Secret Millionaire on ABC Featuring Dani Johnson


ABC will be premiering Secret Millionaire during March.  The incredible show that tracks millionaires who live and work among the homeless completely hiding their identity and who they are.  At the end they will be giving away part of their millions to those who need it the most.  Dani Johnson has given away an enormous amount of money through her company already.  Many of us in DFI and Coastal Travel already know that Dani Johnson lead the way in contributions to the orphanage we donated and gave money to expand facilities in Belize.

Dani Johnson and her success has been an incredible example to what the average person can do.  Dani Johnson’s story is not only an example she has also helped many people become great through her home business training.   Yours truly did not believe in a home business, network marketing or MLM until I experienced her training.  Through Coastal Travel and Dani Johnson home business training we went from 116,000 dollars in debt to debt free and 6 figure income annually part time from home.  Dani knows what it’s like to be broke, homeless and feel hopeless; in her training events she shows you specific strategies how to from zero to hero.  I know because my wife and I have experienced the proof.

You can’t argue with results.  Dani Johnson is a millionaire but soon it’s going to be a SECRET…. SSSHHHHH  🙂  Watch ABC’s Secret Millionaire.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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