Stay at Home Mom you are wanted!


Life stinks now days.  Either both parents have to work or one is at home and she is frustrated at not having her own money to do the little things and she’s tired of not having enough money for her family.  Is that you?  Are you looking for a lucrative income to generate your own money but you hate all the crap you find online?  I’m going to recommend that as a stay at home mom you must find something that allows you to make money quickly and at the same time only working part-time.

Being a stay at home mom it’s difficult.  You run the schedule of the entire house and it’s like a mini company all by itself.  You are the CEO and the administrative assistant.  You are the chauffeur and the maid.  You are the cook and the babysitter.  You have so many hats but none of your own income. 

As a domestic engineer you are severely under paid and often time not appreciated as much as you should be by society.  In this writer’s humble opinion you are the most valuable to the entire family unit.  You should be the highest paid not feel bad because you want to buy a little something for yourself.  You as a stay at home mom should have your own income and it should be extremely lucrative.

There is a company that is lucrative and caters to moms. 

Legitimate work from home opportunity for stay at home moms
(6 positions open)- Heidi and Larry Jones from MO
5 left…  Paula Tucker from AL
4 left… Diane Myers from NC
3 left……. Nara Burentogtokh from CA

2 left………. Who will be next?

Good Luck,
Stacy O’Quinn


  1. Capri Mulder says:

    Stacy, I am a stay at home mom who went to work in a factory. My heart was at home with my kids but we were in debt and struggling financially so I felt I had no other choice than to go to work out of the home.

    I found the business you are in and our financial situation has turned around. My income has doubled and we are getting out of debt fast. I gave notice at the factory and I am going to homeschool my kids and work online at the same time. I am so thankful to make my own schedule and live the life I want to live.

    Thank you Stacy for showing me how!

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