Season Three of Secret Millionaire Resumes on July 1 with Steve Kaplan


Fans of the ABC television show Secret Millionaire must wait a few weeks for the next new episode. This season, we have already seen Scott Jacobs and his daughter Alexa spend time volunteering in Newark, NJ, and Dave Mortensen and Chuck Runyon going undercover as volunteers in Oklahoma City. Each millionaire donated personal money to local individuals or groups dedicated to making a positive impact on society. Where will the next episode take us?

On July 1, we will see self-made millionaire Steve Kaplan take a localized approach to volunteering. He will spend time in the south side of Chicago, close to his home but worlds away in terms of environment. Gang violence and poverty are the norms on the south side, causing many residents to feel a sense of despair. Kaplan will attempt to make a difference while living undercover on welfare income.

Kaplan is considered an expert in success and achievement and will impart his knowledge on others trying to improve Chicago’s south side. More than one hundred people have become millionaires by listening to what Kaplan has to say and thousands more have been inspired to achieve success. By taking his message to the streets, Kaplan should be able to help several more people during his week undercover.

The episode will show Kaplan volunteering in a residential community designed for senior citizens with low incomes. Viewers will also see the millionaire working in an after school program that keeps children off the streets and collecting household items for a charity that donates to less fortunate local residents. All the while, Kaplan will be looking for people to receive part of his fortune. He earned this money through books, speaking engagements, and consulting services but is ready to give some away to worthy individuals.

Starting a business and developing it into a successful organization is something this millionaire can do in his sleep. Kaplan has also prepared thousands of university students for successful futures and served on the strategically-focused executive committee of EURORSCG, a 176-company ad agency conglomerate. He has even produced a Tony-nominated Broadway musical, run with bulls in Pamplona, and scaled Mount Kilimanjaro.

All of these accomplishments pale in comparison to giving to people and groups in need. Kaplan hopes his fierce determination and passion for life rubbed off on those he met while appearing on Secret Millionaire. These characteristics will help those individuals persevere in the face of some very intimidating circumstances.


Success Breeds Success,

Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Success should inspire giving!

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