Stay Home Mom and Geniune Business Woman


Cadie Kalmes is a Stay at home mom with 3 small kids, 2 little boys and a beautiful little girl.  She has become a wise business woman and she recently shared her story for the world at a live DFI Event.  Her experience with Coastal Travel proves what is possible.  When you have a support structure and a team their with you step by step like DFI and Coastal Travel it makes creating a lucrative income from home much more simple.  Working with Cadie I’ve learned that any stay at home mom who is willing to learn and be dedicated 15-20 hours can have a lucrative home business.

Cadie recently won the Leadership Council Ring for her dedication and desire to help others achieve success.  Cadie not only has created a lucrative home business for her self with Coastal Travel but she’s also helped a ton of other people develop their own Coastal Travel income to a lucrative home business.  For her dedication she qualified for the Leadership Council Ring.

A message to Cadie Kalmes,
Cadie since we’ve known each other who knew how quickly our lives would change.  Congradulations on all your success you deserve it and I’ve been blessed to be an eye witness.  It is my only prayer that those that are fortunate enough to work with you know truly how lucky they are!  It’s been an incredible Journey, I still remember when you first got started… and I look forward to seeing what else the Journey has in store for you!!!                    

To Your Success
Stacy O’Quinn

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