10 New 6 Figure Earners will be Created This Year!


What will your life look like in 7 years on your current path?  Who will you be able to help? Where will you be able to go?  What will your impact be? Will your kids go to college?  Will you struggle financially?

I’m committed this year to helping 10 New people create a 6 Figure Income.  Last night I had the privilege to be in a small forum with other successful business men and an amazing business woman.  I was inspired but what Jeff Usner said when he said find a way to “kick your own butt” and top what you did last.  I’ve helped a ton of people make money so they could pay off debt, lower their stress and be at home with their families and be a blessing to others.  But now that is about to go on hyper drive!

I helped Lawrence Scott generate 9,700 dollars in one week.  He’s a dad that’s frustrated with the grind and wants to work on his own from home without a boss.  He’s on his wife.  I’ve worked with people like Dianne McGuigian who has made over 200,000 dollars in 11 months, previously she was a mom relying on a food bank to help her family.  Last month I helped Michelle from SC a mom generate over 10,000 dollars. 

I’ve always been available for everyone I work with to help develop and train.  If you start a new venture and you are committed I get stoked by watching your success!  Through Coastal Travel and utilizing Dani Johnson and her methods I’ve hired a couple of assistants to help me in this endeavor.  But in the next 6 months lots of people will get started with our company I’m looking for a minimum of 10 that will make 6 figures.  I’m looking for people we can vacation with our families together and go down to Belize this Christmas and be a blessing to orphans.  I’m looking for someone that wants to improve their lives dramatically to help others and have fun doing it!

If you have what it takes join us by completing the form here, myself or one of my assistants will start the prescreening process.  I will be helping you once you get going every step of the way


God Bless you and your family,

Stacy O’Quinn

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