Simple Key to Increasing Your Income


Do you want to increase your income?  This could be the easiest thing you could implement that would instantaneously build your influence and increase your income.  It is so obvious and 99% of the population will not do it.  You have a pen and paper? Are you ready for it? Here goes….

Just be real and genuine!  Be YOURSELF! You are attractive, people can relate to that.  So often people are attempting to be who they want the world to see.  So they are being politically correct, they are being fake and everyone else can see it.  Except the person faking it.  Don’t hide your crap we all have it and it makes you real.  People can relate to the realness.

Sometimes I talk about God and the anti-God people are offended, then I say sucks, crap or asshole in the next sentence. Then the so called “Christian” people are judging and are upset.  When in fact, those people who are upset and offended are really the minority.  It’s the people who are hiding their own crap.  No matter how much money you make or don’t make.  No matter how successful you ever become.  You will still have your junk to deal with and you still put on a pair of pants the exact same way, one leg at a time.

Just be good at being you!  I’ve helped 1,000’s of people over the years increase their income and work from home, in business and through charity and volunteer work I’ve done.  One of the biggest assets to growing my own influence and exploding my own income, God showed me a long time ago was simply being ME.  Who He made wonderful and great.

God, didn’t make any junk so that means you are wonderful and great.  That means he made you to appeal to certain people. You are meant to create opportunities and be a blessing for others.  Those people he made you for, are the ones that can relate to the REAL YOU!

(This is someone else’s video but the song says it all)



It is extremely challenging to succeed without first being the “real me”


You were made wonderful and great,
Stacy O’Quinn

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