Saving Money on Airfare to First Steps


Do you want to save money on your airfare to First Steps to Success in California? The event is actually held in Burbank CA. However flying into Burbank airport is very expensive. One cost saving alternative is to fly into Los Angeles and catch a taxi to Burbank for $100 or you can take Super Shuttle for $30.

In some cases flying into Los Angeles is one third the price of flying directly into Burbank. Get your flight booked and become your teams next success story!

Dianne in Ontario, used the training from First Steps to earn over $19,000 in her first 30 days marketing the Coastal Travel packages!

Shawn in California earned $50,000 within one hundred days of his 1st First Steps event. At the time Shawn was out of work. If he did not attend and have his breakthrough after that training he may not have ever had a successful Coastal Income. Can you imagine?? This is how he supports his family today!

Merry Lynn Shepherd, after attending First Steps ended up earning $90,000 her first year marketing the Coastal packages. She was able to retire her husband after he got laid off from his job and now they work together from home!

Dianne, Shawn, and Merry Lynn, all had the same thing in common. Their success depended on the skills they learned very early when they started marketing the Coastal Packages from home.

This will likely be the last First Steps of 2015 >>  http://www.danijohnson.com/see/home-business-entrepreneur-workshop/

Congratulations to the following people who have committed to attending First Steps to Success!

1. Joanie Snaith
2. Jeffrey Ramsey
3. Jennifer Ramsey
4. Heather LeFoll
5. Paula Kimbark
6. Darianna Lao
7. Gary Mach
8. Jane Mach
9. Patty Stuart
10. Jackie O’Quinn
11. Stacy O’Quinn
12. Belinda Pierce
13. Shane Houston
14. Mandana Dowlatshahi
15. Barbara McKenna
16. Selene Belle-Oudry
17. Bella Leone
18. Gigi Leone
19. Elizabeth Glenn
20. Margery Sheppard
21. Michael Lewandowski

If you are already registered for First Steps to Success and your name is missing from this list. Please send an email right away to DFIFeedback@gmail.com

Stacy O’Quinn

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