Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson and Coastal Travel


Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson will appear in ABC’s new hit reality show premiering March 6th check your local listings.  Dani Johnson has helped a small group of business owners that all work full time from their homes to create incredible success.  I’m one of them.  Coastal Travel had no training it was a small group of people just trying to figure out how to take a great product and market it from home.

Until I heard about Dani Johnson who is ABC’s Secret Millionaire I had not had any success in my Coastal Travel business.  I went to one of her First Steps to Success training events and after that in 30 days was able to generate 13,000 dollars.  Applying that same training today we have made 6 figures every single year.  Every single 6 Figure Income earner ever developed within Coastal has been through her training.  In Feb. we finished with over 23,000 in profit and I can honestly say it would not have happened without her training.

No wander Dani Johnson is a Secret Millionaire just look at the results she’s helped our company create.  Coastal Travel continues to allow new directors to work out of their home but I’d highly recommend anyone serious about legitimately succeeding from home to go to her training.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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