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As I was looking up things on the .net I ran accross this Article that Dani Johnson wrote. It is a simple straight forward message that I wish someone shared with me day one in my business. Working from home Dani’s training is the reason I made a 6 figure income my first year and this lesson is only a very tiny amount of what I’ve learned through Dani Johnson and her training. Which is the reason our entire system in DFI is built around Dani and her training.

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Has this happened to you? You get a brand new person started in your Network Marketing business and they randomly start talking to people, make a few sales and sign some people up. They are excited because things are working and then they get unteachable. Now they want to change this, add to that, do their own pre-recorded message, develop a website and check into other trainers. Let me show you how to handle those “smart ones” who try to reinvent the wheel…

Many of your brightest new reps were initially attracted to your home-based business for two reasons, time freedom and low overhead. Then they decide to get overly creative and higher call centers to do outbound calls for recruiting. They then decide to put up booths in all these places to collect lots of phone numbers.

Listen folks, the wheel is not broken. It works. Your company has had a tremendous amount of success. You don’t need to reinvent anything.

Here’s the reality check, you have to look at your results. Here’s what was spoken over me harshly 18 years ago. This millionaire told me that if he listened to my ideas, then he would go broke like I was. His ideas were worth a half million dollars a month and mine were worth nothing because I had no results to show. He said to me, “Quit trying to size yourself up with me. As soon as your stack of Ben Franklins is as big as mine, then you come talk to me.”

What this man said was harsh but true. It was the best thing he could have said to me. I was so busy becoming overly creative; complicating things and the complication does not produce income. It’s the very simplistic part of our business that makes us the most amount of money.

It is as simple as:

1. Making the initial contact

2. Bringing them through a business presentation

3. Following up and closing

4. On the job training and

5. Putting them through a leadership development system.

That’s it!

So don’t reinvent the wheel. What ever it takes to keep yourself recruiting at least 80% of the time is what you should be focused on. Coming up with new ideas, new systems, new programs, rearranging this, changing that…none of these things will make you more money. Can these things work? Yes, but there’s a much greater chance that they won’t.

There’s already a success path that has been carved out. If all you do is focus on the success path of the 5 steps above, you will make an absolute fortune! Then you can decide if you want to change something. The first step is to master the existing path that has been carved out for you. It really is that simple!

Dani Johnson is an author, speaker, trainer and founder of Call toFreedom Int’l. She went from living out of her carwith $2.03 to her name to earning her first million in two short yearsby the age of 23. Dani regularly consults, mentors, and coachesbusiness owners, entrepreneurs, and career professionals on business,leadership development, personal achievement, marketing solutions,profit strategies, relationship marketing, and team development.

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  1. SeeMeRememberMeBuyMe says:

    Would you get marriage counseling from someone who had never been married? Would you learn how to fix your car from someone who had never looked under a hood? Follow a program that has a proven track record. Thank you for this post. Sometimes I want to try something new. My mentor will listen, and if he thinks it might work, we’ll try it. But usually it’s something he has already tried.

  2. woody says:

    Nice Post thanks for sharing… Will come back for more…. 🙂

  3. Kaizen Consulting Blog says:

    Good post. I believe a lot of small business owners do sometimes tend to get talked into reinventing their wheel, and later regret it.

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