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Freedom Friday, $5 Makes a Difference

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Today is OFFICIALLY Freedom Friday!  To have the freedom to take action and do what you’ve been called to do. You really can be all you want to be and live the life you want. If you want to be a Doctor or a Lawyer you could do that.  If you want to work from home and make the same income and not have to go out in the cold you can do that as well. In honor of that freedom and with a desire to do the same from a special group of orphans in India let’s give $5 dollars as a small token of thank you for the choices we have today. 

Freedom Poster2WEB

$5 is a very small token but to give and share this post on your facebook wall or twitter you not only help but do a small gesture to help others and spread the word.  Think about it, someone some where has done something nice for you before.  Maybe they took some time and taught you a new skill/hobby maybe they encouraged you or simply smiled when you were having a bad day.  Maybe they bought your lunch or gave you a few dollars when you needed it.  Your $5 donation could be a way of saying thank you.  These kids saw their mom and dad murdered and in India they have no respect.  Let’s help them get back into their home where they are loved and become all that God has designed for them!

Make your donation today and in the comments put Freedom Friday! DONATE NOW!



$5 dollars does make a difference!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. On behalf of the kids who will never get to say it, Thank You!

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It’s Time For You To Step Up

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It’s the only way you will ever reach your fullest potential. Your life, opportunities and blessings were not meant for you alone!  You aren’t suppose to struggle.  You aren’t suppose to be in debt. You aren’t suppose to spend only and hour or two a day with your family. You aren’t suppose to have no influence or impact.

You were designed by the Great Designer to do great things.  You are suppose to not only be debt free and live a privileged life of freedom for you and your family but, influence and ability to impact others.  You desire to work at home, you desire to be self employed or just earn extra money and no longer stress or struggle?  GREAT but you were meant for even more!!!! Your success depends on the big picture.

What he can get through you he will get to you.  Years ago I learned the value of giving when I gave in a moment of desperation.  When I tithed for the first time and mathematically there wasn’t enough dollars for the bills coming in.  But that action changed me forever.  Then I was inspired by people like Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner.  Business people that made giving the reason for their business and that created a whole new purpose for success.  Even if you only give 10%. What if you focused on how big you could grow the 10% versus focusing on the 90% you keep?

Your success certainly isn’t for you alone.  You are meant to teach others and give back to those less fortunate.  Living a life of teaching some to fish and giving others a fish.  You can’t wait till you have “arrived”, you must put those steps into action now!  What is your 10% now?  Who do you help with it?

Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner are helping to build a home for some boys in India.  Children who saw their parents abused, raped and tortured before they were murdered.  These boys need a place to live and while I can’t write a million dollar check right now (I wish I could) but I do have at least my 10%.  Let’s Join Dani Johnson, Jeff Usner and others helping these children.  It will take a small army will you join Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner?


Click on the picture below to find out more.


Our Success is not ours alone!
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Special thanks to Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner for inspiring me and helping me to help others.  Now it’s your turn!  You can inspire people that Dani, Jeff and I don’t know.  You are one decision away from a new direction and total break through!

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Jeff Usner | Millionaire Secret

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Jeff Usner and his wife Jennifer are worth millions, and they have a secret to their success.  If you want to be a millionaire then understanding Jeff Usner and his secret would be key to being able to create the success he and his wife has.

I first met Mr. Usner personally via a Dani Johnson training event.  Dani Johnson and her training definitely has been a positive impact on both of us and it’s something we have in common.  Jeff has proven that he is a top Dani student he’s one of the absolutely best and he has a secret to being a millionaire.

Recently on a vacation with Jeff and his wife Jennifer Usner (we both were blessed to see the pure blessed matrimony of Zac Mulder and Arica Johnson) in Nicaragua, while on that trip having breakfast Jeff and I pondered the concept of owning beach front property in this little slice of paradise.  Since financing is not a solid option in this central American country I mentioned that I could own a house back on a hill overlooking the ocean but not necessarily ocean front.  Jeff and Jennifer Usner looked at me like I had farted and awkward silence….

Finally a conversation ensued and in that conversation I learned their secret and it was in front of me the entire time but the key was I lacked the belief and it was unintentional.  Jeff and his wife Jennifer are incredible Christians we serve the same God.  Immediately I was called on the carpet and I believe it was Jennifer that actually did it first.  She asked me why did I limit what God would do for me or make available to me.  Several years ago they went through some serious financial, emotional and mental challenges.  Jeff decided on faith to make a radical change and he learned some advanced skill sets that took him from a good Internet Marketer to a GREAT INTERNET MARKETER.  I’ve been outsourcing Jeff Usner and his company via to generate leads for some time he’s great at what he does.

(His skill set has made it possible that we’ve been able to create a lucrative income from home and has been a source through which we’ve been able to help others do the same)

Jeff Usner isn’t a Christian in title, he’s a Christian in action.  He decided during a drought in his life that God had something better for him and his family.  He BELIEVED so much so he took enormous financial risk invested 100’s of thousands of dollars and his belief drove his actions.  The proof of his belief was not his words but more so his actions.  He took what many would consider a risk but his secret was belief,  Godly Belief that he could do something GREAT.  He did not limit God’s potential through his words or his actions.

Jeff, thank you for being a Godly example of a multimillionaire.  Thank You for helping me to understand your secret wasn’t a secret at all if I didn’t create my own limiting factors for God.  You and your wife inspire me and my family.


Thank You,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Once in a while I run into someone who will ask what are you guys doing in DFI to have the results that you have had? Here’s the reality it would take hours to explain exactly our business model as a team. Why it really works even though it’s super simple. Why people from all backgrounds and all walks of life are having success working from home and maybe I’ll do that one day.

How do you know you are on the right track though? Results is the obvious answer and I’ll be sharing some results in our next post.

What are others willing to do to see you succeed? What sacrifice are others willing to make? Has one of your advertising agencies or marketing partners slashed their profits to work with you? Has anyone put in any effort to help you or contribute to your success? One man has recently for our team in DFI for our Coastal Travel businesses. Jeff Usner a 7 figure income earner in the homebusiness industry and now he owns several businesses. Including and the advertising company we work with

He recently did a training call for us during our Blitz! He’s the original person who mentored us on how to run an effective Blitz with your team. Before that call he shared with us his desire to cut his profit margins lower then he has in the past to work with our team. He recapped what he shared on the call and also talked about him slashing prices in a comical way in a recent letter to DFI!


Were you on the call this morning? If not – be sure to get on the calls this week… Be sure to read through the message for an exciting special offered to only a few select DFI team members.

1) Preparation – this is why it is critical to plug into your morning calls and calls throughout the day – to have your mind where it needs to be for Peak Performance.

2) Focus – the blitz will cause you to focus more than you may have ever done in your life. Get your goals clear and in front of you for the day, week – for your dials, presentations and enrollments – it’s got to be crystal clear.

3) Intensity – you must bring an extra normal energy and drive to the blitz. This is not just a ‘normal’ day or week – this is BLITZ week – This means your intensity must be at another level – your expectancy for growth – for success for positive results must be at a new high…. not for a long time – just for the blitz, and you will be surprised at some of the benefits of the blitz after it is over.

4) Higher success with hitting your target/goal. this is critical – when you attack your business with an all out blitz… even if you stink on the phone or presenting – or you are a pro..doesn’t matter – you will have more success than ‘normal’ because of the focus and intensity of the blitz. This means you will achieve your goals faster and more complete than ever during a blitz.

5) Victory – when this blitz is over – I guarantee you will have more victory in your life – in your finances, overcoming fears, taking actions, helping others, having more fun than ever before and maybe even breaking some of the DFI records. this will happen – bottomline – guaranteed…you can’t help but have more victory when you are blitzing…it’s that simple.

You can do this.

And during the blitz – you will need people to talk to. If you already have a media agency you are excited about and getting results – by all means – whether that is SnapResponse or Cutting Edge Media – stick with it –

However, I would encourage you to get as many people in front of you as possible – which means it can be a great idea to invest in multiple advertising agencies. It’s just smart business.

Check out the blitz packages we are offering with SnapResponse – they are killer deals that we have never offered before…and quite honestly, may never offer again.

They are so good – my wife actually asked me, ‘Jeff, what are you doing…do we even make money to cover expenses on this package?’ go see what my wife was ticked about –
(this is the main reason I can’t say this will last forever… she might kick my butt! 🙂

so don’t miss out – check ’em out now and get out there BLITZING!!!
Jeff Usner

PS – Please share your results with me this week – I want to hear your success stories…

Thanks Jeff for your invaluable support!
Stacy O’Quinn

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