Sowing and Reaping, and Coastal Vacations


Have you ever heard of the term Sowing and Reaping? Have you? It’s a pretty basic principal right? It’s been around for a couple of years right? I read this one book it was written like thousands of years ago. What was it called? One second I’ll remember. Oh yeah! THE BIBLE!

Now that being said it’s a Christian book and if you are not a Christian that is OK. It’s a LIFE principal. Just because you may or may not be a Christian does not mean you can’t learn successful principals. I heard Dani Johnson say once that the Bible was the first success book ever written. I believe it!!!

So I have a quick question for you. If you are sowing what are you actually sowing? Are you sowing seed? Really what are seed in your business? Seed are the resources you need to create an income. Our goal is a 6 figure income right? So how do you maintain enough seed to always continue to grow your business? How do you ensure you have enough seed to make it through a famine in your life?

Below is a 6 Figure Income Call that was designed for you, if you are Serious about Success

How do you find seed?

How do you find enough seed or resources to grow your business?

Do you want a strategy to have a Blast traveling seeing the world and KNOW that you are prepared for any storms that may come?

Imagine a step by step approach to measured growth? Do you want that? Listen NOW!

Apply this, so you can help many other people ASAP!

Let’s Roll,
Stacy O’Quinn

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  1. Renae Heikkila says:

    Hey Stacy,

    Great post and great call! Thanks for your wisdom and insight. It is truly appreciated!


  2. Tina and Mike says:

    Hey Stacy,

    Thanks so much for the call! I know you don’t have to let us “peek in” but I’m glad that you allowed us to.
    You are awesome!


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