Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions


If you work from home and your desire is to create a 6 Figure Income from Home and you market anything at all.  Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions audio trainings that Dani Johnson did will be the best audio training you ever invest in.  Most of my home business career I’ve listened to it every day of my working life.  I definitely listen to some form of training every day and most of the time it’s been 30 minutes to and hour of this CD Set!

You can simply click on the link and read the results others had on the right hand column.  But I use it and recommend it to new associates I’m working with in our company who are serious about a 6 Figure Income.  That along with Dani Johnson’s script books have made me hundreds of thousands dollars.  As this blog post is being written, I’m looking at my Dani Johnson script book opened to page 22 right now, and I’ve read the script already 4 times this morning word for word.

Training is definitely the key ingredient to being successful no matter what you do.  To know if your training is real it has to have gotten results and if you are training someone new are you giving them a specific path they can follow that you are using and having results.  Too often there are people who learn a lot of skill over time and become successful, but if you are BRAND NEW and need to have success in your home business right now how long do you have?  Any effective training has to give the exact steps that others are actively using and having results with. 

Dani Johnson and her training does that for our company in DFI.  Just this week Michelle Tascoe reading page 22 made $3,200, Cadie Kalmes made $2,000.  Both of them are incredible leaders they practice what they preach.  Personally reading page 22 I’ve made $10,705 in profit this week alone.  Make sure if you want to succeed you are teaching what works and you are doing what you teach.

Successfully making a 6 Figure Income from home part-time relys on specific strategies that are applied by honest people.  I believe both Michelle and Cadie are honest people.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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