Stop whining about your auto-ship. You need it to succeed.


People who work from home don’t realize this but every small business not just a home based business if they are going to succeed must have an “auto-ship”.  By definition an auto-ship is a requirement of a recurring order of some product or service needed to get paid in business.  Now many home based businesses require that the independent reps keep an auto-ship.  Why is that?

Let me first say I’ve never worked with a company that “required” an auto-ship, but I’ve still ALWAYS HAD ONE.  By the definition alone you should understand that. “A requirement of a recurring order of some product or service needed to get paid in business”.  Most people who hear this term are in a sub-sect of home business called network marketing.  But that term is not only required for network marketing, it’s a term that should be used in all successful business small or big business.

The real reason you should have an auto-ship, is it allows you to get a product at a discount on a regular interval so you can market it and increase your own personal revenue.  See even though I don’t have a required “auto-ship” placed on me, I still have an auto-ship.  For me it’s advertising and leads and it serves the same purpose.  Typically people that have auto-ships have products or services people can sample and that’s a main way they expose their business.  It’s a type of advertisement, like the people handing out samples at a BJ’s, Sams, or Costco.

My exposures are done all over the Internet.  So my auto-ship is a standing order for advertising every single month.  If your main exposure is through trade shows, then that reservation for a different trade show should be a standing order and done monthly.  It works the same way if your main exposure is radio or television media, then you should have a standing order for that every single month. 

An auto-ship is really just a required method of exposing your business to new clients.  If you are in business then that would be a requirement regardless if someone told you to or not.  No successful business advertises for one month, but not the next.  Or exposes their product or service for 3 months and then stops.  Therefore we’ve always had an auto-ship even if it wasn’t called that by name.  What you do with your “auto-ship” determines how successful you are?  Are you getting the largest orders you can so you can maximize your income and lower your expenses?  That’s what a REAL business would do.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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