a rough start, she ended up in a relationship that didn’t go exactly as she expected it, things became abusive, but Dorothy is an overcomer.  She left that relationship and in her 30’s had to move back in with her parents.  No adult wants to be in that position.  Today Dorothy, without relying on someone else to take care of her decided to do something different. Her job and her situation didn’t stop her or hold her back. 

Both Joanie and Dorothy have done something many will never do. They got creative, determined and motivated to improve their situations.  Both women started a home business and today have inspired thousands with their stories.  Just this week both both earned more in a couple of days then they would have earned in a couple of months in their last careers.  We need more examples like them in our life.  Women who are overcomers and achievers are inspirational send a single to men and women everywhere.

God has created us for infinitely more but first we must decide we desire more!

Stacy O’Quinn

Disclaimer: This is where I have to tell you to not be a nut case and think business is a lottery ticket. It’s not.  Joanie and Dorothy’s results are atypical. If you don’t intend to work than get a job were you don’t have to show up or work and still get a check. If you don’t do anything with your business you might not earn anything. If you do more than Joanie or Dorothy did you could possibly earn more.  Obviously there is a risk with all businesses.

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Why You Must Make Money

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One of the benefits of making money and helping others make money is together you can do great things.  Below are some orphans that grew up in the Kings Children’s Home in Belize.  Collectively others around the world just helped them to build a safe clean orphanage for over 80 children. This is them saying thank you!  It took money to help them.



Recently I had the pleasure to be in a room with some amazing business men and women.  The conversation turned to why we do what we do and God’s work.  As with many good Christian conversations everything was spiritual based.  Now I had a moment to share and I shared that I plugged into trainings like what Dani Johnson teaches at First Steps to Success from the beginning to learn to make more money.  Today I’m still using, plugging into and recommending the training to make more money.

For a moment it was like a joke as some in the room laughed.  One thought came to my mind.  Without money who pays off their debt and experiences the freedom of being debt-free? Without money how do you provide better opportunities for your children or the children of others? Without money how does the poor get feed? Without money who takes care of the widow? Without money who creates opportunity for others to excel and succeed? With out money who has the testimony of success to inspire others?

The truth is when I first started a home business and plugged into Dani Johnson and what she teaches it was because I wanted to make money for me.  Now that I’ve become financially independent I get to focus on others.  That’s why this year my wife and I will donate over 100,000 dollars to help some of the worlds poorest at

I’m still all about making money and helping others make money.  Because I live in a land where I have the freedom and resources to choose who I will become.  I can become someone who can help the hopeless.  Without the resource of money I don’t have that same freedom or capability and neither do you.  You must make money because someone else is depending on your success!

Let’s Do More, Give More and Help More,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Join us at

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Are you making the biggest mistake when it comes to learning to work from home?  Heck are you making the biggest mistake when it comes to learning, how to succeed in all areas of life.  What I’m about to share with you is one of the most common bits of common sense that exist but some how most aren’t applying it.

You can read the most amazing book, watch the coolest you tube video, listen to the most polished speaker and go to the most prestigious school and still fail at working from home, making money, paying of debt, being a good parent or spouse, and fail at having a life full of fun and freedom.  Heck if you miss this one thing you can live your entire life and not be good at much and be left wondering how everyone else has what you don’t have.  Were they born in the right place, at the right time, with the right look or did they just get lucky? Of course not!

Some of the most successful people in the world have something that others don’t. It has nothing to do with their talent, opportunity or luck.  It has nothing to do with what they learned from a book, college course or video.  To have incredible success quickly you must have a mentor to learn from!  You want to be a good parent, you learn form inspirational parents.  Just because a doctor read the parts of the body in an anatomy book doesn’t mean he’s ready for surgery or diagnosis,  He must first be mentored through residency. Every pro athlete has a coach. You want to learn the guitar you can certainly learn the “rules” of the guitar from a book on which cord is what, but if you want to master it quickly you need a mentor and teacher.

Why do we see business so different? Why is building wealth any different?  If we want to be financially free we need to find someone who’s done it and learn from them.  So instead of looking for a way, maybe you really need to find a who?  Who has succeeded and will help you, who will be your mentor?


To Your Success!
Stacy O’Quinn

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I’d like to introduce you to some of the greatest people I’ve ever met.  But first we must know what “Great” is.  How do you define it?  How does someone become GREAT? We could say that a Great person is someone who seeks to achieve all the greatness that God designed them for.  I believe this video I saw shared on facebook by a very success business woman explains “greatness” better than I can.  Make sure you have your speakers turned up and no background noise in the room your are in.  This video is not only a powerful message but it’s deep and applicable.


For me personally some of the greatest people I know are people who are pushing themselves.  People who accept a challenge to be more of who God called them to be.  They work hard, practice hard and play hard to achieve the dreams and desires that was placed deep in their heart.  People who don’t take no for an answer, people who give it their all for others and people who step up and step out to always do more.

I have had the ultimate pleasure to work with a small group of individuals.  We will see some of the greatest transformations together.  We will see some of the greatest impact together.  We will see some of the greatest accomplishments together.  Each one of the following people  have decided that opposition can’t stop them.  Life can’t get in the way any more.  Now is the season and now is the time. 

If you know any of the following people you know someone who is incredibly GREAT!

Andrea DeRego
Anthony Ellis
Belinda Peirce
Brenda Rhoten
Brian Burke
Candice Thompson
Dawn Siguenze
Glenn Siguenza
Dianne McGuigan
Dorothy Graham
Gary Mach
Joanie Snaith
Jon Wells
Karen Cormier
Kim Tamming
Lara Miller
Lily Obrien
Margaret Morency
Mary Mckenzie
Merry Lynn Shephard
Steve Shephard
Mintra Lewis
Olivia Snyder
Patty Stuart
Paula Kimbark
Salome Reeves
Tracie Warren
Jackie O’Quinn

It’s an honor to get to work with each person on this list.  To be inspired, encouraged and blown away by people who still believe you can be come all that God designed you to be.  Many people heard the call and had the tug on their heart, but these are the only ones that really really made a deep commitment through their effort.

Remember you never judge an individual on what they say.  You only judge the fruit they produce.  These are some of the greatest men and women because of the fruit they choose to produce.

You to can choose to be GREAT,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Dianne McGuigan, Rebecca Neudorf and Mintra Lewis are three in credible women. They have stepped up made a commitment to their own success and have an incredible passion for people.  Earlier this year I had the privilege of working with each on of them in a small group setting and the commitment, desire and determination they had were incredible.

I will be starting another small “Mentor Group” here very very soon.  My goal is to develop more 6 figure income earners than ever before, hence the name of this blog.  But here are three separate emails I got from these amazing business women.

Read thoroughly at their results now!


Dear Stacy!

I want to thank you personally for Creating, Organizing and Facilitating the Executive Mentorship Group.  I was BLESSED to be part of the very first EM Group you led and in that time of taking part I generated Six Figures of income.  I believe 17 of my Team Members were part of that initial group!!!  This was a powerful experience for each one of us!

Just recently we were blessed once again as you gave of your time to Lead another group!  The results have been outstanding in a very short period of time.

My personal skill level has increased and the results have been evident in Marketing systems and Packages sold.  I have been able to develop my Time Management which I previously struggled with.  I am still a work in progress and am so thankful to have this time together with a group of people that are truly serious about their business and achieving their goals and to glean from your Wisdom and Knowledge is so valuable!

This is an incredible opportunity for a brand new Director to get on a track of success and for those of us that have been around awhile it has been tremendous help in developing as a Leader.  Words cannot express my Gratitude!

Warm Regards,





Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of the executive mentorship group. Without this group and the training provided, I may not have ever had the courage to borrow $11,000 and invest in the opportunity of a lifetime. I overcame my fear of investing all that money and failing when I profited $1000 just 9 days after I came in at the platinum level.

This group has shown me what kind of time and effort its going to take to be a six-figure income earner. It was a lesson to determine if I had the skills and self-discipline needed to handle the many situations having your own business throws at you. It was an eye-opening and rewarding experience. I have never been on a team more eager to watch me succeed and more excited to teach me how to raise up other successful individuals.

I can’t wait to hear of the many stories and see how many people this group has impacted and will continue to impact.

To our success,


Mr. Stacy O’Quinn…I wanted to take a moment to thank you!!!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this Mentor Group. These trainings  have helped me more than I thought it would. The trainings in the morning really helped propel me to begin my day of work…because after  listening  to the training first thing in the morning …..I am pumped and excited to pick up the phone and call those clients who are waiting to hear from me. I get the confidence and the posture I need to interview those clients.

My hours spent in my office are more focused and fruitful!!! By being a part of this class I have been able to increase my dials without increasing my hours.

Across the board my ratios have increased…from dials…to pipeline…to Follow up …to the Live Interactive Call …to closing ratios have ALL increased allowing me to set up 4 MS this month!!!

I so appreciate you taking the time to to put together this group.  I realize that I am part of a tremendous team of professionals….Thank you  for allowing me to take part in this!  The accountability has helped me to stay focused as I worked along side some of the successful Directors within our company!!!  I can’t wait to see where my business will be 6 months from now because of this training…thank you!!!!!!

Mintra Lewis
Coastal Travel Platinum Director


These three women are down to earth, genuine, passionate and incredible examples for moms and dads all over the world on what it takes to work form home successfully.  I’m truly humbled to play a small role in their success and to have a front row seat to the action.

We will be starting a small group mentorship here very soon.  We will be working together and learning skill sets together.  We will learn to make more money, in less time while at the same time being a blessing to others!  That’s true success.

I BELIEVE in you,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. You can be just like Dianne McGuigan, Rebecca Neudorf and Mintra Lewis

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Learning how to inspire people, learning how to help people get to the next level and learning how to help people have break-thru is all more important than money itself.  Helping others have so much success they can’t stop talking about it will always create a positive and lucrative environment for yourself over time.

Never be focused on the money up front, it always works itself out.  Leave that up to God!  But focus on the results of your clients, customers and team-members.  Every so often as my schedule allows I do voluntary training helping others in the company I work with succeed faster and quicker. I don’t get compensated upfront and in only a few cases can I ever benefit at all.  But the results others have will serve me far better than charging someone for my time!

What does it take to part of a training like this? Be dedicated and serious in your business.  Want to work your business like a serious profession that desires serious results.

Below are some emails I received after the last training or Mentor Group we did. Read the results!

Mr O’Quinn,

I want to say thank you for allowing me to be part of the mentor group.
You give relentlessly taking time out of your busy schedule to share your personal process to help people like me be successful.

At the beginning of this training group, I stated, "I have reached a plateau.  There is a skillset that I need to acquire. I will get this skillset thru this mentor group!!" Leading others to success, is a process, that is simple. So simple, most

of us will miss the steps, unless we are in a place to be teachable and coachable. Thru this process, the mentor group, I have been able to acquire that skill.

My life, and life of my family will never be the same. Taking each step by step helped me to follow and learn from liked minded individuals.  You, Mr. Quinn, provided the environment as well. I remember the statement,  "Find someone who has what you want, and do what they do." This environment enabled me to be constantly training, constantly working.

Starting the day with training, gave me the ability to learn first thing in the morning, then apply it through out the day. This is a concept that has also helped me to build a work schedule that will stand the test of daily time. There are a million things in this world that will distract me from my goal. It is up to me to stay plugged in to training, so that I can acquire skill daily, and apply it through out the day.

I remember when I heard about people who went to work every day to talk to people because there are people out there waiting for us to call them back. Now, I am excited to wake up, and state, "Who can I can today. Bring me ten people whom I can help succeed today."
You share from the heart, and give everything you have to help people like me be successful. You have a burning desire. Learning one simple nugget, I was able to prosper $1,000. Additionally, a couple other nuggets allowed me to profit $19,410.00, all within a 6 week period.

Money is great, and is an awesome tool. Creating a legacy for success is long term. The mentor group has been the single most impact on my life. In today’s world it is very difficult to get true friends, much less business leaders, to stay with me when I am in need of them. It is also rare to find leaders I can count on. However, today I would like to express thanks for being a leader and creating that unique distinction in my life.


Decide Freedom,
Gary Mach



Dear Mr. O’Quinn,

I want to thank you for leading this Mentor Group for 2015 and for allowing me to participate in it.  To be able to learn alongside you has been truly inspirational, and a deep privilege and I do not take it lightly.

This Mentor Group has pushed me beyond my excuses to work more consistently, to work this business in a professional, rather than an amateur level, and to raise my level of faith in this business and what it can do to change my life and the lives of others. Before participating in this group, I averaged about 7 hours a week of work, and my dials were averaging about 13-15 per hour.  Now I average 23-25 per hour and I am working 15-20 hours a week. I am already seeing results in many areas of my life!  I have brought in two business partners since starting in this group, one at Premier and one at Platinum (my second training sale, and I was able to close both of them by myself!).  My business is gaining momentum as a direct result of the consistency and accountability developed in this group.

My confidence has grown exponentially, and my skills in prospecting and closing are increasing.  Listening to trainings every morning gets me in the mindset to work my business, and to do my very best at the job I have.  I have learned more about time management over these past weeks in order to achieve my goals.

Working alongside the other directors in the Mentor Group has been very encouraging.  I truly rejoice with each one as he/she succeeds in their business.  As we share with each other, we add our faith together, and it grows our faith both individually and as a group.  There is a comradery between us, and the support of each member is such a blessing. 

I sincerely thank you for following your heart’s leading in forming this group.  It has truly changed my life and my perspective.  I am looking forward to the next step in my life and business.

Wishing you many blessings,

Karen Cormier


Dear Stacy:

Thank you so much for your leadership and the tremendous commitment you have made in leading the 2015 Mentor Group.  Using what I have learned in this group I have increased my closing ratios tremendously.  In the month of April alone I was able to set up 8 MS for myself and team members.  Using the team building strategies I have learned from you, I have led more people to FSTS, have made 3 times as many sales as I did last year, I have more momentum than I have in a long time.  I am stoked about what the rest of 2015 holds!

And I would be very interested in doing a cruise using the package…variety is the spice of life!  David loves cruises, and we have been wondering how to use the package to save on them, so that would be great.

Andrea Derego


Andrea, Karen and Gary are just a few of the emails from our last Mentor Group.  But we will kicking off another mentor group very soon.  Every year my goal is to help at least 10 new people make a 6 figure income.  The question is will you this year?

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Andrea, Karen and Gary are amazing professionals.  If you ever get a chance to partner with them one on one it could be the best decision you ever make.  If you happen to already work with either of them, hopefully you grasp how lucky you truly are and take advantage of it!

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