Success is Easy, Only 2% Are Trying


Success is easy.  The majority of the battle is actually showing up to have success.  Since this is the 6 Figure Income Club, let’s talk about financial success.  The vast majority would rather imagine, fantasize and explore how fun it would be to be financially independent but the masses will not show up consistently to actually do what it takes to succeed.

We have a society that would rather give a pharmaceutical to fix a problem like weight loss or children’s’ obedience or lack their of.  We have a population that listens to politicians for who might “help” them out and give them something for nothing versus actually do something. While the majority would rather buy a lottery ticket because they like the idea of “hope and change” versus figure out how to actually succeed.

Ask anyone who has started from nothing and succeeded to financial independence.  It doesn’t matter how they got there.  It may have been the “career” (statistics say doubtful) it could have been through good budgeting and money management, it could have been through building a business from the ground up or wisely investing versus foolishly spending like the masses.  Ask anyone who has had success how many people have they tried to, guide, coach, mentor or help over the years?  Was it so difficult they couldn’t show others?

Nope! Not at all, they found that the masses weren’t willing to do what they did.  While I’ve personally created my financial freedom working from home.  Every single week I’m working with new people sometimes in a volunteer capacity.  The fact is very VERY few people even have the guts to do anything consistent for a few months much less 3 or 4 years.  Success is simply a journey and most people are too busy with life for the journey.


More than half the battle is taking action consistently,
Stacy O’Quinn

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