Success Stories in Coastal Vacations


I’m sitting here thing about some of these stories I’ve recently heard about and I am completely in AWE! This never gets old. In DFI, the success stories people are having with Coastal Vacations is awesome! Coming out of Dani Johnson’s training seems to be a common theme! Steve from NB, blows me away with his story. He was struggling with no success in Coastal Vacations. He plugged into Dani Johnson’s training with the support from DFI. BAM having more results then ever before in his Coastal Vacations business!

He’s not the only one. Check out these recent success stories!

Jamie, TX who made $3200 last week.Charles, BC produced $10,200 in profit in 2 weeks.

Heather, VA made $21,900 in 30 days. Just joined DFI and Coastal in February.

Amber, WA produced $7500 in profit in the last 30 days.

Gavin, WI got started at Platinum and made his first platinum training sale before he even got his own package in the mail.

Mary, IL has made $18,000 in the last 6 months

Dawn, FL went to First Steps and made $3200 in the week following the event in January.

Jennifer, TX who put 17 people in her pipeline in 13 hours after her first event in March.

Join us! I might post your story here next!

Stacy OQuinn

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