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Cadie Kalmes is a Stay at home mom with 3 small kids, 2 little boys and a beautiful little girl.  She has become a wise business woman and she recently shared her story for the world at a live DFI Event.  Her experience with Coastal Travel proves what is possible.  When you have a support structure and a team their with you step by step like DFI and Coastal Travel it makes creating a lucrative income from home much more simple.  Working with Cadie I’ve learned that any stay at home mom who is willing to learn and be dedicated 15-20 hours can have a lucrative home business.

Cadie recently won the Leadership Council Ring for her dedication and desire to help others achieve success.  Cadie not only has created a lucrative home business for her self with Coastal Travel but she’s also helped a ton of other people develop their own Coastal Travel income to a lucrative home business.  For her dedication she qualified for the Leadership Council Ring.

A message to Cadie Kalmes,
Cadie since we’ve known each other who knew how quickly our lives would change.  Congradulations on all your success you deserve it and I’ve been blessed to be an eye witness.  It is my only prayer that those that are fortunate enough to work with you know truly how lucky they are!  It’s been an incredible Journey, I still remember when you first got started… and I look forward to seeing what else the Journey has in store for you!!!                    

To Your Success
Stacy O’Quinn

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For the first time ever in the home business industry or any business industry it is possible to build a business and work from home and once you get started realistically get to a place of zero overhead.  Think about it a lucrative, legitimate business with no monthly expense.  No auto-ship or keeping products on hand.  No traveling to meetings nothing.

Just simply a lucrative income and no monthly overhead what so ever, that’s crazy money coming in and no money going out.  Where else is that possible?  With DFI and Coastal Travel it’s now possible.  Thanks to the advertising firms we work with they have partnered up with DFI and Coastal Travel and created a rewards program that rewards us as we build our lucrative home businesses.  Like we’ve always done except now our only expense we’ve ever had has gone away completely. 

Think about it a legitimate lucrative business that obviously has the potential to make money fast and now you can get to a place to have clients coming to you that you don’t even have to pay for?  We are not only the highest paid company in the lucrative home business industry. We are also the least expensive to run and maintain.  That means more profits in your pocket!!!

I want to give credit where credit is due.  If it were not for the leadership and the vision of one of our very best leaders Mr. Jackie O’Quinn we would not have this opportunity today.  I would not even be in this company if it were not for him.  Jackie O’Quinn is an incredible leader and visionary and this rewards program he’s had put in place for all of us and he doesn’t even directly get anything for it except the use of it just like you and I.  It’s real leadership with true integrity that allows us to have a lucrative income.  

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Yesterday I went fishing in my favorite place called the Little River.  As I’m fishing I started thinking about the bait I was using.  The water levels recently changed a lot I wasn’t sure what would be holding up in the deep holes.  Then it hit me as I’m fishing, the bait I use is the same thing I should apply in business.  If we have a legitimate lucrative home based business then we should use a technique like I did fishing.  If you are looking for a legitimate home based business than you should also consider the same thing I did when fishing.

You see I grabbed an old reliable bait that has produced results for years, there was natural stability in using it.  This bait which I will reveal its name in a moment as you keep reading, it also has the potential to catch almost any edible fish that would have been in these waters.  Anything from bass, brim, crappie and/or catfish, it catches few trash fish like gar and blackfish/bowfin.  The bait has MASS APPEAL.  It is called a “Beetlespin”

Our legitimate home based business if it is also going to be lucrative has to be like a “Beetlespin” fishing lure.  It can’t be something that is a fly by night, it needs to have been around a while but still be lucrative.  Amway has been around a while and is a great company for many but for someone brand new it’s not very lucrative.  The key to finding a legitimate company is look at how long it’s been around.  A solid company will have a track record of 10 years or more.  What makes a home based business lucrative is mass appeal that produces results.  Just like the “Beetlespin” fishing lure is. 

I want to congratulate a few people now who are using the same “Beetlespin” I am

Congrats to Hilary Snyder in CA who just made $3,200 in one day
Congrats to Angela Lasher in PA who is a stay at home mom and made $10,000 in the last month
Congrats to Lisa Serocki in GA for making $3,200 in the last week.

It has been awesome watching each one of you succeed since we’ve known each other.  You truly are becoming incredible leaders!

Also a HUGE congrats to Tim West in LA, Eddie Idouze in London and Deon Danner in NC for each bringing on board 5 new team members in JUNE.  Each of you deserves your success you’ve worked so hard for.  Tim, Eddie and Deon you are all solid leaders on our team.  Thanks for being who you are.

Apparently we have a Legitimate Lucrative Home Based Business

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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One of the things I’ve learned since 2005 when we first started in a lucrative home business that was legitimate is that you can’t limit yourself.  Dani Johnson teachs this many times in her home business training.  You only believe what you can achieve!  If you’ve found a way to increase your income and you are having results don’t think supplemental income think primary income.  For a home based business to be legitimate is easy but you determine if it’s LUCRATIVE! 

So often we sell ourself short on what we think is possible, what if we worked and focused our activity as if the impossible is possible?  What would happen then?  You don’t have to do anything new or ground breaking you just have to believe what someone else has done is possible for you.  Life is incredibly short when you see someone else doing what you want, just follow them.  Hans Johnson told me a long time ago, “You never have to guess how to make a 6 Figure Income, just follow the path someone else has already made!”  The bottom line is you have to believe and have faith in your own God given desires!

I don’t know where you are at today in your life or even in your own LUCRATIVE home business (If you have one).  But remember you are the one that takes a legitimate opportunity and makes it a lucrative one.  You can succeed!  You can achieve! 

Your DREAMS should stop being dreams and become your goals TODAY!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn
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If you are tired of the results you have had in your home business, do you think it’s time you did something different?  READ THIS EMAIL I JUST GOT…

BTW, That second guy in the video was a real shocker  🙂

Did you check out the video we emailed you about a few weeks ago?

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment to Watch It Now!

For the past few months we’ve received a lot of amazing stories and testimonials from our clients in emails, on Facebook, and at the events themselves.

The vast majority of these testimonials are about Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success seminar and how it has drastically changed the course of people’s lives. It’s helped people get focused on what they want in their lives and has helped them create simple, step-by-step plans for taking action to grow the income from their businesses, improve their relationships, and achieve success in everyday life.

One of the favorite sessions of First Steps To Success is the first 3 hours of the seminar itself… many people have said that it’s worth the cost of the entire seminar just in that session alone.

This is life-changing stuff!

It really goes way beyond that but that’s the easiest way to describe it.

If you have yet to attend a First Steps to Success event, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  I promise you it will make a major difference in your mind set and how you approach your business (and your life).

The next First Steps to Success event is taking place in London, UK next weekend, Saturday & Sunday, April 24th & 25th, at the famous Indig02 Arena. That means you have 8 days left to register and secure your seat.

If you live in the US and have ever had a desire to see what it’s like on the other side of the world, you really need to check this out. It’s a rare opportunity to see Dani Johnson LIVE and experience the UK and all it has to offer. Take a couple days before or after the event just to go on a quick “holiday” and really make the most of it.

And of course if you live in the UK, there’s really no reason to stay home. This is a life changing experience and you never know when Dani is going to be in the UK again!

Take a step in the right direction and change your life today. Register for First Steps to Success RIGHT NOW! Your future depends on it!

See you in 8 days!!

Gerri Rusch
Program Manager
Call To Freedom International

P.S. Dani will also be doing her popular Spiritual Equipping in the Marketplace session on Saturday evening April 24, starting at 7:00pm. This session is open to the public and is free to anyone who would like to attend.

Several of us in the 6 Figure Income Club will be in London for First Steps to Success.  Did you see the second guy in the video?  Did you hear the results he had?  Look at the top of the page and you will see why and recognize why he recommends Dani Johnson’s training.  Because he’s able to be home with that little girl, my precious daughter!

Stacy O’Quinn

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Any one starting out in a home business for the first time or anyone actually doing anything new the very first time will face fear.  Fear is natural but we can’t let it control us.  We need to understand it and then attack it and not let it stop us or hold us back.  Fear is a by product of wanting to improve something in your life.  It is only experienced when you are looking to start something new, like a lucrative home business.  Dealing with fear is a good thing because it proves you are not apathetic.  People who do not deal with fear are not trying anything new in their life.  So that means one of two things.  They are comfortable and happy with were they are, the debt they have the wealth they’ve created and the influence they have and they have no desire to ever improve.  Or they are simply dead.  It’s the only way to not ever face fear!

When you begin something knew it is important to understand what it is you are doing and why.  If you are looking to build a lucrative home business for the first time are you looking to improve your financial situation and increase your wealth.  To do that you can’t do what you’ve always done so that means you most likely will be trying something new.  Naturally this can create nervous feelings and fear.  If you are absolutely confident that what you are doing is simple.  If you know the person you are working with will show you step by step what they do and how they do it.  If you follow the same path they have done, you have to know you will be successful!

So at that point how do you handle fear?  Hans Johnson, a million-aire and the husband of the best home business success coach in the industry Dani Johnson once said making a six figure income should never be complicated.  To many people have done it, find someone who will let you follow what they have done and do it!  Hans Johnson, also said there is only one way to kill fear and that is with ACTION.  So if you are currently dealing with some level of fear in your life then you know what direction to walk in, or you would not even be fearful!  Take action!  Follow the lead of someone else that has what you want.  Today is your day!  Don’t procrastinate!

Good Luck in Your Lucrative Home Business,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Congrats to Susan in AL who just made $1,000 in one day, also Renae in MN just had a $13,000 dollar week and last but not least congrats to Lisa in WI for being able to walk away from her full time job and work from home!

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To effectively make a 6 Figure Income training new independant reps that are working from their home has to be specific, exact, multifaceted and proven.  The only way a training environment can me proven is through results.  If the training you are using is not creating results you need to find NEW TRAINING!  In the next few post I will share with you specifically how our company has continued to thrive and specifically how so many new people have been able to profit so quickly. 

Just last night Michelle from CA a new Platinum Director in our company made 3,200 dollars.  Cadie from MN a stay home mom that works very part tim has made over 14,000 dollars in the last month and a half.  It’s the same training that allowed me when I was brand new with no experience working from home to make 104,000 dollars my first year, that was almost 5 years ago.  So far this year in the last two months we’ve made 42,105 dollars.

The bottom line is this.  Training for a new associate has to be specific, exact, proven and creating results!  The next post give I will specific tips on how our company starts a new person!  Stay tuned, and have a Blessed Day!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Working from home and having a lucrative home business is really priceless.  I normally use this blog to discuss some of the things that have made our company successful and I usually share those successes as well.  Results are the only thing that matters when you are looking to create success.  People follow results and that’s the key to any lucrative home business.

Ok so we’ve been crazy busy this month and I’ve personally been working with 5 new people one on one this month!  I’m very excited about two people in particular.  One is Ralph Roccuzzo and the other is Deborah Mimms.  Both of them have positioned themselves mentally and physically to have incredible success.  Hopefully they will be at First Steps to Success in Jacksonville FL.  Every single six figure income earner I’ve ever worked there went to that training first.  I personally never made any money in my own business until I went through that specific training.  I have no doubt that both Ralph and Deborah if they are consistent and went to that training that they could become 6 Figure Income Earners this year.

IN OTHER NEWS…  We would not have a lucrative home business if we did not know some recent results.  Cadie Kalmes recently shared she’s made 7,400 dollars so far this month.  That’s not bad for a stay at home mom working part time.  Her team is certainly blessed to be working with her.

Also I just had a conversation with Hilary Snyder she shared that she is making profit 1 out of every 38 DIALS!!!  Personally I was blown away!  In the last month and a half I’ve made about 31,400 dollars in profit this year so far.  I told you in December that Jan-April were big months.  But the point is I personally do not come close to Hilary’s numbers that just simply incredible!

Have a Blessed Day!
Stacy O’Quinn

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As promised we are about to share the secrets to the Tsunami that Decide Freedom is doing!  This got kicked off for our team at the at the last First Steps to Success event with Dani Johnson.  If you watch closely you will learn how you can be part of something that will create crazy results in your life. 

If you are already making a 6 figure income or you are part of a lucrative home business already it is very simple for you to grab a hold of what our tcompany has done and use it for your own gain!  The two basic rules are this… 1. Your hearts desire for other people has to be geniune and  2.  You must be able to plant a vision.


Now, there are at least 3 distinct things you want to listen for.

First, Mrs. Renae Heikkila, discusses Tsunami of 2010 and exactly what you have to do in order to have the fastest quickest success possible. Then Mr. Jackie O’Quinn, discusses something that is completely historic and has never been done before in the history of Coastal Travel or DFI. After that Mr. Stacy O’Quinn, gives a special announcement that is very time specific.

You may have heard Jackie talking about the award rings and here they are!

You can be part of the Tsunami TOO!  Complete an application now!

See you at the Top!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Congrats to Lorraine Rodman for finishing out January with $10,000 plus.  Lorraine you Rock!

P.S.S. Also Kathy Allen and Sue from CO who just moved to VA congrats on both of you on making $3,200 dollars by the third day of Feb.   That is awesome that’s a track that equals 1,000 dollars a day in income.  Any one working with you guys are absolutely BLESSED!

Decide Freedom has announced through their partnership with Dani Johnson that they will be having a special training call available for everyone in the home business world., but defineately those who have made a committment to build a lucrative home business in 2010.

Decide Freedom is a support and training network of home business professionals who have all build a lucrative home business.  They volunteer helping each other by supporting one another and together paying it forward helping others grow a very lucrative income.

Dani Johnson is an internationally sought after speaker, best-selling author, success coach, financial and relationship marketing expert and founder of Call To Freedom Int’l, a personal achievement and corporate training company.

Dani knows first hand what it takes to overcome adversity and succeed in life. She went from growing up in an abusive, drug afflicted home to striking it out on her own in business at the early age of 19, only to wind up destitute and homeless living out of her car with $2.03 to her name. Then something changed.

Dani Johnson was destitute broke and living out of her ar.  Not want to end up in that financial position again, she found a way to get started and made $2,000 profit her first 10 hours from a pay phone booth, $6,500 in 30 hours and $10,000 the next month.

By the end of her first year, she made a quarter of a million dollars.  By the end of her second year, she made her first million. In her lucrative home business.  But what did she do and how did she do it?  Dani Johnson through her training that has been incorporated into Decide Freedom has helped to create 1,000’s of people in a lucrate home business and she will be doing it again.

We have been blessed….  That Dani has decided to work with us again! 

Thursday Evening at 9PM Eastern time
816-410-7493 Pin 607556# 

Don’t Be Late only 250 lines available!!!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn