Steve Harvey, How to Succeed in 180 Seconds



Steve Harvey is more than just the host of “Little Big Shots”, he has a back ground very similar to Dani Johnson.  He was homeless for several years off and on attempting to make it in stand up comedy.  Today he’s worth over 100 million dollars, but he attributes his success to his concept called “Jump”.

Steve Harvey is often seen making people laugh like on his newest show “Little Big Shots”. But he’s confident in one reason he’s succeeded, and I think it’s a similar reason as Dani Johnson and I think they both believe their faith has brought them to their success. But like Dani, Steve believes that it takes specific actions to have success.  In this video he talks about his concept “Jump” and what the outcome with our life  without jumping. 

He makes a very valid point.  IF you don’t do anything you can’t possibly improve your situation.  Your stress, your frustration, the cycle of living pay check to pay check will never improve.  If you stay where you are at, what happens as you get older?  Can you still do what you do now 10 20 or 30 years from now?  Will you be happy and satisfied never having any kind of financial security?

Listen to some POWERFUL wisdom in less than 180 seconds.  Steve Harvey is full of a whole lot more than just funny jokes.


Success is simple you just have to JUMP!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Special congrats to Erica Clayton, Dan Fattor, Sherry Hussey, John Barnes and Yvonne Marie Hill.  It’s a privilege and an honor to get to work with you one on one.  Congrats for making the jump!.

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