Roofing is No Fun!


All this week and part of next we are moving into our new house and I’m building my new office.  CALLING LEADS IS EASIER AND WAY MORE LUCRATIVE THAN CONTRUCTION 🙂  It is something else!  Once in a while we take it for granted working from home.  After you’ve been doing it for a while you tend to forget how hard other people have to work.  You forget the struggles of corporate America.

If you don’t think we have a simple business model go build a house, barn or dog house 🙂 It is way more complicated than building a Coastal Travel Business and not nearly as lucrative.  Don’t forget what you have and never lose sight of giving this to someone else!  As soon as this office is built we are going to be ROCKING!  The best part about this business is giving others a chance to change their lives.  We can’t do it for them but we can give them the chance if they want the change!!!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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