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Any one starting out in a home business for the first time or anyone actually doing anything new the very first time will face fear.  Fear is natural but we can’t let it control us.  We need to understand it and then attack it and not let it stop us or hold us back.  Fear is a by product of wanting to improve something in your life.  It is only experienced when you are looking to start something new, like a lucrative home business.  Dealing with fear is a good thing because it proves you are not apathetic.  People who do not deal with fear are not trying anything new in their life.  So that means one of two things.  They are comfortable and happy with were they are, the debt they have the wealth they’ve created and the influence they have and they have no desire to ever improve.  Or they are simply dead.  It’s the only way to not ever face fear!

When you begin something knew it is important to understand what it is you are doing and why.  If you are looking to build a lucrative home business for the first time are you looking to improve your financial situation and increase your wealth.  To do that you can’t do what you’ve always done so that means you most likely will be trying something new.  Naturally this can create nervous feelings and fear.  If you are absolutely confident that what you are doing is simple.  If you know the person you are working with will show you step by step what they do and how they do it.  If you follow the same path they have done, you have to know you will be successful!

So at that point how do you handle fear?  Hans Johnson, a million-aire and the husband of the best home business success coach in the industry Dani Johnson once said making a six figure income should never be complicated.  To many people have done it, find someone who will let you follow what they have done and do it!  Hans Johnson, also said there is only one way to kill fear and that is with ACTION.  So if you are currently dealing with some level of fear in your life then you know what direction to walk in, or you would not even be fearful!  Take action!  Follow the lead of someone else that has what you want.  Today is your day!  Don’t procrastinate!

Good Luck in Your Lucrative Home Business,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Congrats to Susan in AL who just made $1,000 in one day, also Renae in MN just had a $13,000 dollar week and last but not least congrats to Lisa in WI for being able to walk away from her full time job and work from home!

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Are you worried…?

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What is worry?

Short three letter question but are you confident in how to answer it? Is it fear?

No, fear is what blocks opportunity. I once heard someone smart say the devil only places fear in front of a door that he knows you won’t fail at. So fear is an emotion that holds you back or blocks you from going down a path potentially.

I’d also recommend that if you are looking at an opportunity today and you feel fear to ask your self if you knew failure was not an option how would you react? Then do it NOW! You may say, “Well Stacy you don’t know my situation.” You are right but we can never change the pain of regret in the future.

…So this takes us back to our original question. What is worry? It is my belief that worry is something we often experience as we walk through opportunity before we achieve our destination. It’s taking tomorrow’s problem or the problem from next week or next year and assuming that it’s going to happen today. A problem which may never actually occur. We shoulder that burden usually by saying “What if”.

The result often times is that we will choose a new path to walk down and get off our path of opportunity. Today I encourage you to not let fear hold you back or let worry get you off track.

You can do it!
Stacy O’Quinn

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