Stop Promoting a Lottery Ticket or Fantasy


You lose all credibility and it’s very difficult to help someone succeed with a false expectation.  No one believes the get rich quick stuff.  People are smart they can see through the hype.  So if you work from home or any business for that matter, don’t make your product or service bigger than what is possible.

Years ago I saw an income opportunity and it talked about the potential of making 500,000 a year.  The problem was after some research the top income earner was actually only making 70,000 a year.  That’s the number one person in the world, hello?  What is possible and what is reality are two different things.  People today with the internet and social media can see what others are doing.  Do not tell someone what is technically possible when it may not be viable.  People today are looking for direct and honest reality.

Yes you may find someone what is wanting that lottery ticket.  Heck millions of them are sold every day.  Just last week I had a client that contacted me who wanted to sell travel packages like I do.  She had read that we are making 250K a year and there are tons of people in our company making 5 figures a month.  Well it all was going well when I took her through an initial interview and asked her how serious was she about being able to work and make money from home?  She replied, “I don’t want to work, I don’t even want a job. I just want to make 10,000 dollars a month.”  Needless to say, she didn’t make it very far.

I let her go quite quickly.  Most people know that to be successful it takes hard work.  They just want to know that you will help them with your product or service to achieve what ever their goal is.  They want to know that there is a simple straight forward game plan for success.  They want to know that if they work hard success is a true reality!  This is extremely important when someone is looking for a lucrative home business, or they want their current business to become more lucrative.

People appreciate REALNESS!
Be Real.
Stacy O’Quinn

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