Review of the 6 Figure Call in DFI


In DFI we have several support and training calls for all members of Coastal Travel. From Live Business Overviews, Live Dials/On the Job Training Calls, Open Forum calls and Product Training Calls. We also have a much more advanced training call called the 6 Figure Call. Gavin Berkey from MI sent us this email with his feedback from the call.

Let no one forget the power that we were blessed with tonight on this call!


An absolutely powerful call with many profound concepts that should be internalized when considering how to work your business with a spirit of excellence as a soldier in God’s army.

Thank you Stacy O’Quinn and Shawn Scheppele for your leadership on this call. Tonight’s topic was so timely, that I know that I know it was a gift from God Himself, as getting on the phone over the past couple of weeks has been a major struggle for me. He absolutely has a plan for my life, and I am glad to be able to share the content of this call with everyone who participated, as well as those who may have missed it.

Bless you guys for all that you do in support of this team!

Platinum Director

Gavin, is an amazingly talented guy coming from a corporate background to now a full time stay at home Dad and Husband! Congrats to you GAVIN! Anyone working with you is Blessed.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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