Powerless to Powerful in a Moment!


You can be powerful!  Even when you feel powerless.  You were born with a spark, an ember of greatness.  But your potential is completely limitless!  It has to be, you were made in HIS image.  God didn’t design you to be wimpy weak and powerless.  You were never meant to be broke or broken, in finances, emotions, relationships or health.  You were suppose to living a victorious, debt free and abundant life in all areas.

But you and I will face challenges.  To often people let their ember of desire, the key to their power get smothered, hidden and covered up by the challenges of life.  That thing inside of you that makes you want to be financially independent, that makes you want to be able to live a stress free fun filled life and that thing that says you are suppose to be a light on a hill helping people and leading and guiding them making a difference.  That thing in you is your ember.  As long as God gives you breath it NEVER goes out.  It’s always there!

Just like any spark or ember with just a little wind it can create a blazing hot powerful fire.  fire that is the source of light, comfort and warmth and fire that can burn through or around any of it’s obstacles.  You just need some wind!  You need to be in an environment in life, family or business where people want to help you succeed.  For me that environment was First Steps to Success and a business venture with on fire friends I now call family.

With just a little bit of wind, you can become powerful immediately.  He gave you everything you needed in side of you.  Don’t let life snuff out your ember!  You are already great you just need to know it so you can begin to walk it out!


Be Powerful!
Stacy O’Quinn

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