Recent Money Made in DFI and Coastal Travel


One of the best parts about DFI and/or Coastal Travel is what you get to see others experience. I’ve seen all of the following people at different stages in their Coastal Travel and they are completely rocking and rolling right now.

Huge Kudos goes out to the following members of our team!

In the last 24 hours
Lorraine Rodman has made $2,000 dollars (she’s only been part of our team for a month.)
Clarence Norman made $1,000 dollars
Missi Worcester made a $1,000 dollars and that client is working up grading his order to platinum (that’s $9,705 once the order is completed)

  • Not bad in 24 hours guys… GREAT JOB

This past week!

Angela Lasher made $1,000 dollars

Cathy Sedlacek made $1,000 dollars

Heather Marshall made $3,200 dollars

Don’t want to leave out David Gregoria he works about two and a half hours a night and has made $5,000 dollars in the last 3 weeks. Not bad part time David!

If you are fortunate enough to work with either of them you are completely blessed! They are absolutely amazing leaders to work with.

It is an absolute pleasure to be in business with you guys! We are definitely grateful for what you do for our team and keep up the great work.

Rock on!
Stacy O’Quinn

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