Stay Home Mom, Michelle Mast Earned $12,200 in 30 Days


Michelle Mast is a stay at home mom.  But that’s not her only title.  She’s a loving wife, faithful Christian, financial contributor to her household and now very successful business woman.  She has made over $12,200 in profit last month alone.  She is focused and determined to help her family get out of debt, be stress free, create memories traveling with her kids and giving back to others in need.  She has an incredible heart for the people she works with and those less fortunate around her.

Michelle Mast, when I first met her she just had an ordinary background of being a stay at home mom.  Like most moms she struggled with the desire to contribute during difficult financial times and her desire to be  home with her kids while she enjoyed being home she felt un able to help her husband with the bills.  Now she’s realized with her own home based business and using Dani Johnson’s Home Business training both is absolutely possible.

Michelle and Vern Mast are an amazing couple.  They can now earn 6 figures in the next 12 months and still be at home with their kids.  You should be able to have your cake and eat it to.  Life is not about choosing what you should do with out, it’s about choosing to do something different than most are willing to do.

Congrats Michelle Mast,
Stacy O’Quinn 


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