Success is Caring About People


Making an insane amount of money is awesome!  But at the end of the day it is quite empty.  If you learn the skill to earn an insane amount of money, what you do with that skill and what you do with that money is what really matters.  Using your talent, your skill, your ability to help others is never going to feel empty.

Caring about people and giving back to others is true SUCCESS.  I’m not just talking about a hand out.  There are times people need a hand out and you can give them that, if they are extremely poor.  But most people just want a hand up!  They want to be taught how to fish so they can feed themselves.  If success is about money alone, than it is a very temporary feeling.

I still remember when Jen in MT called me in the early days of my business and she was crying.  She said to me, “Stacy, I’m writing a check to pay off my husbands truck and I’m able to do this because you believed in me and helped me”.  That feeling today is still more enjoyable than the 6 figures I made that year.  Who are you helping? Do you care about people?  You maybe already on your way to SUCCESS!

A six figure income is amazing, but it’s what you do after that that really matters!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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