Creating a Dynasty is the Dani Johnson advanced Leadership Development Business Seminar.  It has been credited for more results for people from work from home businesses to Fortune 500 Executives back to Stay at Home Moms. It’s one of those rare events that only happens at most twice a year but is practical and impactful on what it takes to break through that current plateau or struggle and how to get others to help you implement your next action.

It doesn’t matter who you manage.  If you have influence over just one person maybe your child or you have influence over 100’s or 10’s of 1,000’s Dani Johnson’s Creating a Dynasty will give you that specific step by step how to that most training events or seminars miss out on.  It’s extremely good on the hands on and no fluff.  Unfortunately you need to have a basic understanding of Dani’s principles so you must first have been through her First Steps to Success Seminar.

If you have that out of the way and you are going to be at her next Creating a Dynasty you need to watch this video to be prepared for the event.  Be warned this is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  It comes with a 100% money back guarantee!!!


I will see you at Creating a Dynasty!
Stacy O’Quinn

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If you are going to make any home business lucrative you must have solid training.  Dani Johnson’s training is what I’ve used from Day 1.  It works with any home business, in any industry for any product.  It has helped me help others make a ton of money over the years PERIOD.  I’m not an affiliate and I don’t directly benefit in anyway by promoting or sharing this info.


If you want to seriously get out of debt, stop struggling and find a real way to make more money and do it all from home.  You must learn and apply what Dani Johnson teaches.  It has personally helped me earn 100’s of 1,000s every year by applying what she teaches and how she teaches and then simply marketing a product from home the way she teaches and that turns a drippy, saggy, lame or non existent income into millions.  Dani Johnson is the real deal, Period!  She has no ulterior motive, she doesn’t have some business to recruit you into.  If she helps you make money, you will stay a client and keep learning, like someone going to college or a trade school.

The best training on the planet can’t help you though if you are not applying it.  So if you want a home business and currently don’t have one.  Learn what she teaches and then find someone who duplicates it.  If someone says they “like” Dani Johnson but aren’t actively learning and building a business with results for themselves and others.  That would be a hypocrite, God knows there are enough of those out there already, you don’t have to go into business with one.

I’ve spent 1,000 dollars for an hour of training before with Dani Johnson and it’s made me 10’s of 1,000’s from what I learned in that hour.  The good news is you don’t have to pay that kind of money.  You can learn from Dani for almost nothing.  She is having a live Webinar TONIGHT!  Here are the details, there are still a few spots left.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. People always ask me why I promote Dani Johnson so heavily.  I’ve helped a lot of people make a lot of money but, I’ve never seen someone I personally worked with succeed in a big way with out her training.  Most people only promote something they can immediately gain from.  That will make you broke, I believe in reaping and sowing and I gain from sharing what’s worked for me.


P.P.S.  What do you have to lose? What would an extra $10,000 do for you?  Remember you will always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  Don’t miss what could be a shot of a lifetime!

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stay home mom


Dear Stay at Home Mom,

     You are the true unsung hero of our home.  To many households have that position left unfilled.  Thankfully you saw fit to be employed here.  So many see you as not having a job as if some how you are lazy or just mooching off of your husband.  To bad it’s probably more reverse and at best, a mutual relationship that when you and I (the Dad) are firing on all cylinders we have one of the happiest homes on the planet.

     Sweet heart you make it possible that our kids are raised to excel in life. You make it viable that I can work 110% percent in my career and have a safe well maintained refuge to come home to.  You make it possible that our family can achieve more and without you we would be completely lost.  You are an integral part of the fabric of what makes things happen in our home and you don’t get told thank you enough.

     First let me say you do not get enough credit for all you do.  So many people think you just exist or you are lazy because you don’t “work” in the traditional sense.  Those people are clearly ignorant and have a severe lack of understanding.  You aren’t just a mom because you birthed a child, you are a mom because you teach and train that child.  From walking, to learning the alphabet and algebra, to learning our morals, to learning how budgeting and finance works (our schools don’t teach that), to learning to make wise decisions and how to find the right spouse one day and how to raise their own kids.  It’s because of you spending time with them and creating memories that our kids will excel in life, something that could not happen if you where not a stay at home mom.  Our kids could not be in better hands than their Mom.  Thank YOU!

     Second, you don’t force me to take out the trash or clean our home.  But you beam with joy when your work on the house is done and I come home from an exhausting day and comment on how nice everything looks.  How beautiful you are, wow thank you for taking the time to be beautiful for me with all you do.  Moms like you get accused of sitting on the couch watching TV and being lazy, but it’s not their fault they didn’t have a stay at home mom that set a good example.  You make it possible that when I’ve had a crazy, grueling week at work.  That I come home to a household that is at peace.  A place we as a family can laugh and play and as a couple we can rest, talk, listen and build our relationship.  You’ve created this place in our home and it’s a place that many homes with out a stay at home mom really can’t have.  Thank YOU!

     Finally, we have become extremely blessed financially over the years.  No it wasn’t like that when we first lost your income.  But now we are blessed.  To often your friends or family discredit you like somehow you’ve rode my coat tales and you only have the things you have because you got lucky and married me?  It’s not their fault they are idiots.  They don’t even realize that you’ve poured your whole self into my work as well.  You’ve been my business partner that I can talk everything through with.  You’ve helped me make some of my toughest decisions.  You where there for me when I stumbled and fell on my face and helped me get back up.  You’ve made our home a place to relax so I can out produce most of my peers, which has allowed me to get promoted financially.  If I had to worry about our kids, or the list of chores I needed to do at home and struggled at work with out support there is no way we could produce as a family the way we do.  It’s because of you we are blessed.

     So all that we have, you’ve been key in us doing it.  You don’t directly earn a pay check but you help me earn ours through my work.  You may never directly get a raise but you will continue to help our family create memories through teaching our kids and the free time we have as a family together.  IF our household income never went up, that would be OK because memories are more valuable than money.  Thank You for being a Stay at Home Mom, thank you for being the cornerstone of our home and thank you for setting an example for our kids so one day their home hopefully will have a stay at home mom as well.  Regardless of what society says!


Thank You,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. If you think Stay at Home Moms rock share this!  BTW, the only person who works harder is a single mom!

P.P.S.  If you desire to be a stay at home mom  DO IT!  Just because you are a stay at home mom that doesn’t mean that you can’t also earn income from home to.

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Recently my professional Coach put me in for an hour of game time I never expected.  Wasn’t sure I was ready for it, the stakes where high and with a message that would be delivered to close to 2,000 ears.  With just a few minutes of notice.  My Coach Dani Johnson, like the All Star player of a game getting a twisted ankle needing a break to get bandaged up nodded at the bench to that eager teammate who was willing to do his part but still unsure of his capability.  Suddenly, with very little notice I went from bench warmer to attempting to fill in the All Star players shoes… I’m not the All Star but trusted with that moment, I gave it my best shot!  Thank You DANI JOHNSON.


For years I’ve given it my best shot almost ever day to be the best I can be at being a wise and skilled entrepreneur  that has selected the path least traveled and to work completely from home.  I started out and I was horrible.  I couldn’t find clients I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t know how to get others to agree with me that my product and service was right for them. 

Then I met Dani Johnson who went from homeless to millions in 2 years.  She’s been featured all over TV from ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Oprah, TBN and premiered in ABC’s Realty show Secret Millionaire.  Dani Johnson, I decided after attending First Steps to Success would become my coach.  She has done what I wanted and was willing to teach me.  I was willing to listen, learn, become a sponge and apply.  In my business I went from a struggling failure for months to a success, stress free, debt free (paid off $292,000 in 5 years), and today I can say I earn 100’s of 1,000’s a year in a home business because of what Dani Johnson teaches.


I’ve never stopped being that student.  Yes, I’ve had times I stuck my head up into a deep dark smelly hole for a moment.  I got comfortable and didn’t focus on getting to that next step for my family and those I work with.  Then came Dani Johnson, my coach pushing me again and again.  Never letting me settle, always telling me there is another lap just like a football coach pushing every single practice.  Dani Johnson, always told me I could do it.  Always showed me how she did it.  She’s always told me I could do even more than I thought.  Then she’s always pushed me until I felt like I would throw up.  Only then did I find out my coach was right all along.

Today I continue to push myself because of my Coach.  I don’t want to be the All Star or the Coach I just want to show others the same moves the All Star has taught me step by step.  At my current skill set, it’s way more enjoyable doing that one on one.  I appreciate having a Coach but I’m no Dani Johnson there fore she’s still best equipped and has decades of experience on me and is available for both you and I.

Coach, thanks for the game time.  I’m glad your time out of the “game” was short.  I’m more comfortable being the bench warmer.  I’m still looking to learn all the moves and God knows I have a long ways from the All Star moves you’ve show cased.  But I’m committed to continue being a student of the game of business and life.  There are people that I need to be the best for, people I need to help and I can actually be there to help them because of you Dani Johnson.  Thanks for being available for us via First Steps to Success for years.

Humbled and Honored,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Thank you to those that have trusted me to help them one on one.  I appreciate you and you are my family, it was great to hang out with those of us in Baltimore and thanks for cheering me on during my “game” moment.  I wouldn’t be here without you.

P.P.S. Coach you trusted me with your plays, you gave me a moment to practice your moves when you needed it. It was an honor to be called off the bench.  But I’m gratefully going back to the bench to learn more so when I needed I will be better prepared.

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Leads Are Lives

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There are a few basic keys to being successful with your home based business, but one is more important than any other.  For years I’ve seen many colleagues struggle with the challenges of working from home.  Usually it’s turning a lead into a client.  But it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

To me the biggest challenge is getting a new business owner to understand that if you have the product, service or opportunity to help your client you have to remember that.  What better option does your “Lead” have?  To often people struggle turning a lead into a sale but they forget that they are not calling “leads” but actually calling real people who need a helping hand.  And you have the best solution to their need.

helping hand

These are not “Leads” only, because leads are lives. You are calling a real person who has a real problem.  They could be dealing with over whelming stress and frustration.  The stress they may be dealing with could actually be causing health problems potentially having deadly side-effects as well, we all know the negative effects of over whelming stress.  The life you are calling could be a mom, dad or grandparent that is wanting to have solutions for their kids or grandkids.  You could be part of that solution.

To often people are calling leads by just dialing numbers.  You will help more people and close more sales if you always remember you are not calling a lead but you are dialing a life.  What better option do they have?  You must know you are the best solution to help them with the problem they have.  Then with passion you show them the answer to their prayers.

Helping One Person at a Time,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Is coming up this weekend.  As I sit and type this I’m excited with anticipation.  Not only for what I’ll get out of the weekend but all the brand new people that go to First Steps to Success.  Dani Johnson, has a deep desire to show, teach and train people how to increase their income, decrease their debt and the stresses that come with the debt.  Dani Johnson’s training has helped us go from broke and broken to a quarter of a million + annually.

Dani Johnson, consults and trains for 100’s of companies across dozens of industries and most of them often have no clue where she first started or came from.  Everyone knows her story, she was homeless and became a millionaire in 2 years at the age of 23.  She did it out of a pay phone booth.  People always wander how did Dani Johnson make her money.  The truth is she did it with a home business.  Now in her normal business training she never goes into her “home business” content or strategies.  But she teaches and draws the parallels really well in the Dani Johnson Home Business Workshop.  ALL of her corporate training, skills she teaches, consulting and guidance came from what she learned in that home based business.

Understanding Dani’s home business background is what first drew me to her training.  I had been working from home with a legitimate home business but made no money.  It made things difficult because spending money and time in that home business while working full time in the military took time and money away from my family.  Shortly after learning about Dani Johnson I went to my first First Steps and had no idea what would really happen.  But 30 days later in that home business I made $13,000.  A year later I had earned an extra $104,000 dollars, not bad for a farm boy, in the military trying to take care of his family.  I walked away from my military career after 8 years to work from home full time.  I’ve been home ever since and paid off $292,000 in DEBT and today make over a quarter of a million dollars a year.

I had no idea what would happen!  Dani Johnson is the real flipping deal.  She has a gift to teach, train and help.  The people who plug into that training regardless if they are in a home business or not will learn the skills it takes to live the life you’ve always wanted.  Less stress, more income and more time with your kids, grandkids and spouse.  This event in Baltimore MD may be your first event.  It’s just like my first event except mine was 8 years ago.  Because you made the decision to go, the only difference in you and I is time!!!

I will see you at First Steps to Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 

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You’ve been stuck in this rut or as the video series I’ve been making states you’ve been stuck in this box.  The box you are stuck in is the day to day grind but you aren’t happy.  You are not getting where you want to be.  Life is going by but how are you ever suppose to get ahead? 

The bad news is you graduated high school and regardless if you went to college or not at the end of your traditional educational journey.  You quickly learn that you are no better off.  HECK!, you could even be worse off with more debt, but no more prepared to have a stable, solid, financial future with time freedom and financial independence. 

Life isn’t suppose to be like this.  Life is suppose to be fun!  Life is suppose to be enjoyable!  In this latest installment of the “Breaking the Box” series I talk about some of the trouble with our education and what we need to look for to learn the “How To”.

Let’s face it, if we knew better we’d do better!


YOUR LIFE was meant for more!
Let’s do it together,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Stay tuned because the next video update will be shocking!  “Like” “Comment” and “Share” this message and lets help those stuck in the box.

P.P.S. Who ever recommended this video to you is someone who knows how to get out of the box.  Watch them, follow them and learn from them!

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Part 2: Breaking the Box

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It’s not totally your fault that you struggle.  Are you where you thought you wanted to be 5 years, 10 years or 20 years ago?  What caused you not to get where you wanted to be? What do you do differently to ensure that your future is more successful than your past?

Breaking the Box

In this video series I’m sharing how I broke out of that box and it started with one little step.  Once you fully understand how the box is created and all aspects of the box that stop you. I’ll show you what that one little step is that creates the chain reaction to shatter your barriers and obstacles.  I’ll show you how we went from 6 figures in debt to a quarter of a million a year in income.  I’ll show you how start to the journey from stress, striving and struggling to a lifetime of freedom and success. 

Part 2: Breaking the Box “Experience”


You can succeed, I’ll help you.
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Enter your email on the right to get the update and next installment as soon as it’s posted.  You aren’t going to want to miss the key to keeping education a stepping stone versus a brick wall as it become for the majority of those with a degree.  Learn why you don’t even need a degree to succeed.

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And the Winner Is…

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If you are a regular reader you already know of the contest I ran last week to help spread the word about the orphanage in India that many of you are helping us support.  Well I have the results on who the top promoter was. 

This gentleman obviously is a leader and passionate about inspiring and having an impact on others.  He was one of many that helped spread the word but he was part of a small elite group that took decisive action to proactively help children who desperately need it.

#1 Promoter Mr. Peter Harpster… he lead the pack on this one.

Second Best Promoter Mrs Christina Moyer

Best Promoter who I did not know Mr. Gaurav Supekar

Honorable Mentions because of their heart and their efforts go to
Merry Lynn Shepard
Trish Roberts
Kimberly Bixby
Diane McGuigan
Londa Harpster
Sandra French
Joanie Snaith
Dorothy Graham
Stuart Lynn, the inspiration for it all…. 

And each and every person that just “liked” even one post or “shared” even one thing and did their small part to help those children.  This is what it takes to change the world we live in for the better, each of us just doing our small part. I’m looking forward to the impact we will make as a team moving forward.

Thank You to Everyone,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. There were thousands who saw the message and did nothing to pass it on and and it’s not their fault.  We are sometimes put into a box and it’s hard to learn to break out of it.  Here is the beginning of that series showing you what I mean and I’ll be updating the second part this week.

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Leadership, it’s not a title that can be bestowed on someone, it’s not a gift that one person can give to another.  It’s what someone’s actions dictate that determines if they are a real leader.  All you have to do is look at the actions and fruit of one’s life and see if they possess some of the basis qualities that a true leader has.  Do they step up when a challenge comes? Do they care about people? What are their values? Are they passionate? Do they have commitment for the long term? Are they honest?

The fruit will tell you every single time.  I’ll show you a real world example so far this week. I started a contest giving away a measly $400 to anyone who would like, share, comment, tweet, create and repost original content that promoted a link that educated the public about some children that are helpless.  Here is the link to see what I mean.

Now for someone to really get excited and create their own content and promote this.  They have to be totally selfless and a true leader.  Face it we’ve all heard the stories of someone being attacked, mugged or beaten in public as many bystanders sit and watch.  Most people will not step up and take action to do something that they can’t benefit from… unless they are a real leader!

Just look at how many likes that article has, over 1000 people have heard about it.  Only 75 had an extra second to even liked it as of this writing.  Those 75 people have the potential to be leaders they weren’t just a bystander they at least took action when most didn’t.  Go to that page and see if any of your friends liked it or commented.  They are potentially leaders.

There are a few people that are dynamic and dynamite that are really stepping up to share and promote.  They have a chance to win the little contest to.  Those people are

Peter Harpster – Even wrote his own article
Stuart Lynn – He even made a challenge that any of his Facebook friends win the contest promoting the link he will give an extra 100 dollars to them.
Dorothy Graham – Sharing on Facebook
Christina Moyer – Wrote her own content, made her own videos and promoted the link.
Joanie Snaith – Actually sharing on Facebook
Dianne McGuigan – Sharing on Facebook
Kimberly Bixby – Sharing on Facebook
Sandra French – Sharing on Facebook
Rocio Taveras – Sharing on Facebook
Gauvar Superkar – Sharing on Facebook

Thank you to each one of these amazing examples of people who care about others.  This is Leadership when you take time out of your day and life to help someone else and you can’t get a dime for it in return!  Anyone that is connected to you or works with you I hope they know they have a real Leader in their midst!

Here is the link they are sharing and reposting, you could actually read it and still win the contest it end next Monday

Any one who has shared, liked or commented shows they actually care.  I have personal family that hasn’t like or shared or promoted the cause of the kids.  The funny thing we are even talking about someone giving money???  Just care enough to spread the word.  You can tell a lot about someone’s action. 

Be a Leader, Step up and help someone else.
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. If this is your first time hearing the message you can still step up.  We’d love to build our team of people who enjoy life, impacting people, helping others and learning what joy feels like.  Just like, comment, create your own unique content and pass the link own to others so they can joint us.

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