Success Should be Simple


One of the first things that Dani Johnson teaches is success should be simple.  McDonald’s can get pimple faced teenagers to run a billion dollar company. IT’s because they’ve designed a simple system.  The fact is your own success should be simple as well.  Most everyone over complicates everything when they are first starting out.  The key is not figuring out a mousetrap but more importantly making sure the mousetrap you have is effective.

There are a few things you should look for.  First if it’s a home business do they use Dani Johnson training and scripts?  Is there one path that the top leaders are using and creating results.  Are there tons and tons of results in place already using the current “mousetrap”? If there is a simple system there should be real results, and those results include lots of people either clients and/or business associates you can easily connect with one on one.  So you think you found that perfect simple solution? Or you are wondering what it should look like?  Let me show you!



Years ago when I started in business everyone talked about how great the opportunity was.  Because it was the best product of all time, not possible for any product although there are thousands of great products out there.  Second they talked about the marketing plan had 17 different ways to market and get clients and with all those options something has to work. Finally you always had different types of presentations and 7 or 8 different scripts or versions of a script.  The fact is it could take you a “lifetime” to find the “right” combination.  If it was such a great opportunity there should be one simple process like McDonalds that every one can use and at least get to a basic 6 figure income.

So use the McDonalds test to see if you have found your path to success.  Can a 14 year old kid do this and make a 6 figure income in the next 12 months.  If it’s not even really possible than it’s not simple enough yet.  Find another mousetrap!

Success Should be Simple,
Stacy O’Quinn

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