Scam Series: Coastal Travel is a Scam


Do you want to know what is true and factual and what is not? I’m starting a new series on this blog titled Scam Series where I will share my experiences and shed some light on what I know to be legit and what is not.

Is Coastal Travel a Scam? I previously wrote about this “Coastal Travel is a Scam“. In that article it was really more personal and not factual. In this blog post I want share some facts. It’s easy to understand why people would consider at first glance that Coastal Travel is a scam. People are naturally skeptical. Heck I was a skeptic for almost 7 months when I first heard about Coastal Travel.

Here are some of the reasons people become skeptical and assume that Coastal Travel is a Scam.

– Because of the value of the product. How is it that Coastal Travel allows it’s members to take vacations so dang cheap? Who’s ever heard of taking a Cruise for 5 days and only paying 250 dollars a person?

– Because the income potential is extremely high. How has Coastal Travel been around so long and are able to pay such high commissions? They are the highest paid in the home business industry and have been for over a decade with no sign of slowing down.

I’ve been a member of Coastal Travel since July 27th 2005 and here is what I’ve learned so far. We would not have been around for over 14 years if Coastal Travel was a Scam.

We would not have over 70+ vendors in our package that have been in business for 5 years or more that are licensed and bonded if Coastal Travel was a Scam.

We would not have benefits in our package like Disney World, Universal, Marriott or Hilton to name a few if Coastal Travel was a Scam.

Now to fully debunk the myth of is Coastal Travel a Scam you have to understand how the product has so much value and how the Board of Directors were able to create that.

1. The benefits of the package that come from the travel industry is a God send for the vendor’s themselves and here’s why.

a. Every cruise ship or resort has a consistent amount of over head. They don’t hire and fire employees weekly or daily. Utilities cost does not go up and down because they purchase those things at wholesale. A cruise ship has the same amount of fuel regardless of how many people are on the ship. They take on the same amount of perishable food.

b. Now statistically speaking the every resort or cruise ship will always project a vacancy in the future. Meaning they are never full. It’s different than space available. Space available depends on actually numbers booked. But the benefits in our package are that the Board of Directors has put together appear to be based off of projected numbers. So if a cruise ship or resort estimates that during peak season they average a 10% vacancy and during off season they have a 50% vacancy by providing a portion of that to us in Coastal Travel they have limited their Liability and overhead. This is also why we have so few blackout dates, because the arrangements are preset so that benefits are typically based off of projected vacancy not actual vacancy.

c. Even if they don’t receive income from the actual rooms they know that no one goes on vacation with out spending money. It may be at gift shops, spa’s, playing golf, restaurants or even going to a casino. So they have figured out that getting people in the room just makes smart business sense. What does it cost us as members of Coastal? Very Little.

Why are the prices set so high if the cost is so little to put it together? I don’t know the answer to that except it was a business decision that the Board of Directors made based off of the value they provided in the package. In many cases compared to other packages I’ve seen it is also easy to question why are packages are so cheap.

If you find someone trying to offer you a package out side of the recommended pricing set by the Board of Directors than you need to be EXTREMELY cautious? In one of our future installments of the Scam Series we will look into this and the dangers involved. Bottom line ask to speak to several people that have worked with this person. No director should have a problem providing you with references and really why would a Director jeopardize their ability to do business and lively by not following the guidelines the Board has set in place?

The Bottom Line: Coastal Travel is a legitimate product based off of my 3+ years marketing and using it.

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To Our Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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