Reflections on a Saturday!


Sitting in my office this morning smiling as I hear the babies in the tub in the bathroom next to my office. Edgar’s talking pretty good he’s a strong personality and Alexis is the little mom. She’s gotta make sure everyone is taken care of. She is 3 and a half and he is 2.

I woke up this morning to Alexis saying in a low voice mommy we gotta fix daddy’s coffee. In my restful slumber I went back to sleep…

Next thing I knew there was a little whisper, “Daddy we fixed your coffee”. As my eyes started to crack open I could see Alexis standing next to my bed. About that moment I heard in the best some what broken english of a driven enthusiastic two year old, “DADDY UP!!! DADDY UP!!! DADDY UP!!!”. At the same time Edgar was pounding the bed next to where I had been sleeping just moments ago.

I can only smile how many other dad’s can say they get alarm clocks like that 7 days a week! I am absolutely grateful and blessed! Today is an awesome day, it’s sunny out and we are certainly alive and kicking!!!

Have a Great Day!
Stacy O’Quinn

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