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Dani Johnson teaches how she went from homeless to Millionaire in two years.  She’s had many clients from all walks of life double and triple their income following her training, people have paid of enormous amounts of debts and got promoted at their jobs.  Those that are in a home business many made no money and after her training learned how to make a multiple 6 figure income.  I’m one of those people, but I’m only one of 1.000’s that have been through her trainings.

So how do you get prepared and get the most out of what Dani Johnson will teach at First Steps to Success?  There are 3 basic things you want to do, one is to understand exactly how you got into the room in the first place.  The second is be ready to learn taking copious notes and finally understand where the content is coming from.

Let’s start with the first one, understanding how you got into the room.  Most likely the person who directed you to Dani Johnson did it completely out of the kindness of their heart.  What I mean by that is they aren’t compensated by Dani or her company in any way, unless they are an employee.  She teaches a concept in her training that if you help someone create enough results they will tell others about you.  99% of the room is filled simply by word of mouth because of the results someone else got coming out of an earlier training.  I’m one of those people, I’m a client just like you and that’s part of the reason I’m writing this blog post.  Just to do my part and give back.

Second, when you understand how you got there.  It wasn’t a paid endorsement or anything like that then you can be sure the person that recommended you found something that created crazy results either in their income, career or family and they wanted you to get the same experience.  So be prepared to get all you can out of the weekend.  Dani Johnson covers so much info so dang fast make sure you have two pens and a full clean notebook going in. You don’t want to miss one thing that you are suppose to learn.

Finally, understand the origin of what you will learn. Dani Johnson is not politically correct, she was homeless and started a home business out of a pay phone booth.  She has used those lessons to help people from all walks of life but she does it by being extremely specific and strategic.  Her training isn’t hype or fluff, it’s the nuts and bolts of exactly how to increase your income, pay off you debt, get a pay raise at work, get more out of your employees, have a productive marriage and happy kids.  Dani, is very specific her agenda and business model is based off of you getting results and sharing her message with someone else. She’s not going to tell you what your home business company will want you to hear, or your boss at work or your spouse.  She’s going to tell you what you need to hear to act, reduce stress and increase your income.

So if you understand how you got in the room, why you should take notes and the origin of the content you will learn.  Then the biggest thing you should do before you go or right after you get back is THANK THE PERSON THAT TOLD YOU TO GO.  There are 1,000’s and 1,000’s that hear a message and unfortunately in this world most people only care about themselves.  They hold things close to their chest and won’t share their “secrets”.  That’s not who that person is and is definitely not who Dani Johnson is. Thank the good Lord you needed a road map or a way to improve things and God put an awesome person in your life to guide you when you needed it.  That person who guided you to Dani’s training is one of a kind, make sure you value them.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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When I first started a legitimate Internet home business I had no idea what I was doing.  Previously my military experience, my dad or husband experience and being 6 figures in debt never prepared me for how to effectively worked from home.  But that didn’t stop me from having success.  I made 6 figures working part time that 12 months and in the last 30 days I’ve made right at $33,000.  THERE IS A SECRET TO HOW I DID IT!

Raise Your hand if you wanna know what it is?


The secret is something that 10’s of 1,000’s heard about but only a tiny fraction took advantage of it.  It is incredible how many people miss the small things and come up with excuses like I don’t have the time, I can’t afford it or maybe next time.  When the truth really is you can always afford to improve your life, there is always time if you want to make it and you never know if there will ever be a next time.

Raise your hand if you will be the one that takes action and makes things happen, versus wishing you had years down the road.


You see the secret is really a no brainer.  The secret is live training calls that Dani Johnson did from time to time via conference calls.  Dani Johnson went from homeless to millions and she did it with a legitimate home business.  She can teach you as she’s taught thousands.  But of course times have changed now.  Conference calls are old news, but now days Dani Johnson does webinars.  The good news is there is one coming up tonight.  You don’t want to miss this training if you have a home business, internet business or ever even imagined you’d like to work from home.

There are only a few slots left.  I am not an employee and by choice I’m not an affiliate.  I’m simply a result of being a client of Dani Johnson.  On purpose I will not guide you to an affiliate link.  Many people claim they want to help others only to guide them to a service they get paid for.  I do not get paid for this advice by Dani Johnson in any way period.  I am passionate about what Dani Johnson teaches because it’s what I still use today to create an incredible income for my family and so could you. Go to and register for her live training tonight!  DO NOT MISS YOUR SHOT, there are many that heard about the first event I heard about.  Many made a different decision, surely for a good reason.  But at this point not being there, based off of my results has cost them millions. Don’t let that be you.

See You There,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Be one of the ones that raises your hand!  Be part of training that will literally teach you how to increase your income, decrease your stress and debt at that same time having more fun in life! CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW RIGHT NOW!


P.P.S.  If Dani’s training has helped you and you want to help others because you truly care. Like, Share and Comment below! Sorry you won’t get an affiliate for recommending it neither do I.

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First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson was truly a life changing experience for me.  If you are going to First Steps, thinking about going or just actively wanting to learn more about how Dani Johnson helps others.  You need to know a few things to get the most out of any of Dani’s training.


(Above is a picture taken with 1600 eyeballs looking at me as I shared why I promote Dani’s Training)

Recently I posted a video on my YouTube channel about what you need to know when you go to First Steps so you are prepared.  It is definitely an event you need to be prepared for.  The average person is so stunned the first time they go because it is definitely way different than anything they expected.

– Dani Johnson is not politically correct.

– Dani Johnson is not hype and motivation

– Dani Johnson is not going to tell you what you want to hear

Most people are so numbed out by skepticism because of the hype, fancy marketing and misinformation that can easily be found every where.  But you quickly learn that Dani is different, her training is different, her concepts are different.  Look at the results of her clients and realize something must be different.  You are right it is ABSOLUTELY different.  But most people do not expect how different Dani’s training really is. What you need to know about First Steps to Success and Dani is.

– Dani Johnson is the real deal

– Dani Johnson only teaches what she’s done, not theory

– Dani Johnson really does want you to succeed, her model is if you succeed you will tell people where you learned it  (that is real different than most)

If you want to know how to get the most out of a First Steps training event or you are thinking about going but you haven’t watched the video to get specific details I’ll post it below.  Watch it closely and take notes.


How to Get the Most for Dani Johnson and First Steps

Hopefully we get meet at this next Dani Johnson event coming up,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. If you’ve been to First Steps feel free to comment, share a testimony or give a word of encouragement to anyone thinking about going to the very next event in the comments below.

P.P.S. I believe in the training, so I don’t mind if you want share this post with anyone, you have my permission completely.  It’s about reaping and sowing, sow good seed and you reap a harvest.

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Dani Johnson has taught me how to go from zero dollars earned to 6 figures and multiple 6 figures following her recipe on how to work from home.  Learning what I call her home business success recipe and looking to create more and more success with the people I work with, we are about to launch “Jump Start your way to 6 Figures”.

Jump Start training will just be a foundational training on just mastering the basics of what Dani Johnson teaches.  While this is open only to people that I work with I share it here so you can apply it even in your own business. If there is one thing I want to master it’s how to apply more of what Dani teaches and help others to do the same.

One of the things that Dani teaches is we only remember a tiny fraction of everything we read see and hear.  If you teach someone the basics once they may have gotten some of it, but it’s highly unlikely they got every thing they needed.  So how do you teach them the full Dani Johnson recipe?

First you have to have the recipe yourself.  If it’s Dani’s recipe then you have to have results with it and it has to be something that solely came from Dani.  You must take as much of your opinion out of the process as you can.  If’s ok for you to adjust the recipe because of what you think, then your new people will do the same.  You have to teach the basics that work in more than one way.  What will my jump start training teach or reinforce?

1.  All  the basics I use and Dani Johnson has taught

2.  How to use the scripts effectively and why most people mess it up

3.  Basics of time management and helping your newest clients/team members

4.  The basic professional habits every successful person applies

5.  How to create more results and learn a simple process to troubleshoot your own mistakes

6.  How to get more yeses and less nos. 

7.  Effective time management ensuring your business is always fun.

No matter what you teach in your own “Jump Start to 6 Figures Training” make sure you’ve got the results first and foremost yourself.  Remember you are not the expert, this is basic.  Dani Johnson is the expert and she get’s paid to train.  If you care about the people you work with don’t as for them to pay you a “fee” for additional training.  THAT’S LAME!

God Bless,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Your Smartest Business Decision…

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You probably already know my story.  I was a military dad bringing home about $25K a year and over 6 figures in debt. I started working from home with a lucrative home business and made 6 figures my first year and went on to pay off all my debt ($292,000) now make multiple 6 figures annually.

BUT THIS ISN’T ABOUT ME!  It’s about you and it doesn’t matter what home business you have.  I’m going to give you the secret that helped me go from earning no income to a lucrative income.  That secret is Dani Johnson and what she teaches.  She went from homeless to millionaire in 2 years.  Today she works with 100s of company’s teaching her business techniques.  But most of those companies don’t realize all of her training at one time was focused on legitimate home businesses. It wasn’t until I plugged in to her specific home business training that I ever earned a dime.  My first few months working from home I didn’t know what I was doing and I earned nothing.

Dani Johnson moved most of her home business training to one place and that’s the smarter networker website.  Her general business training is all home business focused but the average person sitting in her First Steps to Success doesn’t even realize she’s teaching home business concepts.  But she is about to do a targeted specific training just for the home business industry again. 

Dani Johnson teaching legitimate home business concepts that can help you create a lucrative income is the secret to my personal success.  If you want a step by step approach to your business, if you want more results in less time, if you want your business to be fun again and you want to help people you can’t afford to miss this!

Dani Johnson Training You Can’t Afford to Miss

DISCLAIMER: I am simply a client of Dani Johnson.  I do not get paid to recommend her in any way shape or form.  I also don’t benefit from your personal business (unless we work together)  Why do I share this, simply because I believe in it.  I know I would not be traveling the world 6-8 weeks out of the year, building an orphanage in Belize and now India, be completely debt free and owning several investment property and help as many people as I am able to today if it wasn’t for what Dani Johnson taught me.

A lot of people can make recommendations when they are an affiliate or get compensated or paid for an endorsement.  I believe in what Dani teaches “find out what other people are doing and do the exact opposite”.  Very few people give valuable free advice and very few people really want to help others.  I may never meet you but I want you to succeed in your home based business PERIOD!

Get registered for this training that you can do right there from your home.  It was announced there are only a 1,000 openings for this.  There were more people than that fly across the country to go to a 2 day event she did recently so it will fill up.

Here is where you can reserve your slot..

Don’t miss out, if I had not gotten to learn Dani’s Home Business training I wouldn’t be here today.  HURRY UP!

To your success,
Stacy O’Quinn  

P.S. If you can do the opposite of the masses then share this article with those you care about.  Let’s help others when it doesn’t benefit us.  Pack out this training with those you care about before it fills up.

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Freedom Friday, $5 Makes a Difference

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Today is OFFICIALLY Freedom Friday!  To have the freedom to take action and do what you’ve been called to do. You really can be all you want to be and live the life you want. If you want to be a Doctor or a Lawyer you could do that.  If you want to work from home and make the same income and not have to go out in the cold you can do that as well. In honor of that freedom and with a desire to do the same from a special group of orphans in India let’s give $5 dollars as a small token of thank you for the choices we have today. 

Freedom Poster2WEB

$5 is a very small token but to give and share this post on your facebook wall or twitter you not only help but do a small gesture to help others and spread the word.  Think about it, someone some where has done something nice for you before.  Maybe they took some time and taught you a new skill/hobby maybe they encouraged you or simply smiled when you were having a bad day.  Maybe they bought your lunch or gave you a few dollars when you needed it.  Your $5 donation could be a way of saying thank you.  These kids saw their mom and dad murdered and in India they have no respect.  Let’s help them get back into their home where they are loved and become all that God has designed for them!

Make your donation today and in the comments put Freedom Friday! DONATE NOW!



$5 dollars does make a difference!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. On behalf of the kids who will never get to say it, Thank You!

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It’s Time For You To Step Up

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It’s the only way you will ever reach your fullest potential. Your life, opportunities and blessings were not meant for you alone!  You aren’t suppose to struggle.  You aren’t suppose to be in debt. You aren’t suppose to spend only and hour or two a day with your family. You aren’t suppose to have no influence or impact.

You were designed by the Great Designer to do great things.  You are suppose to not only be debt free and live a privileged life of freedom for you and your family but, influence and ability to impact others.  You desire to work at home, you desire to be self employed or just earn extra money and no longer stress or struggle?  GREAT but you were meant for even more!!!! Your success depends on the big picture.

What he can get through you he will get to you.  Years ago I learned the value of giving when I gave in a moment of desperation.  When I tithed for the first time and mathematically there wasn’t enough dollars for the bills coming in.  But that action changed me forever.  Then I was inspired by people like Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner.  Business people that made giving the reason for their business and that created a whole new purpose for success.  Even if you only give 10%. What if you focused on how big you could grow the 10% versus focusing on the 90% you keep?

Your success certainly isn’t for you alone.  You are meant to teach others and give back to those less fortunate.  Living a life of teaching some to fish and giving others a fish.  You can’t wait till you have “arrived”, you must put those steps into action now!  What is your 10% now?  Who do you help with it?

Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner are helping to build a home for some boys in India.  Children who saw their parents abused, raped and tortured before they were murdered.  These boys need a place to live and while I can’t write a million dollar check right now (I wish I could) but I do have at least my 10%.  Let’s Join Dani Johnson, Jeff Usner and others helping these children.  It will take a small army will you join Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner?


Click on the picture below to find out more.


Our Success is not ours alone!
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Special thanks to Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner for inspiring me and helping me to help others.  Now it’s your turn!  You can inspire people that Dani, Jeff and I don’t know.  You are one decision away from a new direction and total break through!

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Today is my last day of work before heading out to LA for an incredible training event with Dani Johnson called First Steps to Success.  Dani went from homeless to millions in 2 years and today she teaches and has taught 100s of 1000’s if not million through her books, weekend workshops and trainings on her website.

When I first heard about Dani Johnson I was not in the best place in life.  Struggling day to day well over 6 figures in debt as a man in the military our household earned income was $25,000 a year.  My wife is beautiful and amazing, was  then and still is a stay at home mom, one of the most valuable jobs on the planet but it doesn’t pay well.  Always looking for a way to break the struggle I had been going to college at night, started an Internet business and my prospects were not looking good.  I was spending more money trying to improve or change things and nothing was happening I wasn’t even making money in that Internet business.  NOTHING!

Then I landed on Dani Johnson’s website one night.  After reading all the stories and plugging into some of the free training something just felt different.  Like  the training had merit it was not just hype.  In an instant I made a decision to go to the very next First Steps event but first I had to call my credit card company and increase my balance. (Thank God they did)

That was the last weekend of Sept. 2005.  I could have never imagined what would have happened coming out of that training.  I learned specific strategies and understood how Dani went from homeless to millions.  She laid out her playbook in business and life step by step.  Not theory but specific nuts and bolts the how to’s.  That was it!  I came home and applied her techniques to that Internet business and 30 days later I made 13,000 dollars in profit.  I was overwhelmed but knew I had discovered something.

I went on to generate $104,000 in profit that first year and have continued 6 figures every year since.  Took 5 years and we paid off ALL OF OUR DEBT 292,000 dollars.  We’ve made multiple 6 figures the last several years.  It doesn’t matter if it’s investing in real estate, stocks, other business ventures or just basic client acquisition Dani’s training works.  Plus, I work less hours than I’ve ever worked.  Now the money and time freedom is great but it’s bigger than that.

Because of Dani’s training I’ve taken my kids to Belize to build an orphanage twice.  Saw my 5 yr old son give away his matchbox cars when he realized the other little boys didn’t have any of their own.  I’ve been to Nicaragua for weeks at the time with my kids eating different foods and seeing different cultures. Went on horse back riding trips through the jungle watching monkeys in the trees. Took my kids to Disney for a month and pretty much hit every theme park in Orlando in 28 days.  We’ve given away 10’s of 1,000s away every year to help abused kids and those that we see in need.  My wife and I have traveled all over the US on weekend getaways. We’ve been to Europe together, Bora Bora and Cruises just the two of us.  We’ve learned about money and investments and are truly financially free.  You can see some of our adventures on YOUTUBE.

I don’t share this info to impress you but to impress upon you what can happen for you starting with one weekend of Dani’s training.  People say all the time you are just a Dani Johnson fan.  If you learned to make a 6 figure income and become debt free while traveling the world with your family and giving away $1,000’s upon $1,000’s wouldn’t you.  If I’m dumb and just drinking the kool aid of some amazing marketer called Dani Johnson fair enough.  At this rate can you please feed me this kind of kool aid out of a fire hose!!!


See You There,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. If you want improvements and change in your life.  Like and share this post… it’s just reaping and sowing how Dani teaches.

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Dani Johnson | What Can She Teach You?

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Dani Johnson is no doubt one of the best business, life, personality, motivational, instructional teachers you will ever meet.  Dani Johnson went from homeless to millions and she did it with a home based business.  If you are in a legitimate home business you don’t want to miss out on learning the strategies that she teaches on how to make a lucrative income with any home business.  Make sure you register for her home business workshop!

Dani Johnson didn’t just make millions of dollars working from home but she’s gained valuable insight on how to motivate people, get the most out of your job or career, on how to get the most out of your employees and quickly eliminate any debt.  She’s impacted hundreds of companies through your step by step approach.  What’s interesting is today many people don’t realize she originally learned it all in the Home Business industry.  If you want a lucrative income working from home part time and you are are in a home business or wish you were you need to go to learn how Dani Johnson did it.

Dani Johnson can teach you how to find more clients.  How to get your clients working for you through word of mouth.  She can give you a step by step approach to bring clients from a no to an “I love you”, literally.  Dani Johnson has helped thousands of people increase their income and pay off their debt.  How do I know?

I’m not an employee I’m a client and after my first Dani Johnson event in my own home business I went from earning nothing to 30 days later made 13K in profit.  Made a 6 figure income that year and walked away from my previous 8 year military career.  I’ve worked from home ever since and thanks to Dani Johnson we’ve made 6 figures annually and paid off $292,000 in debt in 5 years.  All following what she teaches.  Today the only thing I attempt to master is applying exactly what Dani teaches. 


If It Ain’t Broke Why Fix It?
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. If you are going to LA this weekend like this post!

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Dani Johnson often talks about everyone needing an editor?  The question is do you need accountability like that?  Biblically we all do need someone for that accountability, iron sharpens iron.  But what makes a good Editor?  Is Dani Johnson a good Editor? What about your spouse? Your kids maybe?  What about a business partner or church friend even?

The bottom line is not everyone is qualified to edit us or hold us accountable in all areas of our life.  If you think about the purpose of an editor it is their job to make sure the finished product is at its best.  So when asking who is qualified to be your editor the fact is you may have several editors in different areas.  You have to ask yourself is this person qualified to help me in this area.  Your best friend could be an Editor in business and relationships if they have already accomplished what you would like are they are well on their way.  But if they don’t’ have results then you should not allow someone to be your editor if that’s the case.  Because then you end up with someone’s opinion and if you follow an unproven opinion you end up with the existing results of that opinion.  So make sure you understand the results.

When you work from home or make investments one of the most important things is to have a mentor.  A good mentor is someone who has had success that you would also like and they are willing to freely share tips, advice, technique and strategy.  Having a mentor does not mean you have an editor. An editor is someone that you allow to edit your life in one area or another.  A mentor can give you tips all day long but if you don’t’ take those tips which will create changes in your own life then there will be no results.  The best editor I’ve ever personally had that I was not related to has been Dani Johnson.

Dani Johnson and her training has helped me become debt free, balance my work/play life, allowed me to make way more money than I ever thought possible, help more people than I ever imagined and it’s because she was qualified.  She’s had results that I wanted, was willing to be an editor and I have been willing to be edited.  Unlike many people Dani Johnson has mentored no part of me ever wanted to be her.  I just wanted to learn and apply and help others to apply.  So if you want to make a ton of money working from home, have great relationships, increase your income and help other people I’d recommend you find an editor that can help you do that.


Here’s to the Editor (whom ever that maybe)
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Don’t covet what someone else has!  Just be willing to learn the skills they have to get what God has for you.  No part of me wants to be Dani Johnson, but I do want to be the best student possible and master applying what I’ve learned and master duplicating what I’ve learned in others.

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