Who Supports You and Your Family


Who supports you and your family?  Is it a government or a corporation?  Many of us were raised on a system in the last 35 years that said we believed that.  Through public education or private education that modeled public education we were taught to get a good education and then go get a job.  Once you retire from a good job you will be taken care of.

Who did we think was going to take care of us, government, a corporation or both?  Whose pension, social security or retirement account is it?  Is it yours?  Well if that is the case how come someone else can change the rules on you at the end of the game when you need that money the most?  Think about it?

What happened so long ago to create our current system?  It hasn’t always been like this years ago people were business owners and self-employed.  At one point not many years ago 80% of this country was self-employed at least part time.  Why was that?  They wanted to have the financial control of their family.  They wanted to know they could provide so they thought to themselves what can “I” do to increase our income?  What can “I” do to make extra money for my family?  They did not rely on a company to promote them or provide a way, or the government to hand it to them.  If you rely on someone else to feed you then you controls you?  Who controls how much time you spend with your family?  Now days our jobs truly tell us when we can be with our kids and families and when we have spare time.  Now days our jobs tell us when we can take vacation.  What is the end result of this, being led by corporations and government?

Could the Republic Fall?

Let’s rely on ourself more and government and companies less…
To Your Success
Stacy O’Quinn

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