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This weekend will be powerful, awesome and impactful! Tons of people from our entire team will be in Dallas for Dani Johnson and her training event, First Steps to Success. So you are reading this and maybe you are not going to Dallas. Maybe you’ve heard about the results that come from that training and you want those results but you just can’t make it this weekend.

What should you do? First just accept there is nothing you can do to benefit from a Dani Johnson event with out actually being there. You just can’t so you may not have those results. Once you’ve accepted that fact than we can start with the cards we are dealt with so that we will receive the biggest benefit out of the next event that we can get to.

Success in business is not always instantaneous. It is often times a process, a transformation. As we learn and develop new habits and techniques. Congrats for reading this far you are apparently interested in growing, developing and transforming.

There is a reason you could not make Dani Johnson this weekend. There is more time needed for one reason or another so that you learn and grow to the point you will get the most out of that event when you do get there. So let’s look at your business for a moment. You want to succeed being your own boss, having more time freedom and you want to be one of the stories you have heard on our training calls or on Dani Johnson’s website?

What is one action that you need to take to ensure that you can have that success. Of the things you’ve learned from your up line, business partners, your director or from Dani Johnson dot com have you already implemented those skills that you’ve freely gotten? Do you work with a spirit of excellence? Or do you make up reasons/excuses on why you can’t work? Are you procrastinating in your business? What are you putting off in your business? Do you contact your clients like you should? Have you even started your business?

Dani Johnson is not a miracle worker. Her training will not make you a new person. You have to have the desire which is only proven by what you do, not what you say. Back to that one action, what is one thing you can start doing now to improve your chances of success. Are you diligently working? Are you consistent? Have you even started yet?

Master the skills you have already been given so that when you get to a Dani event your time is not wasted learning something you already knew. In my personal experience after 30 Dani Johnson events people who are diligently working get more out of an event than those that go and now learn they are ready to at least get to work. Both skills are important but which do you want to learn from that weekend? That you need to go to work or that you need to adjust some habits and work more efficient? If you haven’t mastered work you can’t master the skills that require working efficiently.

What is the one thing you need to start doing now in your business? You got it? Good NOW GO DO IT!

Let’s Succeed,
Stacy O’Quinn

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More DFI Success Stories in Coastal!

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Cutting Edge Media one of the two advertising companies that our team uses sent over two more testimonies they where emailed recently. Our team is on fire right now. The successes we are hearing from all over the place are amazing! Congrats go out to two very dynamic directors on our team both Holly Marshall and Kristi Engle for their success with Coastal Travel and our team.

”I have been using CEM leads for the last 3 years to build my 6 figure Coastal Travel business. After taking a 6 month hiatus from my business, thanks to CEM leads, I was able to generate 3200 in my first 30 days back. Thank, CEM!” Kristi Engle

Working part time from home allows me to do so many great things in my life! We just got back from a great vacation in Fl. all the while, making over $6,000 this month! ALL because of Cutting Edge Media leads, and of course the training and support of DFI! I am so blessed. THANKS. Holly Marshall

Congrats to BOTH OF YOU!
Stacy O’Quinn

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