Success Takes a Team


How do you find a Team for your success? Birds of a feather…. There are two aspects to a Team.  The first is the team you create and the team you associate with, two totally different things.  In the next few moments I hope to clarify the difference as well as help you have a better understanding of finding a good team to associate with as well as the right understanding to develop a great team.

1.  T. E. A. M.

Together Everyone Achieves Miracles – This is team refers to the team you want to associate with.  This is an established team that on a small scale eventually you want to develop yourself.  If you are going to start a small business, then you need people who understand and want that business to succeed.  When I started working from home almost a decade ago I was able to find a group of people who worked hard, but helped each other on a regular basis.  For no other reason other than to create another success experience for a fellow team member.  Most cases their was no compensation other maybe a simple thank you. 

Recently I heard of an awesome Leader in our community a gentleman named Gary Mach.  Gary came across a client that potentially was interested in completing a deal that would have put over $9,700 in his pocket.  But in the process of closing the deal the client mentions that some time past she had spoke to another member of the company.  In an extreme form of integrity Gary, passed up on the deal and passed it on to the other “associate” in a different country losing out on 100% of the profit.  Why is that?  Because he knew someone else did the hard work previously and he felt compelled to help someone else have success.  That client was blown away and that client experience is one that never will be forgotten by all parties involved.  That’s a small Miracle.

The team you associate should always give back of their Time, Energy and Money.  The truth is nothing great would happen with out that team work.  None of the orphanages we’ve built, water wells we’ve dug, widow’s we’ve supported or orphans we’ve provided for and loved on would have happened with out a group effort. That’s a big Miracle.


2.  T. E. A. M.

Time, Energy and Money – This is the team you want create.  If together everyone achieves miracles, then to build that environment for yourself then you have to be prepared to give back to “your” team.  Time, Energy and Money, How often do you volunteer to help those you work with?  Regardless if you can gain or not?  Do you go above and beyond, or is it all about ME, ME and ME?  The proof is what are you doing right now, how many people are actively working with you on the same mission you have?  How large is your influence?  Do you use your influence to give back and help others?

The more you help other people get what they want the more you get what you want?  Be creative and care about the relationships you have customers and clients eventually become advocates and finally part of your influence and personal team. Then using your influence to contribute to a much larger “TEAM” we started out discussing and it’s a full circle.


Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. I’m a firm believer God uses people to bring blessings to others.  Who have you been a blessing to lately?

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