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Probably one of the best techinques to successfully building a lucrative income is to connect with other successful people and pick their brain.  With DFI being at this Dani Johnson event we not only are able to learn from each other but each of us learn as well.  Being a student constantly is certainly a key to success that we all know but often forget.

There will be some huge announcements for DFI at large this weekend it will definately provide a strategy for success that has never been done with our company before and, fortunately in DFI with our main focus being successful lucrative home businesses we get to be the first to blaze the path.  It should definately make working from home not only lucrative and strategic but also a blast like we’ve never seen.

This weekend the results that come out of this event will be incredible.  It’s not possible to put so many transparent leaders from one company in one place not to mention the same place a Dani Johnson event is going to be held and not have success.  Recently coming from these events we’ve learned that of those who made money most of them averaged 14,200 a person in the first 30 days out of this training.

Just yesterday I learned of a few more people who have made money in the last week or two not counting myself.  I heard

-Lorraine in VA she was an executive for Rolls Royce before being laid off made 3,200 dollars last week.  –

-Cadie in MN a stay home mom made 6,400 dollars since Jan. 1st.

-Jackie in GA made 1,000 dollars yesterday.

Life is good and it’s great to be in Denver today with our team!  No matter where you find your self be productive and remember you only live once.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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