S-T-R-E-T-C-H to Success


Being successful when you are not can feel like a struggle, dream or fantasy.  When in reality as Dani Johnson teaches the biblical principle you were designed with all the parts for success.  Proof is in the desire and the desire reveals the design and of course the design reveals the destiny.

You maybe seeking the home business industry because you want a lucrative income, you want a legitimate way to get out of debt and you want to have the burden of life lifted so you can feel what life is like with out stress.  Maybe you are motivated by the desire of financial security and living life to the fullest.  The bottom line is this, you can have the best income stream.  You could have the best training on the planet. (I highly recommend Dani Johnson)  Even with Dani Johnson’s training and the best company on the planet you will have to stretch yourself and apply new skills.

If you were designed by God to succeed and you are not succeeding; when you already have the path laid out through a company, job, opportunity or lucrative income stream.  Than  you have to make a decision to do something that is different than you’ve done before. You must learn and apply new skills.  Learning to stretch to success can feel challenging because when we learn/do new skills we always feel uncomfortable at first.  Just like when we drove a car the first time. Remember how nervous we felt?  Today we can drive, talk on the phone and eat a cheeseburger at the same time.

While you have to be willing to do something different to create a new result.  Success can be summed up in two steps.

1.  Find a lucrative/legit path that others have used to make a 6 figure income.

2.  Be willing to learn (stretch yourself) to gain a new skill set and when you plug into training like Dani Johnson has don’t use it as infotainment actually apply it!

Following those two steps has allowed us to not only make a consistent 6 figure income when previously I had never worked from home before.  But we also are able to live a non traditional life of freedom only a home business could afford you thanks to our desire to stretch, do something new and actually apply what Dani Johnson teaches.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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