Stay at Home Moms, The Backbone


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Dear Stay at Home Mom,

     You are the true unsung hero of our home.  To many households have that position left unfilled.  Thankfully you saw fit to be employed here.  So many see you as not having a job as if some how you are lazy or just mooching off of your husband.  To bad it’s probably more reverse and at best, a mutual relationship that when you and I (the Dad) are firing on all cylinders we have one of the happiest homes on the planet.

     Sweet heart you make it possible that our kids are raised to excel in life. You make it viable that I can work 110% percent in my career and have a safe well maintained refuge to come home to.  You make it possible that our family can achieve more and without you we would be completely lost.  You are an integral part of the fabric of what makes things happen in our home and you don’t get told thank you enough.

     First let me say you do not get enough credit for all you do.  So many people think you just exist or you are lazy because you don’t “work” in the traditional sense.  Those people are clearly ignorant and have a severe lack of understanding.  You aren’t just a mom because you birthed a child, you are a mom because you teach and train that child.  From walking, to learning the alphabet and algebra, to learning our morals, to learning how budgeting and finance works (our schools don’t teach that), to learning to make wise decisions and how to find the right spouse one day and how to raise their own kids.  It’s because of you spending time with them and creating memories that our kids will excel in life, something that could not happen if you where not a stay at home mom.  Our kids could not be in better hands than their Mom.  Thank YOU!

     Second, you don’t force me to take out the trash or clean our home.  But you beam with joy when your work on the house is done and I come home from an exhausting day and comment on how nice everything looks.  How beautiful you are, wow thank you for taking the time to be beautiful for me with all you do.  Moms like you get accused of sitting on the couch watching TV and being lazy, but it’s not their fault they didn’t have a stay at home mom that set a good example.  You make it possible that when I’ve had a crazy, grueling week at work.  That I come home to a household that is at peace.  A place we as a family can laugh and play and as a couple we can rest, talk, listen and build our relationship.  You’ve created this place in our home and it’s a place that many homes with out a stay at home mom really can’t have.  Thank YOU!

     Finally, we have become extremely blessed financially over the years.  No it wasn’t like that when we first lost your income.  But now we are blessed.  To often your friends or family discredit you like somehow you’ve rode my coat tales and you only have the things you have because you got lucky and married me?  It’s not their fault they are idiots.  They don’t even realize that you’ve poured your whole self into my work as well.  You’ve been my business partner that I can talk everything through with.  You’ve helped me make some of my toughest decisions.  You where there for me when I stumbled and fell on my face and helped me get back up.  You’ve made our home a place to relax so I can out produce most of my peers, which has allowed me to get promoted financially.  If I had to worry about our kids, or the list of chores I needed to do at home and struggled at work with out support there is no way we could produce as a family the way we do.  It’s because of you we are blessed.

     So all that we have, you’ve been key in us doing it.  You don’t directly earn a pay check but you help me earn ours through my work.  You may never directly get a raise but you will continue to help our family create memories through teaching our kids and the free time we have as a family together.  IF our household income never went up, that would be OK because memories are more valuable than money.  Thank You for being a Stay at Home Mom, thank you for being the cornerstone of our home and thank you for setting an example for our kids so one day their home hopefully will have a stay at home mom as well.  Regardless of what society says!


Thank You,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. If you think Stay at Home Moms rock share this!  BTW, the only person who works harder is a single mom!

P.P.S.  If you desire to be a stay at home mom  DO IT!  Just because you are a stay at home mom that doesn’t mean that you can’t also earn income from home to.

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