Some Final Numbers from October!


You may know that we are in serious growth right now with Coastal Travel in DFI. The success stories just keep coming it is incredible. Welcome to all of our new team members from October.

Here are the following tallies and the leaders who are bringing in the most clients.

Angela Lasher 18 new associates, “does she ever sleep” wow! Single mom with 3 kids kicking butt!

Cadie Kalmes 14 new associates, Stay at home mom with 3 kids all under 6 yrs old

Linda Allen 9 new associates, AMAZING!

Jessica Wendelboe 8 new associates

Stacy O’Quinn 8 new associates

Heather Marshall 8 new associates

David Gregoria 6

Catherine Rupp 5

Rita Schuett 5

Cindy Chamberlin 5

Nike Roach 4

Lorraine Rodman 4

Richard Birney-Smith 4

Bonnie Clark 4

Shawn Scheppele 4

Pat Smith 4

Holly Marshall 3

Carol Grubb 3

Dion Danner 3

Jackie O’Quinn 3

These are the top 20 Leaders for the Month of October. We had 208 new team members for the month of October congrats to each of you. Welcome to our new members!

Stacy O’Quinn

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