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Will you be one of them?  I can show you how and Dani Johnson will help you.

Will 2013 be better than 2012?  How did you do last year?  Did you pay off your debt?  Did you take a great vacation and create memories with your kids?  Have you saved as much as you wanted for retirement?  Did you have the Christmas you would have really wanted to have?  Is your job secure?  Are your finances secure?

Each year I develop a specific plan and it’s what helps me stay focused, so I can increase my income, write bigger tithe checks and travel the world with others to new exotic places.  This year is no different. Specifically in business as a team we can do more.  So I will help 10 new people make a 6 figure income this year.

In my next Blog post I will explain the process on how to create 6 Figure Income Earners in any business, job or location. It’s a simple process and it’s something that I’ve done to helping others over and over again. The question we each have to ask ourselves is if someone is willing to teach us and show us are we willing to do what they did to have the results they’ve had. Creating a 6 Figure Income in 2013 is extremely possible.

It’s only probable if you are willing to follow those who have, do what they’ve done and learn what they’ve learned? If you are going to be one of those ten, you must be willing to work with me step by step.  We will be in constant contact.  I will be very transparent on what I do and I will walk you through that process, but you must be transparent and accountable on what you are doing as well so I can truly coach and guide you.  You must be committed to  your training. I’m taking my personal team to First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson. Those that want to ensure they have the best chance for success must go to First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson

So will this be your best year yet?

Congrats to…

Toni Cloud from OK who just made $4,500 in about 2 week period.

Mindy Sartin from CA just made $2,000 in the last few days.

Dianne McGuigan from ON Canada finished the year over $160,000.

Who will be next?
Stacy O’Quinn


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Home Business Tip of the Year

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What is your most valueable asset? Do you know?

It’s your database! What I mean is it is every single person that has requested more information about you, your company or your products. You should have some way of maintaining and communicationg with your database regularly.

In DFI our entire team uses the same marketing system and you can see who is opening and reading what emails. Pretty nifty really, it helps you see who is still interested in what you have to say.

So you may be thinking how do I use that database? I recommend communicating with them regularly, weekly or bi monthly at least. Sometimes the emails can be personal, like what you did over the Christmas holidays. Or it can be tips about working from home. Anything that would appeal to them and compell them to keep reading what you have to say. Keep building that connection.

I read a statistic once that 70% of people who request info about joining a home business joins one some where. If they requested information from you, you want to make sure that if they did not join but decide to later that the person they contact is you and not anyone else. If done properly you will always grow your income and momentum if you untilize your database consistantly

The end of the year offers a unique opportunity to educate and give a call to action at the same time. Below is an example of an email I just sent to my database this morning. 114 people have already read it with several replying.

Today is Monday, December 29, 2008. Counting today, you have exactly 3 days left.

Are you ready? You had asked me for information on starting a business for yourself. You wanted to create a different and better lifestyle for you and your family. Have you done that yet?

You are about to set another list of New Year’s resolutions…
do you intend to keep them this year? What if… in 2008…..

…you could achieve true success and wealth
…you could fire your boss …you could triple your family’s income
…you could take the family vacations you’ve only dreamed of
…you could spend more time with those you love
…you could finally check all the goals off your list by the end of the year

What would that mean for your family? In 2005 I set a list of goals for my family that included all of the above. I had set many of those goals for years before that, but had never achieved them. Finally, in 2006, I met or exceeded everything on my list, thanks to a business mentor who led me by the hand and showed me what it would take to finally do it.

I would like to extend that same gift to you. As you consider what 2009 will bring for you and your family, I would encourage you to view the following video about what others on my team have achieved for themselves and their families. –> <--

30,000 people will start a business next month. How many of those people will you be positioned to help? How many of them will choose to do business with you? That all depends on if you are in business for yourself yet, and if you are positioned to benefit from helping those people achieve success.

Oh.. and one more thing… the best time to start a business is before January 1st. You could literally get an additional $3-4K back on your tax refund weeks from now by investing in a business before the 1st. That extra capital can really help you get your business up and running fast. I can show you how. There’s a special website link I will send you that will give you instant access on everything you need to make sure you get more money back in February. All you need to do to get that info is go watch the movie at

Counting today, you have 3 days left. Are you ready?

God Bless and Happy New Year

Special thanks to Stephanie Johnson for giving me the idea for this particular letter! Stephanie is a 6 Figure Income Earner and leader within Coastal Travel. Anyone working with her one on one is absolutely blessed!